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June 16, 2007


Drunk Bunny

I was a war-hardened trauma nurse, but still I'd always be filled with trepidation when the call came in that a panda attack victim was to arrive on the LifeFlight helicopter. In Kansas we got a lot of rogue panda packs because they would confuse wheat fields with baby bamboo stalks.

Unlucky farmers could be ambushed within seconds by these ravenous beasts, always hungry for faces.

In fact, in 1988 more farmers lost faces and limbs to panda attacks than they did to thresher accidents and silo fires COMBINED!


That looks painful...

Will Pill

I didn't know they were so dangerous! The pics pretty graffic, it's amazing that you got a shot of the attack in action!


I feel your pain.

Melissa just recently posted some baby panda pics. I'm still having nightmares.


I always thought pandas were cute, too . . . but then I saw this video:

OMG, they really are eating his face!!!!


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