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October 01, 2007

Show 142 "The Name"

Cute with Chris Show 142 "The Name". Too many Chrises.

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well worth the wait dirty boy.

hmm...i guess it is still technically Monday on the west coast.

My Lord, I thought your name was "Cute" and your last name was "Chris". Which makes me wonder if your spouse's last name is "Chris", too, because if so, you're not helping the cause by making more.

My Lord takes so much longer to type. Can we call you M'Lord for short?

Does this mean you're going to hang out at Ren Fairs now? I mean, more than you normally do?

I just remembered it was Monday and came to check and saw the post about the cable and refreshed the page and voila, there it was. I'm not a stalker, I'm just lucky. I just want that on the record. Not a stalker. Just psychic about my webshows.

thank-you my lord.

So, if I were to photoshop Chris with a halo and a crown of thorns, would the Lord be angry? umm my Lord? :p

Chris? HA! What about Sara? Then you tag it with Anderson and you've got yourself a problem. In high school, there was a girl with the same first, last AND middle names as myself. There was a math class with 7 Saras. And now in grad school, there's another --- Sarah Anderson. You've got it easy, My Lord Leavins.

As this dear George said:
My sweet lord
really want to know you
Really want to go with you
Really want to show you lord
That it wont take long, my lord

mmm i'm in a nostalgic mood today

Jesus is M'Lord.

Consider yourself lucky your name isn't Katrina.


As a Christopher myself, I just found that one should just pretend that one only has a surname. I think Cute with Leavins is a good name! Are we allowed to call you M'Lord like in a court? Will you get to wear fancy robes and a blond wig?

Not posting on YouTube anymore?

M’lord. It has a nice ring to it. A nice kinky “dirty” ring to it.

(PS: Chris might be bad, but my brother has the EXACT same first and middle names as I do. My brother is "The Fourth" and I'm "The Fifth". And no, my parents weren't on drugs.)

Is it My Lord, M'Lord or MiLord? And didn't we vote on the severed foot already? Is this just the foot's way of trying to get in on the action again?

At least you were named after a month. I went to high school with 4 other Aprils...I grew to hate them. I now call myself by my indian name, "Sleeps with Socks On."

I don't know. "Dirty with My Lord" does have a certain ring to it.

Isn't it funny that once cut off from crappy Canadian television and CanCon guidelines... Canadian actors are able to do really cool things?

Who is your inner child? Is he your real child?

Oh Chris, Chris, Chris (sorry, just can't bring myself to call you m'lord...my friends think I'm obsessed enough with your show as it is!)

First off...you look stressed Chris. You looked so much more relaxed when you were in Canada. Maybe that's a sign...after all, Canadian TV has been kind of lamer than usual since you left (haven't you noticed?). The CBC or CTV would so benefit from your brand of bitter genius, especially now that Rick Mercer's gone a little soft (don't tell him I said that).

Second of all, you were all kinds of wrong for the way you responded to that poor concerned mother. So how come it was so fricking funny? Seriously, you're an evil genius and I couldn't stop laughing, all the while thinking about how wrong it was. I'm concerned about that mother though. I think it's admirable that she takes the time to screen internet domains for her children...yet, if she takes the time to personally chastize every domain owner with adult cotent who has the words cute, cuddly, bunny, beaver, kitty, or pussy in their domain name, I worry that she will run out of time for the other parenting things like cooking dinner, reading to her children, and playing frisbee at the park with the family pet (who obviously does not do the dirty things that the animals you feature do!). Also, I worry that you might have so traumatized her with your comments about how she got her children that her husband will not get any...ummm, what's the cute way to put it...."bunny hugging" for a while :D

Ok, to end off, you make me laugh, damn you for getting me addicted, and thanks for your awesome show week after week.

Oh, and don't forget to add me to your black viewer count. What are you up to now?

lou is da bomb

hey chris, now that you have...like..4 billion viewers is it??...anyway, isn't it about time for some merchandising?

For the love of my Lord, why oh why do people like Glenda reproduce?

I promise, M'Lord, NEVER to name a child of mine Chris.

OH, Mielourd, that was funny (in a dirty, sick, mutilated, and might I say, twisted sort of way). Mielourd, go easy on Glenda, she's a product of her environment.

well done chris
worth the wait
...not really
youre still rad!

