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October 15, 2007



Looks like he's come back to life! I think it means the colt, or the little colt. Not positive though...


According to, "potrillo" is Spanish for "foal". Which makes sense.


I would generally interpret it as "little pony", but "little colt" would work, as well.


Portrillo: Caballo joven de menos de doce meses de edad.


Yes, it's an A..hole memorial. Murder is bad.


And further to that:

El caballo (en femenino, yegua y de nombre científico Equus caballus) es un mamífero perisodáctilo de la familia de los équidos, herbívoro, cuadrúpedo y de cuello largo y arqueado.


You went to Target to buy a crown? lol

I wonder if you asked a salesperson...and what their expression was.


Here is your third confirmation: a potrillo is a small horse that is no more than 3 years old. You can now start your own wiki.

As to the crown, you can probably grab a handful at Burger King!


You could always drop by Burger King an order a Kid's Meal or whatever they're called, and use the crown that comes with it.

...Is there still a crown coming with those, anyway?


Crowns galore at Party City....


Why buy a crown at Target? Everyone will wear them.. Not very original, My Lord. I suggest you make your own crown:

re face

I should send you a crown in the snail mails.


potrillo is a young horse


A potrillo is pretty much a young horse... like a baby horse.


Wait a minute...doesn't it have to be a crown made of thorns?
Do they sell those?

Helen in Australia

Does the horse structure atop the building in any way indicate the type of meat used within?


potrillo is a baby horse

i think you should start counting how many mexican viewers you have now instead of black

respect the minority majority!

Florencia in Argentina

A Spanish-speaking person isn't necessarily Mexican.
Count that if you think it's entertaining.


keep searching for that crown!
we want to see you wearing one of those

César (Chile, South America)


(Del dim. de potro).
(Potro diminutive)

1. m. Caballo que no tiene más de tres años.
1. male name. Horse that is no more than three years old.


(De or. inc.).
(uncertain origin)

1. m. Caballo desde que nace hasta que muda los dientes de leche, que, generalmente, es a los cuatro años y medio de edad.
1. male name. Horse since the time of birth until it changes the milk teeth, which happens, generally, at the age of four and a half years old.

PS: both entries seen at "Diccionario de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua" (spanish equivalent to The Webster's Dictionary and The Oxford English Dictionary)


I would try a party supply store for the crown.Either that or 1)a costume supply store or 2)a'fairy' party type store.I soooooo want to see thy awesomeness kitted out like a royal.Keep the dream alive,Mylord! :-)


I believe there are little fairy/princess crowns in the Halloween section at Target. If they've lasted this long.

That being said, Party City is probably the better place to go. If you have that there, I don't even know.

Keith Gabryelski

here is a street level view from google maps:,+Los+Angeles,+Los+Angeles,+California,+United+States&sll=33.89452,-118.12942&sspn=0.012058,0.015535&ie=UTF8&cd=3&geocode=0,34.067710,-118.286930&ll=34.075741,-118.286791&spn=0.001504,0.001942&t=h&z=19&om=1&layer=c&cbll=34.075271,-118.286816&cbp=1,401.91176470588186,0.5,1,-4.258991320431884


Ummm - is the horse supposed to indicate the taco filling?


wtf, steve. you're an idiot. Obviously they won't have HORSE as taco filling. You go die now.

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