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October 20, 2007



Look at the pretty poop zones...

Carla like you were having loads of fun in SLC. But see, now? The art on the airplane toilets aren't just for aesthetic. If only others paid as close attention those pictures as you do :)

so when are they airing the Geminis? I'm such a bad Canadian I didnt' even know it was happening around now...or rather, I'm such a typical Canadian. Yeah.. Gemini's...exciting! You're the only unknown Canadian actor I'd watch it to see :)


Good luck Chris... I hope you are sitting as far away from the poo as possible. Have a good flight!


So, they get maintenance guys up there to plunge the toilet and shop-vacuum the spillage which soaked into the carpet. Then right onto the plane passengers go.

Kind of gross huh?

Erik B.

Oh yeah? Well congratulations on the nod!

Keith Gabryelski

SLC is not so bad; but there are some tricks.

You'll want to go to Finnegan's.

The rules for drinking in the airport are nearly the same as the rest of utah, there are some things to know:

1: the beer is no more than 3.2%.
2: a mixed drink has 2.75oz of alcohol.
3: there are no doubles

You can request a "chaser" with your single shot drink but you can not leave the bar with both glasses. You must drink the chaser immediately or pour the chaser into your mixed drink (which makes it a double).

You'll need a few of these before sitting near the back of plane.

good luck.


your faces make me lmao


Oh Chris.You poor thing.I know that look.It's the "I'm tired & bored & I have a headache & I'm dying to go home & sleep in my own bed and now you're telling me I hafta wait another two damn hours?Oh,greaaaaat." look of quiet desperation.I feel SO sorry for you,my friend.
Hang in there,Chris.I feel for u,buddy.Travelling sux.
ps airplane poo (or "blue ice" as it's commonly called)is more likely to hurt someone on the ground,not on the plane:
Hope that cheers you up.


Sounds like "Pretty Death zones 3 : the ultimate flood". We are going dooooooooooown...



You were in Toronto????????????

Why was I not informed LOLLL


Who the f*ck watches ReGenesis? Seriously? Slings & Arrows is the best piece of Canadian drama that's come along since my stage interpretation of Portia at Woodstock (NB)'s Shakespeare Festival. I loved your character's quiet patience and muted demeanor, in contrast to Geoffrey Tennant's wild craziness.

You're going to have to go old school and travel by train. The toilets just empty out onto the tracks - that's how they kill the weeds.

Melissa H.

I hope they offered everyone a free drink once you got on the plane. I suppose open bar would be too much to hope for. Also, Keith's advice is excellent.


What is it with you and poo when you travel?

Alex Cormier

You kind of look like that House guy.


A diaper causes a delay? Man, how could this person try to flush a huge object like a diaper in the toilet of a plane? Colty: "Stressed parents are mad!"


Wow...u and planes...what's up with that? Hope you managed to have a good time anyway...looking forward to tomorrow's show!


Congrats on the Canuck Emmy Award Nomination! I'm going to sound like an idiot here, but they give emmy's for webcasts in Canada? That's either very forward thinking or someone needs to explain to the folks in the Northern Territories the difference between their computer screen and their TV screen.

Kas Sherman

Hey Chris! I'm sorry that you were stuck in the airport. I've been there a few times, not the most entertaining thing in the world. X( You should have found the person who flushed the diaper and asked them what their views were on the airplane "art". Ha ha I guess they didn't see it. (Or they didn't know how to read pictures) Oh well. At least you made it thru! Lol. Sorry You didn't win the Gemini Awards. But that's still a way cool thing that you got nominated! ^_^ Well, I hope whatever time you spent in Utah wasn't too terrible.



This wouldn't happen if they just banned babies and old people from planes like they banned most everything else.

Umm...totally unrelated but have you seen your definition at Did you have anything to do with this? You sly


Ok, so no one really rolls on the floor and laughs their ass off when they say rotflmao, but that was damn close! I would like to see the moron the tried to flush a diaper. It probably doesn't work at home, don't try it on aircraft. WTF was he/ she smoking?!Seriously, this dumbass has given me a good laugh, but I would have been pissed, if I had to get on the Stanky Plane Express! He or she really should have had to sit in the back for the duration of the flight and wallow in the gross toilet sog. You know what the scary part is? This goof is a parent (hence the diapers I suppose) I really feel sorry for that kid. OMG! Who tries to flush a diaper?!


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Gosh, Chris... you were in my hometown. And sporting the same bleak facial expressions I always had while living there, no less.

Salt Lake... I don't think I'd ever move back. I couldn't get enough of eastern Canada, though. Especially Québec in the fall...



Poor chris. The airplane toilet continues to be the bane of your existence.

Didn't that dumbass look at the nifty art on the toilet seat? The one showing the man throwing a bagged lunch, a maxi pad, a snapple and a depends undergarment into the john.... and the big red line that goes through that very thorough illustration?


Is the Jesus talk sarcasm or not? I can't tell and it's not cute you are instilling religious values on the young.


if you keep doing that your face will get stuck! ie, your wrinkles will soon be permanently indented like that, if they aren't already...

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