Dear Chris,

I have noticed you are wearing a wedding ring in the past few shows...what's the deal? Who's the lucky person? We want pictures! Love the new name. Hope you like the pic.

Jenny 25, Cottageville WV

you think chris is a common name? try taylor. guess what... one of my good friends is named taylor and my best friends boyfriend is named taylor. and when we all hang out people will come up to us & say i taylor, and we dont know who they are talking to. and i know about 23454345445445445434 other people named taylor because it was a "popular 90's name". also, guy & girls can be named taylor. chris is only a guy name. i dont know one girl named chris. unless they are like a dike and spell it kris. there are too many taylors. but i guess too many chris also, kinda, but not really.

you look ruggedly sexy today. i thought you should know.

Gotta agree with sheera, liked the rugged look!

Wow. You were right. I do have a friend named Chris.

But then again, my name is Joshua.

There's even a tree named Joshua. And you think your name is common?

i agrees, ME WANTS CWC MERCH. plz. kthnxbye. =D

Oh lord, Chris is a wonderful name you don't have to spell it like Dagobert, Gieselher, Gwendolyn, Krimhild or Hannelore! Thats the positive thing. Or like all these fashionable names Apple, Peaches. What is it like to be 50 working somewhere seriously and you answer the phone by saying Apple, hello?
Or these eastern names like polish Prsyblyczka or thai Phiruchoslangthiam!
But I guess there are enough people, asking you to spell Chris! Mylord!

Another gem, Chris. I don't think that cats actually masturbate, though. I mean, *I* wouldn't use my paw if I could reach with my face. I'm just saying is all...

Lou the Bunny!!!:) kwwuuute!

There's a band called Hot Waffles that sing a song called Too Many Chrises.

There's a band called Hot Waffles that sing a song called Too Many Chrises.

My Lord, My name is mike chris Nielsen..*I* hate it, so i changed it to Mike BLABLABLA Nielsen. :)

Angry mothers. They annoy the cheese whizz out of me. -twitch- o__o

I must say MyLord looks superhot in his crown.Feudalism is due to make a comeback *any* day now.(Will bring new meaning to the phrase,"serfing the internet.")Oh,& MyLord:check out the Dorothy Parker essay"I Live On Your Visits"(free to read online) where the main character states that all the boys of his class & age are named Christopher.Guess things don't change,eh?

dear Mylord
i just finish to find your show on youtube , an i just love it!!!! well I'm a french guy living in Paris and talking about name, if you think Chris is not a good nama think about my name " Ludovic" only know in france and in my case i work in international business, so evryone call me david, frederic, eric etc etc.. but not LUDOVIC!!! so here's your challenge... find me a new name!!!
see u

Chris, your hair looks particularly sexy in this episode. I've watched it four times already to absorb all the sexiness of your hair. Wow.

Indeed.there are far more difficult names to endure.Mine's Lisette,& in all of my 3+ decades on the planet,I've only met 1 other person with the same name.99% of people mispronounce it as Lee-sette,Lie-zette,LEE-zette,Luzette,you name it.It's pretty much said how it's spelt with equal stresses on both syllables and an 's',not a damn 'z'.Kinda like a cross between 'listen' & 'cassette' or 'cassette'.It's not that hard,yet countless Bozos seem to have trouble with any name that isn't 'John' or 'Lisa'.Ordering coffee,a cab,flight tickets,making radio requests is a drag."I'm sorry,what waz that again?Could you spell it?Leesette?Lie-sette?"And when you're dealing with your ISP's Indian Call Centre & some heavily accented guy in Mumbai whose 2nd language is English & who doesn't deign to understand a word you say,trust me,Mylord,Chris is a good name to have.
And finally, at least u aren't like the guy in 'Office Space' who was named 'Michael Bolton',like the awful singer.
"Why should I change my name? HE'S the one who sucks."

God....your name is not so bad!...

i know a person that would have died for this name....because his name is ------SATAN(that means CAPETA, DEVIL, DIABO)------ i'm not kiding!....so, put your hands up and thank GOD for you pretty name...though I had liked your other name too...my lord is a....good, and nice name!

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