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July 08, 2007


Drunk Bunny

Claire, you have awesome talent!


a glimpse of horse sexuality...
Good job indeed.




Hi Chris .

First of all, i should mention that i am the little brother of the person that should be the original poster of this comment.

I love your show. And i have have a great source for you to get great pictures of ultimate cuteness.

its the "Cats me if you can" blog:

Or the spin off blog:

Although the last blog might not be just as cute.

Keep up the good and very original work.



That is just wonderful . . . .

Kelvino U.S

Sup Chris That Picture Is Sweet And Is Colty Hot??
she has a sweet voice. Anyway You're Doing Great Boss, Keep Up the great work. ROFLMAO Continually at your videos and Pictures. Thx for stayin original and not going racist or Political on Us. Two Thumbs Up


I wish I could draw horses that didn't look like deformed lions with hooves.
Two thumbs way up! ;)

Sam Veale

Maybe he seduced her by getting her smoking drugs and drinking

Steve C.

Claiore is the best artist to draw them..I notice though no PERVY tag,just a COLTY one, on your tag index on the left! Nice drawingm, Calire, and thanks to Chris for publishing it here.Steve C.BTW go yo my's about the oriignal episodes of Gumby and Pokey, who is a relation in a way of Pervy and are:Mr.Ed, Silver from the Lone Rangwer, and many other fine creatures.

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