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June 18, 2007



HOORAY. That's my Kocha!!! Thanks Chris! BTW. . .I hope this "exciting new project" is worth it. . . cause my Thursdays just won't me the same. :(

Joel laumans

Go Fat PIP!


the fat dog


Oh man, Luke is cutest! He needs no cream. Technically, Pip needs cream too, so that he can get un-wedged from the fence.

OK, I'm not in Glendale so I can't go get Luke, but when I adopt a kitty at the end of summer, I'll specifically ask to see the kitty that has been there the longest and/or the hard to adopt kitty. They are probably the best anyway...


poor homeless Luke!

too obvious?

Crazy lady, (wtf) did you do with Colty????


"Exciting project... later this fall" = role in new show?

Are you going to be someone's gay neighbor and a Friends-like sitcom?

Dylan W.

Luke is definetly the cutest. I can tell he likes to keep it real, slash still goes to taco bell.


"A happy number is defined by the following process. Starting with any positive integer, the following process can be applied: replace the number by the sum of the squares of its digits, and repeat the process until the number equals 1 (where it will stay), or it loops endlessly in a cycle which does not include 1. Those numbers for which this process ends in 1 are happy numbers and those that do not are unhappy numbers."

This episode is number 129, thus it is a happy number.

Hooray happy number episode!


Chris, you really can be so fuckin' beautiful.

Now, where's my tablecloth?


Fat Pip - cutest.

jamie martin

you can see the hate in that cat's eyes!


I vote for the unlucky Luke!

So fucking beautiful and not a tablecloth in sight. And he doesn't need creeeaam to get through the fence!


Crazy women are the best! We have a crazy neighbor- who just got back from her second sojourn in prison. We can't move away from her because she lowers the property value of our house. Nobody forces her to take her crazy pills. I was so pissed when she tried to key my first car (99 VW). Almost as mad as the time when she tried to run over me and my two little brothers on Christmas eve 3 years ago (resulting in her first incarceration). In short: female crazies are no laughing matter. Chris, you may think of buying a can of mace. Or whoop ass. A can of something to defend your poor vulnerable self with.
Much love and patience- Gabe


Luke because
He looks like my cat Garfield.
-don't ask ;)


Homeless Luke, all the way. Although, I can see that unnamed blonde woman carrying around Fat Pip, dressed in something pink and frilly. Or course, to squeeze him into a coffee mug she'd prolly need more cream.


I vote for Koatcha the kitty cat that loves boxes. because thats my sisters kitty!

Tara Evert

Hey...I think that you are sooooo hot Chris and i love collty to SHE ROCKS....well keep up the shows cause the add fun to my super dual life...YOU ROCK...ROCK ON CHRIS AND COLLTY

mik cream needed!


Dear Chris:

I know you like to swear, but sometimes it gets a bit annoying. Could you maybe cut down a bit? Thanks. Oh by the way, I like Luke the homeless cat better.



Luke is definately cuter.


chris wtf? even now I am confused about which days new episdodes come out. please, lettuce know!!!!


You best all vote for Pip, she is my dog and she is beautiful.

Thanks for featuring her Chris. I am sure she will be very proud regardless of the result. It will be just the motivation she needs to get her through her new weight-loss regime she is more snaking for Pip!


actually Luke is pretty adorable too...


Go fat Pip!!!

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