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October 31, 2007

Cutedown #145

Pikush_caada_anitaFunnytails Batty_at_rest
Who is this Halloween's cutest? Cast your vote by leaving me a message in the comment section below. I do love your witty comments.

L: Pikoush (Pirate Cat)  M: Tails (EarHat)  R: Batty (No Costume Required)

See all three in Cute with Chris episode 145: "Hit that Donut!"


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Pirate cat is best

Batty. His name suits him for some reason...

BATTY he looks like a drumstick, dipped in oil, dipped in pubes. :)

Vote: Tails

Batty (No Costume Required)

Batty all the way. I need to own this kitten, and I suppose I'll have to take the box of poo as well.

PS. You made a hot priest/therapist on Slings & Arrows - they should have given you way more screen time.

oh i also wanna vote for sean in OHIO... aka Avril Lavigne... he he he

Gotta be Batty. I'm a professional costumer, and contrary to popular belief, Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday.



Avast yee scurvy dogs and bat faced creatures: All your dreams are dead!

Pikoush FTW

i love this show MyLord!

I vote Pikoush! it'snot that often that we get a semi-Indo-European name on a pirate cat...named Pikoush...lolz!


Trey Mason

Batty- he is so strange looking and he doesnt even have a costume


Batty and his box of poo

My vote is for batty the hell cat.

Batty for sure - absolutly adorable!

Batty, but he'd be way cuter with laser eyes. You should get on that Chris.

Batty for sure.




Batty Please! Hey atleast he only comes with one box of poo... my rabbit comes with many poo boxes.. (well 2) and then likes to leave extra poo randomly around my apartment... I'm just hoping i get him neutered in time before he starts spraying urine... AWWWwww Sweeett little bUNNIES!! SO CUUUUUTE! :)

Tails is cutest!!

batty!...i come with a box of poo, lol!


BATTY He my style

Batty for sure! ahahah no costume required



Batty! Soooo adorable!!

Definitely Batty. His deranged look and eccentric ears say it all.

Pikoush ftw!!



Batty for the win, I want a Batty too!

Pikoush (Pirate Cat)

Got to be Pikush >.<

Hey man, great show.


I vote for R: BATTY!!!
Sweet costume!

"Lol, I come with a box of poo!"

I vote for Batty!

Pirate cat,but Batty the alien cat with the poo
box,is cute too.

My vote has to go for Tails. Not only is he the cutest, but he is the only one of the three that doesn't come with a box of poo!

Pirate cat,but Batty the alien cat with the poo
box,is cute too.


I vote for batty and his complimentary box o' poo

I vote for Batty. Mostly because my dog would like a box of Kitty Litter Crunchies. See picture for admission into your next voting contest! Her name is Molly Woggles.

Everybody's special, some are more special, like HollywoodDavid1010 and snugglychik49, cuz they're POOheads. Oops I almost forgot to vote lol. Sorry, my bad! My vote goes to Tails and Batty.


I also love Tails.


Because he comes with a box of poo!

Batty owns this cute down.



Batty wins hands down, it's one thing to dress up as a creature but it's another to be born a freak. =D

Batty is the poo....
Ummmm I pick Batty

Batty and Tails

Happy Halloween, cuties!

Batty is the shiznit!

I think the dog is confused as to what he is....as am I. I would vote for him, because I am partial to dogs, but the cat Batty is so ugly that he is cute.


Plus, he comes with a bonus award!

aaaah poor tails. i vote for tails. cuz i'm racist? petist? racist against cats??? hey what would u call that?

batty, only because he may not live much longer. please put mr. kitty on your website, chris. i have sent you three emails. do i have to dress him up in a halloween costume? do i have to take him to sears and robucks? do i have to put some mustard and bread on him and a speechbubble that says "help, I not sandwhich" what? like peg, what?


Batty, even though he looks mentally handicapped, just like u!

I would have to say Pikoush, pirates fer life matey!

Batty- the thing looks like a freakin rodent! I love it!

R: Batty, he will be cutest one day soon, he could use a new name though.


Batty reminds me of one of my friend's cats, so I'll have to vote for him. He'll grow into those ears.

Pikoush, because pirates are so awesome!


L: Pikoush (Pirate Cat)



I vote for tails and batty!!


I must vote for Tails, because cat's don't necessarily come with a box of poo.

My neighbor's cat came with our front yard with his poo. You can see dog poo in the front yard. You don't necessarily see cat poo in the front yard.

(poo usage five)

I vote for Pikoush (Pirate Cat)

I like the pirate cat. So does my robot cat, who has a gun to my head and is making me type this.

Just kidding, me and the robot cat are enjoying a hearty bottle of wine and some pretzel chips.

Pikoush, despite the awkward name.

Batty for sure!!

Batty is definately the cutest. He kind of has ears like a bat. :)

Genius! The irony translates to genius. I vote for Tails, he actually seems to like wearing the hat.

batty hands down!

i love me some deranged kitty cats :)

batty!!!no doubt!

i love your vids chriss!
arent i witty ;)

Tails, all the way. :]

Great show tonight, btw.

Batty FTW!!!

