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October 23, 2007



This really makes me wish I had a cat. *Sigh*

Courtney in Arkansas

Whooooooo! I got featured again!

*happy dance*

But, hey, every one needs to get a formal cat portrait eventually, but I am not making a video with upteenmillion pictures.


Chris,I'm guessing a lot of your new subscribers came because Michael Buckley of the "What the Buck!"YT channel(who himself has a large subscription base) gave you a good critique on his programme.I know that's where I first heard of you,and now I've a devoted CWC cult member myself.So,you might like to check out Buck's glowing comments,(he calls you a genius!)and drop him a line to thank him.Read your/his comments straight after his review-many WTBers credit him for helping them 'discover' you.Here's the link to the reference:


Is that an Ocelot???


have u tried ?



What the heck is that blond lady holding?


Ha! I love it, Courtney, nice work!


I used to work at Sears Portrait studio. Last year, until December, (Until i got cancer, yay!) SPS doesn't allow animals. It's very sad.

Lord Baltimore

Chris, I'm a new (HUGE) fan of yours via the YOU TUBE feature. I must admit, though, that I've never been a big fan of cats...until I discovered your show just this week. I don't have a cat myself, but...I do see a few on our fair streets here in lovely Baltimore. Maybe I'll take some pictures of them for you. Y' of street cats. Feline gang members, if you will. BTW, do you accept pictures of cats murdering rats? Or, would you accept pictures of just rats alone...sans cats? I can probably send you more pictures like that from here in Baltimore...than of any cute cats.



Unless I sedate her first.


Maybe there is just alot of confusion here with the cat photo. Maybe he is one of those Andy Kaufman like individuals and thinks that this is a massive joke. Another possibility, he lost a bet? Also, another thought, maybe he was just really confused about the prom thing and taken a date that would guarantee him I know that I am just hoping, the expression on his face says that the cat and him were meant to be there.


Spot the differnce. That woman with the blond hair doesnt belong there. Cause shes got an Ocelot. Not a normal cat


hey, why cant me and marley ( the bigger cat, a serval, not an ocelot) be dorks too? Big cats can get all dorky with the best of them.


It is a cult, my Lord. And you are our leader. . .

Brianna Andrews AKA Scenicomical

Am I the only one who thinks that blonde lady's cat is HUGE.. is it even a cat?

Brianna Andrews AKA Scenicomical

O.. it's a serval WOW i totally wish i had a cat like that.. it's beautiful!


I want a cat simply to be formal. I guess I'll just start a formal dog portrait...or maybe a casual dog portrait?


What the hell kind of cat is that blonde chick holding? An ocelot? Jesus! Is that safe? Jesus? I'm waiting for an answer...


for crying out loud, its a serval, he is just like any other cat, only smarter, and friendlier, and he doesnt like using a litterbox. Check out all the comments under the original photo, by clicking on the "formal cat portraits" link on the right side, and scroll down. Or even better check out


I just put the picture of Craig and Tommy on my myspace page... but it's private, so you won't be able to see it. Sorry Chris. I don't like random people being able to see my page though. Trust me, it's on there, under my "heroes".


I posted the comedic genius.
my 9,000 friends will be proud. :)


Several observations:
1. Is that Robot Cat with M'Lord?
2. I can't believe that anyone would hold a cat while dressed in their formal wear! (Hopefully they have a lint roller nearby!)
3. Everyone looks just a smidge more awkward in their formal wear when their pet is nearby! LoL

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