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October 31, 2007

Show 145 "Hit that Donut!"

Cute with Chris episode 145: "Hit that Donut!".

Be sure to VOTE by clicking HERE.


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L: Pikoush (Pirate Cat)

PIKOUSH..all he way!

I was wondering where today's episode was!
It's funny how people of lower intelligence try to insult things they don't understand, but then end up looking like people of lower intelligence.

You know what's even better? If you have two cats you get TWO boxes of poo!

This is one of the greatest videos yet Chris.... Pervy Rules! HIT THAT DONUT!

My vote's for pikoush!
Keep on bringing the irony chris... where else can I get my biting dark humor and cute animal fix in one shot? you're providing a service really.

Absolutely drop dead, spit on your neck, kick you in the crotch, fall on your face awesome! I love it! Awesome episode!
And my vote?... I come with a box of poo! The cat who needs no costume!



Pervy could hit me up anytime.

irony makes me sweaty.

Irony RULES!!!

And by the way you are gorgeous!!! (with all due respect)


hes so cute even w/out a costume! haha

hey chris thanks for subscribing to my youtube videos. Funny episode, how about linking us to peg's page?

I love you face, Chris!

Hey Chris that was great, but I could hardly hear it. And I gotta hear it! What did you do different for your audio??? Cuz it was really shXtty...oops...I meant POO-ey. Sorry, teenagers all over the world; I wouldn't want to offend anyone who watches this fabulously wholesome (cough cough) show about adorably cute puppies and kittens.

Chris, PEG is obviously frustrated by her job....HEY, I hear some music coming...Ok Chris, get out the boombox...Ready?
London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down; and all Peg's dreams are dead.


You rock so hardcore. And, yes, irony goes over far too many peoples heads. And, well, you're humor, no matter how much people try to bring it down and claim it's stupid, is freaking witty I can hardly stand it! Keep up the humor man, you are officially my computers new homepage.

I bought the ladies' buttocks.
... I keep them in a jar on my desk.

YAY! My puppy made the video this week. The pic of the long haired red daschund sitting in the grass. His name is Altan. He's now full grown but was cute at 8 weeks. He likes chewing on fuzzy things like blankets and most anything made of fleece. He also enjoys tearing up kleenex and the occasional game of hide and seek.


This is now my new favorite video! Was very nice :)

You are GREAT!!!!!!!!
Watching your show now for a few month and you really became somethin' like a drug to me!just wanted to tell you and let you know that there's a girl in germany that's totally obsessed of you!By the way:BATTY RULES!

I'm honored to have made an appearance in a very fine show. Very fine, indeed.

I really like the beginning this time Chris. Good job on the camera effects.

woo box of poo, i so gotta get me one.
Do most of the Pets you show "that are homeless" get homes?

Genius. Your irony translates to genius. Tails obviously enjoys wearing the hat so it's a win.

Th most important thing: COLTY IS BACK

Please post the link to Peg's video. I think we need to see your "competition." Obviously, she is an incredible videoblog producer if she can pull off the spectacular theatrical thrill-ride that you described. Peg on the beach...hmmmm. Sounds fascinating.


It is official. I LOVE YOU CHRIS. You know in the way a married 35 year old woman loves a internet personality she has never met. My new lifes goal is to have you feature my dogs on the show. Maybe not today...or next month..SOMEDAY

I am but a simple Scandinavian. What is fuzz, and how do you bump it? Somebody please explain!

Someone said ShXtty in the comments.
I am a teenager. Who now I feels dirty.

...........and I like it.

*** Who now feels dirty.

Hey Chris, this episode rocks! What was the kindergarden teacher thinking about when she posted that comment??? Duh!!!

Once again, I wish I could vote for Chris's severed right foot. I guess my run-off vote will be Batty (love those ears.) By the way, I have two cats and four boxes of poo, or as my kindergarten-teaching wife's students would say, four boxes of dookie.

I rather enjoyed the 'hit that donut' comment. Of course, I'm betting that "Peg's" is more like one of those ginormous cinnibons.

