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November 06, 2007



hey!this picture is waw!!!!!


I do feel rather sorry for the small cat in the side who's head only appears...

It makes me wondah...

What it has for a body.


The other cat wants to be noticed and looooved.


How cute...he even built a bird's nest in his light for his cats' enjoyment.


I'm quite sure that the star cat's name is Zsa Zsa, i don't know why...(very stylish pic by the way).


Love. It. (!!!!!)
Little kitty: "I'd like to be front and center too, but I just don't have that Zsa Zsa cattitude..."

Dick Cheney



Wow. experimenting with the classic themes of cat portraiture...for a second i thought his chandelier was made of antlers like the one in the A&F stores...i thankfully saw they were just branches.

CWC facebook group:


ill work on this


slightly odd

Jan Porter

Five hours later at dinner, the guests wondered why there was cat fur in the soup - "get the bloody cat of your table for god's sake, its a cat, it licks its bum, it poos in the garden, and now you let him rub his anus on your 10,000 dollar table!"

Karena Jane

Oh my gosh! I want a branch-elier! Do you suppose he made it...or purchased it? I want instructions! Now!

Karena Jane

Oh my gosh! I want a branch-elier! Do you suppose he made it...or purchased it? I want instructions! Now!

Karena Jane

Oh my gosh! I want a branch-elier! Do you suppose he made it...or purchased it? I want instructions! Now!

John in IL

The 32 gay bears have some (fabulous) company?


I guess we all know who Zsa zsa ia don't we!


I LOVE the photo-shopped images! Our dining room is so improved with the laser eyes! Thanks, Chris, we've been laughing at these all day and sharing them with our (Bill's) clients. Is there any way we can work MORE OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN into the images? By the way, the smaller cat is Zsa-Zsa...


I remember "Space: 1999". It was shite. This, however, is awesome. As is the song "Xanadu".

# Xanadu.... oh, Xanadu...... now we are here..... in Xanadu.......


That made my day. The photoshops were great and I love the branch chandelier. I'd get/make one, but I live in east tennessee and I think here it would be considered redneck.


fab-u-lous. i love it!


As an artist,My first thought when I saw this, "ooh, this guy has good taste!" And then I saw the interior design stuff and it all made sense.
Not a fan of animals on the table former room mate used to let her cat do that and it put me slightly on the far side of angry every time. Oh well...I guess if that's the way you roll, that's the way you roll. Just not in my house!


Gah.. I LOVE the photoshops of this!!

And I also LOVE how the smaller car only has a head :S The table is made of glass (or of ice, or of the worlds largest diamond) and you can see the rest of the chair through it and Bills knee resting on the chair. But where is the cats body?

Anyone else see this? It is clearly not the reflection of the chair as it goes narrower, not wider as the reflection should. It's almost a cat head in a jar without the jar!


Everyone, take note: Zsa Zsa does have a body. In fact, I will send Chris a photo of her head along with her body to prove it!


this man seems quite creepy.
the cat on the table looks not cute.
and that cat on the chair(that can barley be seen) should shoot his/her kitty lasers at the other not so cute kitty.


Who is this ? What are the twigs doing in his light fittings? Does the man wish to be fried in the middle of the evening? The cat on the table looks like it has been cut and pasted there.

p.s thank you for giving Olivia the zap eyes. Next you should pick on her ugly daughter who has had plastique and she isn't 20 yet.

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