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November 01, 2007



Pervy!? Stay away from kittens...and kindergarten teachers!


Pervy superstar! Can't wait for next covers: "Vogue", "Country Life" and of course "Husler".(By the way VERY important question: Does having a vagina mean voting for Hillary mmmmmm?)


My e-mail is valid, no worries. *Fuck you Ralph* What am I posting about here? I just clicked on some random link....with shiny....fuzzies...and....gingerale. Is gingerale one word...or two? Or is it dashed? (Ginger-Ale) Tell me. Now.

Aaron Orear

So, so disturbing...


i think pervy, is more suited for catalog rather than high fashion, but i'm no i could be wrong.

i've consulted my vagina, and it's leaning more towards kucinich.


PLEASE! Let us not bring politics on to CWC! Just the ugly world of cute, please!


Would this be a formal cat portrait?

Courtney in Arkansas

*is disturbed*

That image is going to be stuck in my head all day.

Patrick from NEW JERSEY

I thought it looked like a formal portrait, at least in pose.

I can't decide if the horse head reminds me of Pervy or the Paper-maché head that Bottom wears in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Either way, It's disturbing.

P.S. Any fan is the Seattle area should mail one to Chris.


Pervy looks like he's being probed.


I wonder why pervy felt the need to buck the trend of of the FCP by dressing more sea-faring standards anyhow.


I think Bottom is a donkey, but you are correct, Patrick, that horse does look quite mule-ish.

I'm surprised "Pervy" would be so discrete as to cover up the "kitty zone" with his hand. (hoof?)


I want a sea-faring cat!


Pervy, don't b a perv.


I only discovered CwC last week, but I see you've already discovered me... I work at the Stranger and feel a little closer to you now, Chris. All my dreams are alive!

If the paper doesn't come out, you'll know it's because we're all watching Cute With Chris!

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