I'm a college student, so I'm a sucker for free stuff. Batty, hands down! Free box of poop? It's like Christmas come early!

L: Pikoush!! awhh the pirate cat is so cute <3


Batty, I love his ears.


Batty.... So cute!!! lol


BATTY! He looks delicious.


Batty. That dog's ears are on wrong, and although pirates rock, only monkeys and parrots should join the pirate fad.

go with tails and you'lls never fails

Pikoush, the Pirate Cat.

Arrgh! Sorry Batty, you were a close second.


Have you ever seen Batboy My Lord?


definitely Batty.


tails.... whoo-hoo!


Pikoush FTW!!!!!

i vote tails my lord!

Batty and the magical, mystical box of poo.




Pikoush! Pikoush!

Pikoush the Pirate kitty is cuuuuuuuute.

While Pirate Cat has something going for it, I have to go with Batty.

Batty is one of those animals that repels and fascinates me at the same time. Sort of like a bad car wreck: I don't want to see too much blood, yet I cannot look away.

Go Batty!

Pikoush the pirate kitty ftw!




Batty, definitely Batty.

Tails the Teletubby Pooch (even though his costume isn't believable because a teletubby doesn't have a nose duh!!)

pirate cat

Batty the catty
Skinny not fatty





Id say Pikoush all the way. lol ARRR ME BES A PIRATE! lol

Batty! He's got spiked hair without hair gel.

He looks so pleased.

wait... why dont you ever show any cute pictures of pet rats? theyre cute too! gotta love the rodents!!!

My vote is for Pikoush(L), that´s a great name for a pirate cat.


Batty gets my vote, because animals wearing clothes really annoys me. how would pet owners feel if their kitten dressed THEM up in silly clothing that never include pants... which, let's face it, is the most important part. nobody wants to see your kitty zone.

I'm going to have to go for Batty.... Batty has amazing talent.... this is the fist animal I've seen that doesn't need a costume. Chris... You have truly made my week:)
Thank you!!!:)

They're all so Cuuuute! But I have to vote for Tails, rockin' those Teletubby ears!

I vote for Tails! That tellitubby dog is straight gangsta.(Thats ghetto slang for "thats a fine lookin dog.")

pirate cat

Batty! yay

R- Batty!

L - because genius should be rewarded.







Batty is SUPER KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!


is my final answer

Batty the Catty

tails and batty! yay earhat!!

Batty for sure


Cant vote for Batty, this is a costume contest! My vote goes for the other cat, Pikoush ;)

Batty looks like a bat, I bet he eats moths, yummm

Batty :]

The dog. It's the dog all the way.

Batty, most def.

i say tails cause the hat is funnnnny

Pikoush....even though ninjas are better than pirates.

i vote for pirate kitty

batty fo sho

is tails a tella-tubby?

looks like it!

Batty batty batty & the box of poo!

mmmmm and Tails

Batty! hes adorable!!!

Why, both of the cats of course...because they come with a box of poo. Nothing is cuter than clumpy kitten turd!

(by the way: I love Irony)

Keep up the good work!

Batty - free poo is hard to come by these days.

Pirate Kitty!!! Batty creeps me out.

Tails for the win please!!!

I vote for Pirate Cat. And I LOVE your show. Most net people leave offensive comments because they like to act tough while hiding behind a keyboard.



Batty all the way! Fly batty, FLY!

L: Pikoush

Batty is naturally cute. The other pets look like they are suffering in those costumes.

How in the world does one come up with a name like Pikoush?
Ahhh well. I vote for him(or her? o_0) anyway.

Pikoush, because he says 'arg.' Animals clearly annoyed at being humiliated = hilarity.

That is why Nibbles should have won, surely he deserved to after suffering that purple sweater. NIBLZ DEMANS RECOUNT!

batty, i love him but what the hell is with those ears

Pikoush (Pirate Cat) FTW!

Batty! Yay for black cats and for people who don't put clothing on animals.
Cats are worth all the poo. Even when it's stinky.

I'd have to say Batty wins, those are some intense ears.

This show is pretty much amazing. Who just sits around and says, "Wow I want to make a show about kittens, puppies, and a perverted toy horse." Great stuff. Keep making fun of small cute creatures, it amuses more than just crazy cat ladies!

R: Batty! that kitty is just to cute.

It must be BATTY, My Lord.

Oh, and Crunk & Disorderly is the F*ckin' bomb!

Pikoush is definitely the cutest. They should make a feature length film about that kitten, The Savagery of Swashbuckling Kittens...or not

batty |,,| lol

Avast ye, Pikoush for me!

L= pirate cat

where's episode number 1 chris???


Love the show, Chris! I saw it on YouTube last week and I've since watched all the videos on your account. I'm hooked! :)

My vote goes to tails..... I flipped a coin, har har har.

But really, I'm also rather stoked that i wasn't the only one that thought Tails looked kinda like a teletubby.

Plus, he has a cute nose... even if teletubbies don't have them.

"Oh, Batty-boooy, the pipes, the pipes are caa-aa-liiiiing".

My vote goes to thee, Battee!

Pikoush definitely because he looks not only like a pirate, but a limp pirate rag doll, which is an even better costume that just plain old pirate.

