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September 27, 2007



That's my dog! You're totally feeding into her megalomania by posting her picture on here. She's been wandering around the house all day saying things like, "What the fuck am I doing in New Jersey with you queers when I could be a star?" She's convinced that you are going to get her a picture deal. Luckily, she has a short attention span. I am going to go distract her with a rubber chicken.


Rubber chicken where?


I would like to personally thank Mr. Leavins for proving, once and for all, that he is not a crazy cat-loving, panda-fearing, dog-hater by posting these pictures of the cutest dog (EVER).

Melissa (Mo)

What a beautiful picture! The photographer is very talented....

Heather G

The picture of the red tree is beautiful! And yes, I believe Fall has arrived because it's cold in the south (Alabama, it's 75'. brr!). The space heater under my desk is currently burning my legs.


That tree is way too reminiscent of "The Ring".

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