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August 06, 2007



Shoot, weren't we being nice? Oregonians are practically Canadian in the nice category. If anyone wasn't nice, I'm sure they were a Californian masquarading as an Oregonian.

victoria & Kim

Yeah, Oregonians ARE nice, we live next door to them. And yeah, you DID mispronounce it, Chris. But me, being from Idaho, figured you wouldn't really give a sh*t, so I didn't correct you!


Oregon is a living death. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I can watch Cute with Chris here. Soon I will be 18 and I can fly awaaaayyyyy awaaaaaay!


I rewatched the show and you pronounced "Oregan" the way me and my friends do. Maybe it's a Canadian thing? How is it pronounced properly?


"The pronunciation of the name "Oregon" is a matter of local pride; Oregonians (pronounced or-i-GO-nee-inz[9]) pronounce the name as ˈɔː.ɹə.gən/ (see also: IPA), and dutifully correct those from elsewhere, who often emphasize the third syllable."
Provided By Wikipedia. So don't worry. It's just a silly thing that we silly oregonians do. I'm sure we screw up other states and countries pronunciation all the time. I don't see why it's a big deal.

freda gee

Freda from Portland here. You are welcome to stay at any time. Please bring Colty!


Oh, please! Those candy-ass Or-uh-GO-neeuns are nothing. If you really want to get a pissed off reaction, just say Detroit. Most outsiders call it DEE-troyt, while locals just say duh-troyt with a minor and appropriate emphasis on the duh. Of course they're both wrong -- the real pronunciation is Deh-twah, which is how the original French settlers would say it. Maybe you can find someone from Quebec to assist you with these tricky issues in the future. All the best.

Another Chris

While I have just moved to Orygun (which is the correct phonetic pronunciation according the locals around me), I am originally from Loouhval (Louisville, KY to outsiders), and didn't expect to have the same problem with pronouncing my area as in Kentucky...

So I just say Portland.


I only neighbor Oregon, but I never hear the 2 syllable version, even from Oregonians. Maybe more of a 2 1/2 syllable version?

If you ever do a Cute with Chris U.S. Tour, you can skip Oregon and come straight to Washington instead. Then you'll only have to pronounce places like Sequim, Puyallup, and Kalaloch.


I'm also an Oregonian, and was wondering if anyone would correct you on it :) I thought I might mention it myself, but I realized that I don't really care. Maybe I'm not a true Oregonian?


P.S. We have Bigfoot:


I used to live in Sequim, Washington. Chris, I think you should bring Colty to the Sequim Irrigation Festival. That's right, it's a festival celebrating ditches. It also happens to be Washington's oldest continuing community festival. Colty might also enjoy the Lavender Festival in Sequim. This annual event centers on that purple plant and its many uses, such as soap, perfume, and even food.


Chris, I love you. But I live in Orygun. Or Oragin. Definitely NOT Or-ee-gone. Born here. Probably die here. Sad life. Soggy life. But lots and lots of cute kittens! Some of them are soggy from the rain, too.


Oregon is nice. We have kittens.


Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other US city.

Ryan Knapper in Portland Oar-eh-gun

I was going hit caps lock (which on my keyboard is in all lower-case letters) and alert you to your folly, but then I decided to go for a walk instead. Portland is awesome for walking.


You think it's bad being corrected when saying Oregon wrong? You should try being from the Great Northwest and moving to Tennessee! Everything here is NOT pronounced as it is spelled. It's as if the southern language has alot of "silent" letters :) It takes a while but you catch on.

lisa lawyer

I am the Queen of Oregon. (Self-appointed). If you want to visit I will proclaim *Chris Leavins Day*. Come see Oregon. It's nice!


Oregon has been called California's Canada.

We are proud of Nike, because really, we're still living down the Tonya Harding and Bob Packwood stigma.


I will personally forgive your faux paus if you do a video song lyrics cover thinga ma bob of Rhianna's "Umbrella!" Hey at least you didn't try to pronounce such laughable 'Oregon words' such as Glisan (street), Couch (street), or Willamette (river)...


While I was born in California and currently live in said sweltering, ugly-ass, smog-filled state, I lived most of my life in Oregon and so consider myself an Oregonian. Oregon has got to be one of the most beautiful states. Sure, there's not a lot to do as far as city-like stuff, but for people that are into nature, there's tons. If you ever visit Oregon and want to get a taste for it, avoid Portland. That's just another big city, but without being big enough to actually be interesting. Also, Eastern Oregon's high desert, not worth seeing, so try to stay west of the Cascades.


Chris, in Orygun we have very good beer and very good wine. You wouldn't have to drink that fake cranberry juice stuff.

And, yes, we are GREAT for walking, year-round. Just don't bring an umbrella - that gives you away as a non-native. Real Ory-gonians never use umbrellas, we wear jackets with hoods.

Colty could come join in with the Portland mounted police, too.


Sorry to get on ya for miss pronouncing our State, but it's too great of a state to do that to, From the Great beaches, Hiking in the woods Kayacking in the rivers, and moving cattle up in Central on my parents ranch in the High desert On my Horse Baby. It truely is a beautiful state. In central Oregon if you don't like the weather wait 15 min!! One day I we had Sun, Rain, Hail, and Snow!!! Orygun, is a diverse state in people too, We have Handsome Hicks, Adorable computer geeks, Lovable tree huggers, winsome Emos, Awesome Athleates, Tons of animal lovers, cute coffee junkies, funny and sometimes frighting Bums etc.. I really love my state!! LOL
Thanks Chris for giving us a forum for our state, your welcome anytime, I'll give you a personal tour if you ever come:) Wanna make Colty Jelious and go horesback riding with me?


Well Oregon is the home of Bobbie the Wonder Dog, so give them some credit, boy! :)


SON OF A MOTHER F*&KING B*%CH I JUST POSTED THIS SAME THING SOMEWHERE ELSE AND THEN PROCEEDED TO FIND THIS LINE OF COMMENTS! In any case I live in Oregon's neighbor-state of Washington and I frequently visit Oregon. You said that people were giving you shit for pronouncing Oregon incorrectly. I just wanted to say that at least 40% of the people living in Oregon say it's name the way you did. That percentage may be wrong seeing as I just made it up, but Oregon residents do on occasion pronounce it the way you did. I would also like to add that its 4 AM and I just found your site about an hour ago and its neat. Yes I do also know that not many 19 year olds living in the 21st century say neat. It is a word passed down from my father to me. And unfortunately I do have tendencies of being a pussy so with that said.... I don't remember where i was going with that but if you find out please remind me. Hmm... oh yes I also wanted to say that humans are very judge mental and i am glad your show has balls. Dumb people may not like it or get confused but if someone with a brain watches your show they may find that its full of edgy humor. Wow that was a very long sentence. Although just for the record I am not claiming to be someone with a brain. You may be wondering why I am up so late... or early I guess. Or not. Why would you care. But if you do care its because I just got home from work. I do seem to work odd shifts and i have to be at my second job in about 2 hours. Nice huh. Is it not great that we live in a country where u do not have to work hard to be filthy rich(cough...Paris Hilton...uncough)(strongly hinted sarcasm) but you do have to work hard to barely pay the bills? oh another long sentence. Ta-Ta for now... yeah i know what you're asking yourself. Did that 19 year old boy just end this annoyingly long comment full of insane babbling with "Ta-Ta for now"? oh well. Have a great day. Your new annoying fan. Brandon

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