Thine Batcat shall overcome it's foes.

Thine Batcat shall overcome it's foes.

Thine Batcat shall overcome it's foes.


i vote batty all the way.

vote- Tails

I vote Batty. Tails' ears don't look cute, they look tinky-winky creepy!

I'm voting for Batty.

Earhat for sure.

Because the Packers just won.

Batty ftw

So fucking funny! I happen to think you are hot and LOVE seeing your face on youtube...i also vote batty that is one seriously odd looking cat..she(?) the Uma of cats

batty all the way! i love your show, i tell all my fiends and family. best of luck, by the way your pretty cute yourself :D

Tails needs to feel the love.

I vote for Pikoush
long live the pirates



batty, the pirate cat looks kind of pissed....maybe thats how he always looks? who knows...

It's Got To Be Pikoush. Or Maybe Batty... No It's Pikoush - Because Pirates Are Cute. In A Sort Of Slaughter In The Seas Way

I don't like leaving witty comments! ;-)

Keep up the good work, Chris! Love your show!

I vote for Pikoush the Pirate Cat.

hey i like batty
teehee its got a funny looking face
like a real bat
i want it
what breed is it
were can i get it
and was it having a bad hair day when this picture was taken
no affence person who owns the poor lil kitty
i want this cat
if you can send me this cat email me on htayl29@gmail.com
thank you who ever is bothered to read this comment

Batty should definitely win even though it looks like her owner moussed her hair. she is a pile of cuteness.

I'm liking Batty

..... i come with MY own box of poo as well.

so i vote batty ^_^

we are BRETHREN!

I vote for Pikoush, because he seems to be entering most into the spirit of the occasion. Tails does have great dignity of spirit, however, especially for a dog in an earhat.

I'm worried about Batty, however. He looks like he's running a fever.

Batty, 'cause you're right; he looks so much like a bat already he doesn't NEED a costume.

Tails. Paws down, though it's quite possible that my general dislike for felines has forced me to vote this way.

Pikoush (Pirate Cat)

I vote for the EarHat dog.

BATTY! I can't believe you need to read all of these comments. Sucks.


Batty, He is so cute!!! Iliked on episode 144 when yousaid Coffee when leos picture was up. (colty is hilarious!)

Batty. Loves to accessorize.

omg Pikoush is so cute!
but my friend loves Batty!

L: Pikoush, for putting up with the terrible hat!



That kitten is all kinds of badass - He's cute because he doesn't care. And that what makes him cool. He don't need all that fancy do up like the other pets. His style is all his own.

Tails... poor abused puppy.

Batty! I hope he grows into his ears!


tails or batty........ ummmmm....... batty. sorry tails all you dreams are dead MMMEEEHHH

batty all the way.
i think he would probably look better with a cape though.


Batty of course! I love alien cats

Batty. He may be the cutest cat I've ever seen. Also, please don't kill yourself. I like your face.

I was gonna vote for Batty but every1 seems to be doing that. So instead i choose Pikoush...simply becoz his name is stupid.
Much love






Pikoush is cute, darn cute, but Batty wins it on attitude points.

BATTY! Awesome.


Batty! And I want to see his box of poo!!!!

I vote for Pikoush :)

I vote for Pikoush

Tails with the ear-hat. Poor boy. Wasn't that enough humiliation? Let his dreams live.


Go Batty!!!! w00t!

Batty, the batty black bat/cat. Batty, should wear a hat. And a cravat. And sit on a mat. In a vat.

I vote for Tails. His costume is original and he is bold for wearing it. What is Batty? Is he a homicidal maniac because they look like everyone else? And Pikoush, flippantly doing his own rendition of the Captain Morgan Commercial. His owner meant to send that pic into them and sent it to you by mistake, Chris. Tails it is.

Pikoush! 1 million votes for Pikoush!

gotta be batty as he is too good for a costume and he comes with a box of poo! YAY

definitely Batty

Batty for his evil look!

Tails for sure!!

Arrrrgh! Pikoush the... i don't know... CATBEARD! Pikoush owns the weird dog and steals Batty's treasure chest (which, as it turns out to be, is only a box of poo!)
Oh well... Pikoush 4ever!

Chris's head toss is da sekksy.

I vote for Batty!

Ugly Batty for the president! I mean cutest

i guess im alone here but i think TAILS is the cutest!

Batty is the best...

r: batty!

So cute!!! Times ten.

my vote goes to: Pikoush the rasta-pirate-cat!

I come with a box of poo! of course. Batty!



Who doesn't love a hybrid? Batty . . . no contest.

Who doesn't love a hybrid? Batty . . . no contest.

R: Batty (No Costume Required)

I vote for box of poo!


Batty because I'm ugly enough without a Halloween costume this year too...and i hope that people find me cutest as a result.

p.s. Pervy was funnier than usual in this episode. thanks for the laugh.


funny tails

batty kicks ass!!... like ralph does xD

PLS put a picture of RALPH in the cutedown !!!!!!!!!!!! PLS

That cat would be worth the box of poop.

Batty: all hail the evil poo-meister!

