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October 12, 2007



Hey Chris

wow, this is so cool, I was actually a fan of your earlier work. I watched the hanging garden a long time ago and you were great in it, it remain one of my fav Canadian film of all time. Also I enjoy your acting in traders. Unfortunally for Canadian actors, their work doesn't really get around that much and I havn't seen any of your other work

So it is pretty cool that I encounter "cute with Chris" on youtube (I guess I'm out of it since it seems that this show's pretty popular already). So I couldn't resist of shooting you an email saying "keep up the good work, I'm a fan"



Very cute dog.His ears are a bit unusual,tho'.They almost look split in several pieces,like he has dreadlocks or something.
Is it an optical illusion or did he encounter a lawn mower as a pup?
This isn't an insult,btw-he's adorable.Just was struck with the unusual shape of the ears.


Oops,I see 'he' is a SHE.Sorry.

Drunk Bunny

Lisette, Looks like her ears are just wrinkly from all of the excess skin Bassets have, and from the position of her head. When she's got her nose down investigating crimes, I bet her ears look normal.


Damn,lieutenant Columbos' dog


Best. Caption. Ever.


Her nose reminds me of a brownie. I'ma eat it. =]

Rikki Lee

That is by far, the most condescending look I have ever seen! Great page!


Thanks,drunk bunny.I se now it's obviously an optical illusion from the extra skin folds of the ears.
And the caption is perfect.:-)

Victoria & Kim

Looks just like my grandma. Ugh.


Is it a dog or a frog? Seriously I've never seen such a diform dog...


That dog looks like it has a serious alcohol problem


I can... FEEL her judgement...


DAISY: "Harumph. I don't approve."

Marisa Burns

When I was growing up my friend Becky's mom appeared on Carson with her Basset Hounds Julia and Figaro. They sang opera together.
I miss them. Uh that is a Basset Hound, right?

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