Pirate cat was cute-- looked like Johnny Depp

Chris, that was awesome! LMAO!

Thank you for making me laugh.

i love watching your videos, but cute with chris needs some aradillio action going on: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_jsGOOm5ZY8

they are kind of scary rather than cute, but anything that looks like it's wearing cowboy boots when it walks around deserves some mention, right?

uhhh armadillo*.

I vote for the pirate cat...sorry to say but I think Peg was embarrassed of her video; I've searched youtube for it and can't seem to find it.

i love you.


youtube comments = FAIL.

It's tempting to vote for Batty since he'll always be cute, but I have to vote for Tails!

It has to be batty. Even his name is cute.




OMG, CHRIS!!!! why is your show so SCAT lately! i still love you though.

I almost squirted out some pee when you said... "WHAAAAATTTT ?!?!?"

I was so down today, thanks a million for making me smile. You're Beautiful !!!

BTW.... Batty all the way.

Oh, and yes, I need to see peg's video as well.

I tried to show my partner how funny your videos are and he was, ummm, "perplexed". I'm honored to reefer the eliteness of my intellectually-humor minded mind. Irony is the highest joke of all. On you!


Chris!! I wanna bump fuzz with you, baby!

Love the show
hugs and kisses

Batty!! :D


I come with a box of poo!.. WHAT?!?!?!.. bloody hilarious!

You obviously know this, but you are anything but crap. And your face is far from hateful.

..very, very far. Ahem.

Dude, what do you do for a living? I mean you must have a job... or do you still live with mom?

Luiz Coimbra, Portugal

I'm going with the scariest... Peg! Oops, I meant Batty.

'Cause that box of poo... terrifying!

Dear Chris,
I have a plastic horse just like Pervy, except he is obsessed with Dinosaurs, so I named him Dino.

He was wondering if Pervy was interested in him.

ha- ha ha ha. you crack us up like lol i love pervy =p... omg ur t-pain video is hilariousssss we HEART u!! blah blah blah hah..ha ha ha...anyways chyaa ur like amazing and no mother can say ur show is dirty hahahahah..ha..ha HAHEHAHHEHAHAHEHAHEHAHEHAHA...chyaa peace out to the gizzerl scout =]

I am concerned mother. My children as well as the children of earth, should not under any circumstance be exposed to this type of stuff. I am disappointed in you, Chris. Why did you ever make this show. It is inappropriate, and may I ask, who is Pervy? Please consider canceling your show for

I say the cat that needs no costume because I mean really would you want to put someting on a cat like that?

Hah, I am now going to correct al my friends and tell them that poo is the more proper, respectful word. Vote goes to batty. I'd look for Peg's video, but I have a feeling she had since removed.

Best. Cute with Chris. Ever.

Best line: "I gave it 5 stars"

We love your face, Chris!

post new episodes please!!!

We're two Icelandic sisters, who just discovered your show in these last 24-hours. Actually, for me(Hildur) it was an mere hour ago. We just want you to know that you bring warmth to our intestines here in our 4 story igloo house with ice sculpted furniture and sled hounds barking outside the hole into the igloo.
(Icelanders too (like Canadians)get confused with Greenlanders, the inuit ancestry folk)


i love the creepy way batty's face looks - almost human like!! for that I vote for batty!!

To Katheryn who posted November 02, 2007 at 06:20 PM:

I fully support your ability to have an opinion about the show, however, there are several of us out there who do like and appreciate CWC, and its sarcastic humor it brings.

If you are so concerned with the content of the show, instead of ruining the fun for the rest of us by having Chris cancel his very popular show, may I suggest you be a good mother and monitor what your children are viewing on the internet. This way we avid viewers can still enjoy the episodes and you don't have to worry about what your children are watching.

Or, I have an even better idea - spend time with your children away from the internet, television, and video games that I'm sure you feel are corrupting their lives - take them outside, play a board game, or maybe do charity work… be proactive in their lives.

The more you know!

btw, I vote for batty

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