Aww Batty

Batty, because he looks so much like my cat. Come to think of it, he also looks a lot like that little black cat in the last cutedown. I think they're all related...

batty the catty

Batty. Please give batty drugs, so s/he doesn't grow up!

batty batty batty!

Batty...how can you not?

i like batty no costume required!

Tails! Yay for redundant ears.

Tails! Yay for redundant ears.

LOL! for sure it's Batty... when I heard "I come with a box of poo!" I was tottaly gonna vote for this cat(or whatever it is)


Batty. Anyone who already has a costume just by how they look should be given a prize.
Or a makeover.

Pikoush, because he could beat Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in a cute pirate contest with his front paws tied behind his back. Arrg.

PiKOOOOUSH. It's like a tangible embodiment of the word SPLOOSH, in fur form.

This kitten needs to WIN. Please, for the sake of my sanity, someone confirm that cat only has the most amazing kitty-name you've ever heard. D:

Batty all the way, I just hate cats, I'm actually scared of them and I think they're disgusting, I know you don't care about that, I was just saying....that's why I think Batty should win, scariest animal without a costume!!

BTW I love your show and thank you for making me laugh my ass off
Kisses from Spain!

I gotta go with Batty, he is so ugly he is cute!

Pikoush Is cutest. : D
I love your show by the way
sorry I have no witty comment for you.

Batty is cutest.


Batty is the cutest


Batty. He scares me.

Tails tails!!
Great show ^_^



wow i love cute with chrissssssss.. and i want to hit that donut too!

pikoush the pirate cat

Douze points go to: Pikoush
your show is great!


batty for sure

Pirate Cat!

Batty! He's sooooo cuuuuuuttttte.

Tails is the cutest!

Tails is the bestest!

vote: Pikoush :)

BATTY, cause he's so damn cute

Batty, who comes with a box of poo.

pirate cat

All boxes of Poo aside, Batty is freaking adorable. Gimmicks don't get me.


L for Pikoush.
What's with the letters? Why isn't it P for Pikoush?


I gotta go with Batty. Only because it is my strict belief that COSTUMING YOUR PETS IS VERY, VERY WRONG.

Batty, Batty, BATTY!!!


I vote for Pikoush (Pirate Cat) :)

batty and Pikoush


Batty is ssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!


pikoush is effin awsome!


Pikoush is so cute, she should win. What were you thinking putting Batty in a cute contest? She's not cute, but very funny! You should have put her in viewer pets instead.

Batty is so adorable....o.0

Is this a sympathy vote?

I vote for Milord, who makes me laugh aloud.

Batty, he is so cute!!!

R: Batty

Batty and his box of poo. :)

Batty He is awesome


L. My vote.

Pikoush is so cute. <3<#

Batty wins. Trust me, I am like Yoda--and today I'm in a very good mood. If you're sick of your name, why not change it to Knut (NOOT)? It would go well with your Canadian accent. Show some baby birds, please.

I vote Tails because he has pink ears and Pikoush and Batty don't.


Oh the pirate cat is so cute!


Batty... he looks like a witch cat... very funny! ;)

pirate kitteh!

Oh, definatly Batty. <3 He comes with a box of poo.

Chris, you rock as usual. I love Pervy's need to "hit that donut"- now THAT's bloody hilarious. I vote for Batty...he looks like he can hold his own and he's cute in a pissed off way. Thanks for a great, funny show!

I shall destroy you allll!

who the hell names their dog tails?

"my dogs name is tails"
"oh really, my dog's name is anus"


ok, i just started watching your show and its hilarious.


That pirate cat looks remarkably cute (and docile) for having a hand up its bum, so I'll vote for him/her/does having a hand up your bum affect your gender?

P.S. I'm so glad I found you, and also so sad I don't have a faster internet connection here in Spain (yes, I am showing off my international-ness).

well. I was going to vote for the pirate cat, cause pirates are just cool. I myself am a ballerina pirate (btw). But you just can't turn down a free box of poo. so BATTY.

[i still go to taco bell]

Batty for sure! Love to see your new videos now!


Batty... And ONLY Batty shall win.

Pikoush. Arr.
Let's Bump Fuzz, Baby! XD


Who would have thought that a kitten that looks like a BAT could be so cute?
My vote is for BATTY the bat. I mean kitten.
I look forward to your show every week, Chris!! Thank you for making it. :)

Batty definitly!


Batty and Pirate



batty!! he's so cute!!



Pirate kitty. Pirates are the basis for all things (Pastafarianism)

Pikoush and Batty because I don't like to be reminded of the teletubies.
Tails looks like a teletubie. Witch by the way is the best show to watch when you've just had a bunch of caffine and it's 3 in the morning. Other than that it's just stupid.

-I come with a box of poo!-

batty!!!!great costume

Pikoush is the best!

I love your show. I told my friend amanda, and she said i laugh at stupid things. I told my other friends and they said they would watch it.

(suck it tanya)



Tails FTW! : D

(Happy Halloween, M'lord/Chris!)



The cute bunny-eared dog, Tails!

Love your show Chris. It makes me laugh
R: Batty (No Costume Required)

Batty. Ears like that dont come along all that often, but when they do they need to be respected.

