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October 14, 2007



Great show Chris!


Wowww.... I just caught a glimpse of that shiny ring on your left ring-finger Chris! How come you never tell us about your wife, or lesbian life-partner (I don't know if that makes sense, ohh welll)? Whoever it is is probably cuuuute!! :-D
PS: Your single gals are gonna' be pissed!


I resent being labelled a 30-something animal obsessed viewer. Yes, I am 30-something, and yes, I may be what you might call "animal obsessed", but still: labels are so wrong!

Excuse me, I must get back to my furbabies to give them some more love.


"lotion makes u slippery" love pervy
lol ur asome


How come Pervy is that perverted?! I am a teenager girl and it shocked me! No ... seriously, Pervy is cool ... let him be perverted Chris! That show was good! I LOVE YOU! And as Alysia said ... if you're engaged ... I think I'll be pissed ... or I'll just become one of that 30 lady who owns 6 or more cats ...


So I'm apparently rather slow on the uptake, as this is the first I noticed the ring, too. So I looked back and found that it magically appeared way back in episode 141. A very belated congratulations...or, you know, whatever it is they say in your country.


Cheese is cuter.


another good episode. i think they need to forget chris crocket (god i hate him) and make the cute with chris show. TV is featuring the wrong chris!


I just noticed the ring today too. But what of my fantasy that Chris is my long lost gay lover? Does the ring imply that he's married to a woman? Say it isn't so! If it is.... all my dreams are dead!


OMG Chris are you really married? I'm a single gal so I'm programmed to zoom in on a guy's left ring finger, it's like a damn tractor beam that pulls me in, I can't help it. How could you not tell us or mention this to us before? Now I can't like like you anymore. I still like you, but I don't LIKE like you. All my dreams are dead. Boo.

PS, I think next you should feature your severed left hand, ya jerk.


Chris :o I saw the ring too!

We (girls, gay guys and crazy animal ladies) would like to know :D Congratulations if it's love, but if its a 'Britney-like' publicity stunt to get yourself playing a head in jar then GO CHRIS! :D

Orange Fescue

Mine too, Jack. Mine too. (sigh)


Please add several votes for Cheese.


I vote for cheeese


"Lets bump fuzz" LOL!!!!

I guess I'm a crazy 30 year old animal obsessed lady, but at least I have a man LOL

Congrats Chris if you did get married!

Robin in MI


What you said about your teenage viewers hating other teenagers is very very true.

Robin Perry

Cheese all the way baby.

and yes as a gay man.. from Canada.. i must say i noticed the ring and a little piece of me died.. but i figured since all my dreams were crushed like the hopes of small children, i'd recover. Soooo are you married?

Alex Cormier

Oooh! Chris is in love!!!!!1


Yes, I do hate all other ignorant teenagers. Aw Pervy is so adorable in a creepy stalker, old horse, driver of a molestor van kind of way, he reminds me of so many people I know. I know you have 60 billion something viewers a second, but for some reason none of those people happen to be people I know. There is noting sader than making a hilarious cute with chris comment and not being understood. I love Cheese, I've always wanted a pug.


mr quacks!


Yay - a good ol' fashioned, straight-up Cute With Chris episode, complete with Teen Letters and Cutedown! Thanks, Chris.

P.S. I vote for the pug, because I am against animals wearing clothing for practical reason.


whoops, that should have said "no practical reason"


Great. More pervy things for my boyfriend and me to recite back and forth to each other.

I vote for Cheese.


cheese is adorable!!



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