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November 02, 2007



My bet is Pervy is an incarnation of the ancient Greek god of the perve, Zeus. In this picture he has changed himself in a painting, and will now proceed to make happy with the back of Bill's head.


Portraiture is fun to say.


His hand is in the cat's ass. Chris, do you see that? In the cat's ass. Genius.


Sexy as hell, great addition to the FCP Gallery...

poody fat

It isn't nice to strangle and goose your cat at the same time.


hmmm. is that pervy in the backround????


Why does he have his hand up the cats ass???? They look like cold hands.

Bill from Ontario

Haha oh my God. Chris you are my hero. Juan saw this got got very excited. He loves his mutlicoloured lasers and he appreciates your appreciation of his subtle equine reference (he was the one who wanted to take the picture behind that particular picture).

Thank you again :D

Bill from Ontario

I just realized that my entire comment (see above) was incredibly poorly written and made little to no sense.

Juan and I were very excited, so please ignore any and all ramblings we may or may not have typed.

That is all.


this cat doesn't appear to appreciate the surface of the glass table, which is probably cold. Or maybe its just the fact his owner is holding it molester-van style.


Chris - your new, multi-colored lasers are indicative of the increasing complexity and daring of this avante-garde entertainment spectacular.

Newbies - welcome. You should watch the archives so you'll know that hands up cat butts are a long-cherished theme here at CWC.


Wow, looks just like robot cat. The cat and the gesture.


What on earth is that adorable boy doing, sticking his hand up that poor cats ass?


this picture is truly a work of art. i salute to you, bill from ontario; however, i'd also like to know why his hand is conveniently placed under the poor cat's butt.


Bill looks very James Bondish. I love it. And I love the multicoloured lasers.

Courtney in Arkansas

If we get more pictures of this quality, I will create a part 2 to my Formal Cat video.

Bill from Ontario

I'm thinking of doing an entire set with all the cats in my house (4). With each picture I would have a slightly different disturbing look on my face. I think it could be epic. What do you all think?


lisbeth g

yes.pleeeese do a whole new set!


Ah, you need to do it, Bill!


I concur that Bill should do his epic cat quad.Do it,Bill.You be will considered the Picasso of the Formal Cat Portrait form.

Bill from Ontario

Alright, I'll do this either tonight or tomorrow. Probably tonight as I really have nothing better to do. I mean, what's better than sitting in your dimly lit living room with your cold hand up your young cats kitty zone?



You are my hero Bill. I'm wondering how you will get 4 cats to sit still while you take the picture, but I have faith in the greatness that is you.


Aww your siamese cat looks just like mine!


For some reason,young men who are named Bill are nearly always hawt.
The cat is gorgeous too.Ya gotta do the photos,Bill.It's your gift to Arht.

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