Pretty tough, but my vote goes to Pikoush.


Batty, despite coming with a box of poo, is by far the cutest.

I'm totally new to your show, but so far, I love it! Happy Halloween!

the bat cat

L: Pikoush (Pirate Cat) just cause

Batty all the way!

I'm voting for Batty as it's humiliating for the poor cat to be commented on for its appearance. Poor kitty. The other animals have owners (or costume-possessing assailants) to blame, but Batty has only YOU to blame for presenting the innocent beast for ridicule. I hope you're happy.

Well, after long hard debatating.....we are three people voting in this house, all using the same user name, and after tallying the votes we have ONE vote for Floppy Ear Dog, ONE vote for the Prate Cat (ARRRR) and ONE vote for the Batty Kitten.


batty. so very batty.

Batty is totally adorable. :3

ps tails. batty and tails. yes.

Batty, 'cause his look is for reals.

batty is cutest. i just want to eat his face.

Batty is so cute. Batty should win

Pirate Cat!! Arrggghhh matey

TAILS is by far the cutest! Is it just me, or does Batty look eerily familiar? He looks just like Simone, the alien cat from the devil! Don't worry, Batty, you'll grow into your looks.

Batty! Um, is is just me or is Pervy getting more raunchy by the episode? I think it's funnier when his comments are a bit too obscure to actually be vulgar.
I love the show, Chris. Thank you.

batty :)

The pirate cat ARRRRRRRRRRR!


Batty! It's easy to overlook the box of Poo when it comes with something at cute at that little muffin crumb.

I think Mr. Tails is cutest. But I feel sorry for him because all his dreams will be dead when he loses.

That thing is ugli-dorable. :)


I was going to say Pikoush, the pirate cat but the box of poo won me over and a comment saying he looks like he was dipped in pubes. That's got beauty written all over it. Batty, ftw.

I'd have to say Batty, because he not only comes with a box of poo, he may killy in my sleep if I don't vote for him. He's scary.

Batty.. poor thing.

Typically i'd vote for the sketchy looking kitten Batty but she looks too much like Simone the alien cat. Her style is so uninspired. Props to Pikoush the Pirate but my final vote goes to Tails. It's not everyday you see a dog dressed like a pink telletubby.

Thank you for being awesome

Batty the freaky cat!

Pikoush (Pirate Cat) and Batty.

Total tie.

I vote for Batty. Tails comes in second.


Pikoush! Pirates rock my socks

I was going to vote Batty but I pride myself on individuality so I've decided to vote Batty.





I VOTE TAILS!!!!!!!!

Batty. Love your vids man. You def got talent.

Battycat-spooky little poo!

definately Batty the kitten

Batty the cat.

batty is halarious!



Batty, I'll take you and your box of poo anyday. You will, however, need to share your box with 5 other cats. Yep, I'm one of those.

Du nun nun nun... nu... batcat! Batcat!

Batty Batty Batty!! does that count for three votes??

I think that little chihuahua smiling was the cutest!
but i think Batty needs all the self-esteem he can get, so I'll vote for him

lol: Du nun nun nun... nu... batcat! Batcat!

I think batty rules. I like that he looks like he can kill you any second he wants.
Just like me. :D

"I come with a box of poo!"

Batty is very cute, in my opinion. But pirate was a close second!

My vote: Batty


batty :D

Tails gets my vote... even if the costume is kind of lame.

Batty reminds me of a kitten I had in college that jumped off the second floor balcony of my house and was never seen again. Spooky that it would show up on your blog so close to All Hallow's Eve!

I heart BATTY!

oh tails! tails for the win!

the pirate cat. arg.


I was gonna vote for Batty but every1 seems to be doing that. So instead i choose Pikoush...simply becoz his name is stupid.
Much love

Tails. He is silly.

Batty! omg shoes.

Batty, because quite frankly, ugly is the new cute.

Batty - custumes with little requirement of effort kick ass.


Let's vote for the chicken leg dipped in oil and rolled in pubic hair.
Is that Simone's baby?

Betty is the best!!!
(actually Chris, u're the best! I like ur show, and i like to talk about ur episodes to my friends when im completely drunk:DDD ) kiss

Betty is the best!!!
(actually Chris, u're the best! I like ur show, and i like to talk about ur episodes to my friends when im completely drunk:DDD ) kiss

The dog, Tails, with the teletubby ear thingies is awesome. I like him! :D




BTW, my friend just introduced me to your show because he thought my sense of humor was similar to yours. I must say, I <3 dry, sarcastic wit. Thanks for improving the internet.

Dog person here... have to vote for Tails! I have yet to obtain the required need of a cat. (?)



Batty and Tails, too cute!

Batty beats em all!

PIKOUSH!!! Pirate Cats will rule the world!!!!

Want to see my cat???????


I vote for the cat that doesn't need a costume! BATTY!

Tails! I love that he is manly enough to wear a pink furry hat!


Pikoush (arrgh)

Chris, do you have the raw data for the votes? I think that it would be nice to know by what margin some cutie's dreams are dead.

