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July 09, 2007


Dave from the Lake Effect Zone

Let me be the first to register my vote for RANDY. Damn, he's cute, and I'm not even teh ghey.

Dave from the Lake Effect Zone

Let me be the first to register my vote for RANDY. Damn, he's cute, and I'm not even teh ghey.


Randy. But I'm really voting for his vest.

Drunk Bunny

Chris, I hate to break it to you but you'd be all wrong for the role of the judge on Law and Order. First of all, you're too young. All the male judges on that show are at least 25 years older than you. Second, you're too good-looking. A good judge fades into the background thanks to their aged and nondescript looks. Your handsomeness would draw the viewer's eye, distracting from the scene.

You are more suited for the role of the bad-boy detective with a heart of gold; wanting to do what's right but not above bending the law to solve a crime or protect someone in immediate danger, while throwing in witty, sarcastic one-liners when the audience least expects them. A bonus of playing said detective would be that your inner emotional conflict could be showcased at the end of every third episode by a music montage featuring moody shots of you alone after work.

What actor doesn't want his own montage?


I like Drunk Bunny's idea - a bad-boy detective with a heart of gold.

*raises hand* Um... could you devote an episode to your left side? We never get to see that side of you.


Meisha the Awtist is totally the cutest!!


I've always wanted to be the body on Law & Order.


Meisha is obviously the cutest.

I don't think Law & Order would suit you. I think you should do porn. Because you're hot.


I don't want I like more ... how you say "flip flop" or how you say "ahhhrt" ...

audiodog bruce

Mynakke the cat is the cutest by far!


How about a creep down? Who is creepier; Pervy or Randy?


EW! i cannot BELIEVE you showed dog crap on your show. first panda poo, then dog poo. what's next!? i hate to think...


I'm glad we're on the same page regarding you working on L&O. Just think of the residuals you'll get, thanks to TNT's obsessive rerunning of old episodes, too. You'd never have to work again.

They're probably already shooting the new season, though, so you may want to get crackin' on that.


"Nice Draaank." Loved it.


"Nice Draaank." Loved it.


Chris you really ought to join too if you haven't already...unleash your genius on thousands more!

And you'd HAVE to be a Bad Boy way could you be the judge....;)

Robin in MI


Looky here Chris! We want to see your mug on the tube! Stop bitching and make it happen! NOW!


Well and why not the BIG screen. "the hanguing garden" was a pretty good film no? Well i have'nt see it but i'm quite confident about your performance...


The poop ahhhhtist should SO totally win!! I am a little worried about Randy.....



John Cooler

You should definately be on Best Week Ever I love that show.

or you could just stick to your day job... your choice, but i just found you and i gotta say you got a tad bit of tallent. not gonna lie. lol.



I would love to see you on the Daily Show

Seriously, if the PC from those PC/Mac commercials can get on that show, I think you have a pretty good shot.

Plus, I think you'd be an excellent judge... but for reals, in a court-room, with people's lives in the balance.


RANDY....U Rock!

Drunk Bunny

Chris, it just dawned on me... are you prepping us for the possibility of a Randy/Pervy spin-off series?

That's genius! It could be as big as "Joanie Loves Chachi"!!!

Nick D From K-Town

M = My answer. Minake the kitty. Her owner loves car tires

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