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December 07, 2007



are people really that disturbed by cat puke? cause clearly they have never had a cat. despite how much a cat tries to destroy the tree, i think trees are the highlight of their year. if there isn't a few ornaments broken by a cat it isn't really christmas ;)
P.S. the worst thing i've ever had to pull from cat anus was an elastic just terrible...


Chris you are so funny!! I love seeing cute animal videos, not to mention clever comments with them! LOVE your show!! Great job! My favorite was the Canada vs. USA

frank dominguez

chris that was funny vommiting is cool and poo.


Awww Chris, that brought a tear to my eye. It should be among great Christmas classics like Rudolph, Frosty, and the Exorcist. Warm thoughts and hugs indeed.


Merry Christmas, Knut.
Would it kill you to show a baby bird in the cutedown sometime in 2008? I think it would go over big here in Tacoma, a birdwatcher's paradise.


tony sf

I have decided: I want to break State law and marry you, Chris.

Yes. I have decided on an all-cat wedding.

And, yes: I am drunk.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: All of your dreams are dead! "Sweaty no longer makes you humpy," ancient Visigoth or Goth or whatever kind of barbarian you are.


Love this and so very true i am avoiding Still putting up my tree because of my 2 beloved terrors and already famed christmass tree killers..:-)

Ana Yunuén

Oh!!! that's beautiful!!
tha first song is awesome i liked it :)
Mery Christmas!!!!!


I love this show.
Thanks Chris.

Christina Cudworth

The only thing worse than tinsel is one of those "Sticky hands" that kids love. Thats some disgusting stuff to remove....... and stretchy. All sticky slime creatures are banned from our house thanks to our cats loving to devour them. *shudder*

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