Pikoush (arrgh)

Chris, do you have the raw data for the votes? I think that it would be nice to know by what margin some cutie's dreams are dead.

and the pirate kitty...

and the dog

does my votes still count? 0.0

Pikoush, the hat brings out her eyes.

the cat with the wierd name... pikoush (arrghh)

That would be batty please.

I have to go with Tails. I just HAVE to!


Definitely, Batty! :)
Your show is fun...love it!

Vote: Tails

Hi Chris
I'm old. I'm even older than crazy animal ladies. I like your show. I vote for the ear hat dog. This is a sympathy vote. Any dog that is forced to wear that on his head, deserves a vote. Dog costumes should have taste. Dogs have feelings too. They also get revenge. POO!

i love Batty. Batty is Best.

the pirate cat is teh bestz! Pikoush!


Tails makes me happy. He should win! Also, no box of poo!

Batty with box of poo.

head or tails?
you win!

her name is pronounced PEE Coush and shes a real bitch, but its representing my hometown.

P.S I love lamp





Batty. I voted for him because he's pathetic.

Pikoush is highly cute, Pirates arrrrrrrr the best!

Batty! I keep expecting those ears to start flapping, and to see him rise up and away!


batty is the cutest :) i love this show it's so hilarious

L: Pirate cat

Batty, for being so... cute.

Batty, for being so... cute.

pikoush. no doubt.

Batty. because i like towels

You say you've found that irony doesn't translate to a large audience... I agree. Unfortunately, however, any media uploaded to YouTube is reaching an unintelligent America, and therefore I really don't believe there is anything that could translate to a large audience. Except of course puppies and kittens. Thank you.

Oh yes... The pets!
Jack Sparrow costumes are overused, hence the negative on Pikoush.
Batty gave me nightmares. Dirty nightmares.
I give it to Tails, despite the fact that I think he stole my Halloween costume this year. I may be candyless, but at least I now know who to blame. Damn cute yellow lab.

If he comes with poo, Batty for sure.

Tails with the EarHat!!!
i love you chris!


i looove batty!

Anything but Batty.

Although he does remind of of "Ferngully."



My votes for Pikoush.

I would also like to say that your show is hilarious on of the few things that actually make me lol literally. Proud to be one of your millions of white fans!

hamster body
gremlin face
my grandmothers ears
equals awesome

BATTY! oh and i love your show. and i will send in my cats pic!

funny tails

Pikoush the Pirate Cat!

BATTY all the way! Such a nice cute/fugly combo, I want one like him, it's no fair that my cat is just the regular kind of cute.

And as for a witty comment, I'll just say : "Hi! It's the first time I watch one of your videos and I'm very happy to have found you. You funny. Me like funny."
I also enjoy sarcasm :)

Good day to you!

pirate cat for sure




I love you, Batty!

the cat in the hat hes great


Batty for sure. Who can say no to a box of poo?

Isn't there some way you can filter out comments from people who don't understand irony? Or filter them out of life for that matter.....hmmm. I like the sound of that. Except then who would we mock?

My BGBF is responsible for me finding you, bless his fuzzy little heart. You are refreshingly funny.

Go batty and thank you for stating the fact that teenagers watch this show. My friend and I were thinking of starting a webshow and we were wondering, how do you do the animation?

Aaaarggg!! One vote for Pikoush

Batty is the coolest




Batty for sure! XD
What is it with Small Black kittens and being all creepy-like?

Batty most definitely Pwns this cutedown

picouch (did I spell that right?)
Love the show!





Tails all the way!




I think it needs to be Tails. He could be next global phenomenon. Who else could rock Teletubbie ears with such "je n'est ce quoi"?


Batty.... dah :|

kitty!!!!!!!!!!!i want the kitty to win!!!!!!!!

i think batty should win.

Batty for the win!

squinty over on the right.

squinty over on the right.

BATTY! Hands down.


He's piratelicious.




what's that spell?

um, Pikoush

me rikey pirate kitty


Pikoush is cute

Batty, he shows much talent not needing a costume.

Tails for sure!!

Batty! (mostly cause I love his menage a trois pic)

Batty, the fact that you dont have an actual tallied poll for votes that is. I "omg" over this because I have the right to assume you manually count each vote. Dedication? Obsession? Cast your vote here! :D

Pikoush just rocks...

I want to tickle you... :P


Batty because he should be batman in stead of the real MORON that plays batman =)

Batford.--aka Batty

My vote is for the pirate cat!! how fkn adorable can you get?

Batty. He was born to strike terror into the hearts of the masses.

Pikoush! So damn cute, that kitten. :3

Batty. You rock Chris!

L: Pikoush (Pirate Cat) and R: Batty (No Costume Required)

pirate cat

Batty. I like towels! They clean the box of poo!

Pikoush (Pirate Cat), definitely.


Surely Batty!!! lol xD

Tails all the way baby.

tails probably didn't just walk out of his poo box so he is cutest

I'm so torn between the cute as a button Pikoush and and the adorable shadowy Batty, but I have to say, small is cute, and therefore, Batty wins it, regardless of boxes of poo.

either Pikoush or Batty....
ummm i pick pikoush



Pikoush is the cutest.

