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October 14, 2007




Shannon from SAN DIEGO

That was a good one, Chris. Thanks for making Mondays something I look forward to now that I've become addicted to your show.


Howcome everyone noticed the ring in this show? Hehe, I saw it a couple of shows ago and was surprised back then, but I didn't do much research on it because I'm neither a teenage girl nor a gay guy. But it seems like it appeared before filming the show 141, when he was back in Canada..
But you know, I'm not a crazy animal lady in my 30's either. I'm 20something and married and my husband watches this show as well. I guess that makes us freaks... I think there's still hope for me since I can become a crazy animal lady in some years but I sure hope my husband doesn't turn gay :S


I vote Cheese

Drunk Bunny

Am I still at least the ORIGINAL "crazy pet lady"? I don't have a duck, so maybe not.

Just so you know, not all of us 30 something crazy pet ladies wear clogs. Now you've gone too far in your stereotyping. ;)

Ashley's animations were very, very good!


I vote for Nibbles..

and I will say that I am a 30 something animal obsessed lady. However I'm married.. I, not like many of my animal obsessesed wanna be counter parts, don't give a damn if hubby tries to put a stop to it either. Granted there are hoarders out there but at least i took the time to fix all the dang feral and stray cats in my neighborhood. So god willing in 20 years or so I'll be back down to normal pet owning numbers. (i have 9 cats and 3 dogs.. 5 horses)


i cant believe you opened an email marked "shitload of nibbles" haha! my first thought was it was spammy porn


i cant believe you opened an email marked "shitload of nibbles" haha! my first thought was it was spammy porn


ergh sorry for the double posting.


Mr Nibbles -- if only for the sake of species diversity.


Cheese Please!


I don't get why my comments never show up :(

but once again, I vote quacks. whats so great about kittens and their sweaters? i mean, big deal. i can wear a sweater, would that make me look cuter? probably not


Oops.Forgot to vote on the Cutedown.Nibbles all the way.I want him to get together with Gay Bob.They even wear the same colour sweater.:-)


I was going to vote for Nibbles, but then I saw his "kitty zone"-yuck!! No one wants to see that! So I must vote for Mr. Quacks!!


i was gonna vote for nibbles, but the email title "shitload of nibbles, kinda made me hate him and his sweaters...

MR. quacks...sounds like a pimp name, ill vote for him


cheese all the way


CHEESE is so cute!


gay bears LOL!!!


I thought your name was Mylord |-3 o well, i still love you Chris!

by the way i vote for nibbles.


Although I'm generally not too fond of waterfowl, I have to give credit where credit is due to Mr. Quacks. Certainly the cutest.


i like your sweater :D


Has my lord gotten married? Don't be ashamed buddy, just cause it's now like you've got a conjoined twin that will never leave you unless that person decides to divorce you, thus emotionally cutting off from you with serrated knife, that isn't anything to hide. Tell us. We're your internet therapists, but with more "ARE YOU GAY????//??" and less couch-lying-down-and-crying. So tell us, but not in Canadian, in English please. God knows if we can understand Canadian. I mean we're not even getting Mexican, and we should have a long time ago. (I'm not racist. I love Canadians!)

Kaptin Kilgore

hey you Chris! You know whats strange i think you have so many lady viewers this episode that noticed your ring that you lost about half of you 30 year old animal loving ladies...poor you....Its a bitch but it happens. Hmmm I think I vote for Nibbles. Ducks in a strange sense scare me. Nibbles and his cat area though quite disturbing that that was pointed out is cute. Oh yes I must say your theory on the teenagers who watching this show that hate all the other teenagers in the world is probably spot on. I my self am i teenager.. yea i know one added to plenty. I only found your site yesterday and it lets me on a school and i am done and keyboarding so i stopped by for a visit.
Peace out Chris- Kaptin Kilgore.



Sorry to interupt the long stream of questions about your mysterious ring - but I wanted to let you know this episode appeared under the Director's Video bar on YouTube today. Congrats!



Shes a crazy pet lady alright..

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