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August 02, 2007



that is so damn sweet. thanks a lot chris, now i have diabetes.


AAAWWWWW!!! Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


You know who else has diabetes, bret michaels. He understands cancer, blood transfusions, and parapeligics, because he has diabetes.

anne & libby

On a more serious note, my friend Libby and I love your show!! We think you are hilarious, and I'm getting more and more of my friends to watch. We even got you a number 9 ;). And as part of you 4.39 million viewers an hour, I mean a minute we would like to say we would really like to see you in shiny pants. And for your information, I have hot pants, and libby has fun pants.

Anne & Libby

p.s. we would like to cast two votes for the vicious pitbull.

p.p.s. Libby's 21 now and we'd like to buy you a DRANK

anne & libby

p.p.p.s. Our gay friend ben says hi. He's not number 9.


please stop showing cats. they are the devil. stick to hilarious song lyrics and beatboxing. STOP ALL CATS.


What are you talking about? Cats are cute! This is still cute with chris, not "beatboxing with chris". And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I like 2D cats

Awww so cute. I only like 2D cats cos I'm allergic to the real ones with a pulse :(

Nut Bracket

Me likey Mikes' arse! He looks like "Nick Latchkey" lol ;)

Nut Bracket

...oops I meant to post that on Mike's ass pic... sorry... ;)

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