Have you ever considered doing an Austraian episode? We have some very cute animals down here, such as koalas and possums. Although we also have some animals that look like freaks. Like the platypus.



I vote for the box of poo that comes with Batty

Pikoush !!

I vote for Batty the Bat-kitten!


R: Batty

tails! since he is the only dog in the cutedown!

tails you win.


My vote goes to batty, because it must be challenging to be one species but look like another on a daily basis, but be praised for it on days like halloween.

The rest are not on my list. Anyone can buy a hat or "ears", except for extremely poor animals.

M - Tails




I vote Batty.

The pirate angle is so over, so no love there Pikoush; and Tails resembles a teletubby in that getup, so no deal.

Dealings with the Dark Lord, on the other hand, are always in fashion. Thus, Batty.

I certainly want Batty in my belfy!

Batty shure will win this CuTeDoWn! because... ummm.. oh well just look at the ~2.5 million votes 4 batty and pikoush will be the 2nd winner (argh matey) ...:-)


Hey everender not bad the comment but U should know that it takes talent 4 a cat 2 desguise himself in a pirate...

but yeah tales REALY LOOKS LIKE A TELETUBBY!!!!! wahaha(argh matey)=)

hey U penis motherfucker i'm gonna kick your asshole face if U keep on posting stupid idiotic comments (die)

Batty! He's so cute!




Tails lets go tails but shouldn't it be ears

Batty, of course.
And he should keep that name when he grows up, all black cats are crazy.

Hey, sweet banzai, why do you watch the videos, and comment on them, if you don't like them? Life's short, go do something that makes you happy.

R - batty, love those ears

uh hi chris have you ever been attacked by a mutant chihuaua? love poop

uh hi chris have you ever been attacked by a mutant chihuaua? love poop

ha ha ha ha ha, lol, have you ever met santa? Is his wife a bitch? looooove poop George


I've gotta go with Pikoush. Love you Chris!!!

Okay totally have to vote for Pikoush. The only way it could possibly be cuter is if he had to fight a ninja dog. Pirate cate would totally win.


Batty is the cutest. He doesn't have to rely on any costume.

Also, your show rocks. Thanks for having a video show that doesn't suck.



Batty. Pikoush is cute too, but Batty's looks are much more unique and unconventional, lol. Reminds me of your top model episode.


I vote for Batty.
Chris why don't you ever post any intelligent e-mails from teenagers? You are succesfully making us all seem uneducated and ignorant, which is not true by any means.

Pikoush is the cutest!!!

I vote for Batty and Pikoush. My sister introduced me to your show, I love it! It keeps me smiling! Keep it up

I vote for the box of poo!

I vote for PEG!!!

Batty He is the best

Batty, finally I'm liking something Canadian. Even though the name(Chris)does suck.

Batty, hes naked and Boys Can be naked and aren't boys the most lovely thing you can ever think of?

batty rocks, i want a box of poo (not shit cause shit is bad) we love you batty!

I vote batty. he is cute.why dont you ever put the veiwers pics in the cutedown? since you say you get tons of them.

Oh gee, Chris, I really have to CHOOSE which one's the cutest of those three? In my opinion, all 3 of those Halloween pet pics are equally cute.

BATTY! He doesn't NEED a costume to be adorable.

Pikoush- such a sweetie!

Corey: Pikoush the Pirate!
Khrista: Batty

Corey: Pikoush the Pirate!
Khrista: Batty

Pikoush. Because Pirates are so IN right now.

Pikoush! because the pirate hat is cute!! More cute than Tails and Batty, even though they are cute too. :)



Pikoush (Pirate Cat) <3

i think Pikoush is the cutest of those three. Tails looks just way too bored to be cute and Batty, well...that grime in the seam of the tile floor is driving me crazy

Vote: Batty is too cute

Jules from Australia

Batty, definitly
so they can call it Bat when it´s grown up.
By the way I like this show because I have a dog named poison. who´s making his name honour.
greetings from germany
and thnkx for helping my punished soul.

BATTY!!!! :-D

BATTY! :-D all the way.

R: Batty (No Costume Required)

Batty, gotta love those radioactive eyes.

batty rawks....=]

Batty- I love your show!

Batty the bat kitty!

battybattybattybattybattybattybattybatty for shure

Definitely Batty. He creeps me out with his "laser" eyes and bat-like ears.


BATTY! 'Cause he comes with a box of poo. Also Pikoush....argg!

The pirate kitty, argh.

Batty - hes so ugly hes cute

Gotta give it to Batty, he needs the love!

Pikoush, without a doubt. Batty fails to wear a costume, and nobody likes it when some 19 year-old kid comes to your door without a costume expecting candy (even if he does look scary in the first place).
So, to reiterate, I vote for Pikoush.

Awww. Batty is the best.


Pikoush =)

Batty! so cute..


TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTEST DOG EVER


Definitely Batty!

Go BATTY!!! Batty is cute. I need Batty to win. Also, Chris look at this cute kitten. She is mine. Her name is PEARL. Click or copy and paste the link in the internet search box to see her: http://www.day-lab.com/blog/pearlpurse.jpg


Batty! P.S I Love your show. It entertains me weekly

Batty, he really does look like a bat.

