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October 14, 2007


Carol (o__O)m

You're married? aww...all my dreams are dead (X___x)m


Hi Chris

Listen. There is a catchphrase for flashing your stuff now. People refer to girls privates as a "britney" when it is out there for the pubic... get it I wrote pubic instead of public... I'M CUTE TO SISSY!

P.S. By the way I heard about all that on the hills... and it is none of your buisness what I do in my leisure time.


i think nibbels
kitty kitty


hi i am from portugal
i think your show is kind of stupid
but what the hell stupid things make people laugh
continue the nice work


my post is wrong


oh sorry
i see that wrong


I vote for the kitten, that sweater is highly cute in my opinion.


I feel hurt and slighted. I am not a teen. I am 30 something. However, I have never worn a clog and do not own a pet. I watch your videos. My demographic needs to be addressed. Chocolate dipped women. The ones who watch because chris is cute. Even with a severed foot.

The Anti-Timmybear

I watched your episode late Sunday night and roared with laughter. For you see, I know one of the gay bears in the photo. He is my arch-nemesis and must be destroyed! Thank you for a great laugh!

Also, what is up with Chris being married??? I would give up my virginity to that sexy Canadian!

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