L Pikoush all the way!!


i'm all about tails, batty looks a little course. =[

Definitely Batty

Batty with no tail, but with extra ears and a box of poo!

Batty all the way!

Pikoush is the best!! What a beautiful cat!

If Batty were drawn and with bigger eyes, he'd be one of those '70s portraits. Still, I have to give Batty the vote, elevating pathetic to a new level of cute! Get a home, Batty!

Clearly it's Batty, why wear a costume when you are a costume?

Ducks rule! Go Oregon!

Anyway, "Batty" -- doesn't that really mean like crazy or something? I vote for the scruffy cat. You're pretty cool as well, scruff and all, but I still vote for the cat.

I have to vote for Batty, because he is a freak, and freaks are hott@
However, Pikoush is rocking the dreads!

Pirate cat be manhandled...er womanhandled..yar.
But pirate cat surely be the cute one.

My vote? The Pirate. That's cute. Looks cuter in that hat than johnny depp.

Just out of curiousity.... do you really count all these? or do you get pervy to do it or something?? because that would drive me crazy. counting all these comments... i mean.

Tails ftw.
Because pirate are the only thing that matters.

Oh wait, sorry. I meant Pikoush, the pirate kitty. D:

Batty looks like he wants a cuddle

Totally Batty. Cool cats don't need costumes, lol.

R: Batty also lookes like the alien cat, so he might have been dressed up..? ;P

Batty, tails down.


Tails go home:you should really know that first a)you're not as cute and| b)your costume is so lame that even my poo would run away from you...
Batty has something funny at least and pikoush too.You know...It takes talent to act like a pirate(argh)

I vote for Tails. Thank you.

Tails is the cutest, i vote for him!

How can there be any question?
It is clearly the pirate cat.

batty. he is so freakish that he is cute. freakishly cute. well really, no, he's just freakish. fuh-reak. ish.


i also love picoush(SP?)

Batty! He comes with a box of poo...too funny!

Pikoush, for all the Lost Girls in Wendy's Pirate Academy.

BATTY FOR PRESIDENT!! - he look s soooo much better than ur GWB... And is cute indeed... He reminds me of my cat too..
Oh... and if selecting Batty for a pres doesn't work... hmmmm... Chris for president????? :D

Batty FTW!


Pikoush, gotta give a fellow pirate the black mark.

Batty and his box o' poo!

Batty and his box o' poo!

Batty !!! <3


Tails is adorable in his telletubbies hat, although I hate telletubbies....


go! batty! go!
he looks like he went backwards through a hair dryer wearing a tub of wax

go! batty! go!
he looks like he went backwards through a hair dryer wearing a tub of wax

pikoush the pirate cat! aarrgg!

Batty is the cutest! awww so cute!

pikoush!! arg ye mateys!




errr... I mean Batty ^^

Poor kitty looks like he/she hasn't slept in days!

P/S > LURVE ur shows! Keep on going!

P/S/S > Pervy rawks!

batty and pinkoush (sp?) are both cute but i think batty is cuter yeah...


Batty !!!!



Pikoush & the TIT@N box o' sh** errr.. I mean poo. $ir

pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush
batty too batty too batty too batty too
batty too batty too batty too batty too
and of course THE BOX O' POO

pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush pikoush
batty too batty too batty too batty too
batty too batty too batty too batty too
and of course THE BOX O' POO

Batty is the cutest. Not that the other two aren't completely adorable.




Batty! <333

((insert witty comment here))

I like the dog in the ear hat.

vote: Batty, He looks like my daughters kitten Yoda!!!

He he =3 tails is a tele tubby ut batty is much cuter!! bye my homie g-dawg

OMG BATTY! that creepy lil cat is amazing-and he comes with a box of poo! yay!

Chris your show iz amazing!

I vote for Tails!
P.S. I love when you berate obnoxious people! Keep up the good work.


Upon further (albeit belated) analysis of Tails' costume, I have come to the realization that it probably (likely, even?) -is- a teletubby costume.

While this does not impact my vote, or likely Tails' comparative uncuteness, it does mean I ought to take back my previous comment that "...Tails resembles a teletubby in that getup...".

It is clear to me now that Tails resembles a teletubbie in that getup because HE IS IN A TELETUBBIE GETUP.

My bad, Tails.
You still don't have my vote, but you have my respect.

Tails is giving the classic "I'm a model, I show no emotion" look, which is very professional of him.
Batty is being rather rebellious and giving the camera a defiant, perhaps dirty, look. good for him.
But Pikoush is simply showing no effort. He's not even bothering to stand on his own paws or balance that hat properly like a proud pirate.

So from this impeccably logical analysis you've probably come to the same conclusion I have...that Tails and Batty deserve the vote


Elena, I bow to your logic. Tails does indeed seem to have embodied the essence of fashion: working whatever crazy thing the designers give you to wear.

as this is not chicwithchris.com, i urge you not to split your vote. Tails is clearly Animal Next Top Model, but cute is cute, and cute is -not- Tails.

Definitely Batty!

Let's face it, with that look it should have its 15 minutes of fame now, because this is as close as it will ever get to being popular.

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