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December 07, 2007


Shannon from SAN DIEGO

That was funny! Meowy friggin' Christmas, everybody! Thanks for the laughs, Chris.


I love Robot Cat! It has the f-you aittude needed to pull off tinsel-ass. My New Year's won't be complete w/o Colty and Canada though.


this was a very funny one, especially the jesus part.(:

Regina M.

Ewww, kitty vomit. :)
Funny stuff. Keep up the good work.
I'm pretty sure I've become slightly obsessed with your show. :D



And how come there is no mention of Ramadan? Yule? Hanukka? Kwanza?

I'm offended Chris, you alienated your pagan viewers.


i have a voting addiction. you have not supplied my weekly needs without a cutedown. now i have to watch reruns of american idol.


Dear Chris,
are you a Christian?
*Jesus is LORD*

and hey..i love ur new site banner.


chris you need to report some of your viewers at once. I mean sweet jesus, should these people be allowed to communicate with the world?

my self included,

keep your stick on the ice,


Justice Fehr

some one needs to help that kittah...


i remember pulling tinsel from my cats anus. we would step on the end that is sticking out and the cat would just walk away....tada job done

Keith Gabryelski

Cats and tinsel are a tradition in my family. A family ritual, passed from father to son in an oral tradition...
but that's another story, though.

Everyone would gather on Tinselmas (the seventh day before Christmas) to decorate the Christmas tree and feed the cats tinsel.

Over the next days (before Christmas eve) the younger children would chase the cats around the house. Whomever could catch a cat got the first pull.
The child that retrieved the most tinsel (by bedtime on Christmas eve) received that years Tinselmas ball.

We would play with that ball for months afterward -- sleeping with it under our pillows.

Ahhh... memories.

Thank you Chris. Thank you.


Hi Chris
I love this weeks episode. For once I am thankful that I don't have tinsel on my tree. cause you are right, my dog will probably eat it. 0_0
Anyway Merry Christmas!!!


Hi Chris!

This episode is pure love, seriously! (Makes me want a cat oddly enough. O_o)


Christmas trees are better when cut down and destroyed by cats. Then you get to redecorate the tree, everyday! YAY! kitties.


I discovered CuteWithChris on youtube and I have to say it has been the funniest thing I have seen in awhile. Plus, Chris is really easy on the eyes, which doesn't hurt. I love the cat video...can you do one about dogs?


Happy Holidays Chris!!!
Thanks for posting that episode, I love it!
: )
I hope your holiday season isn't too stressful and that you have lots of great fun, nice gifts, and good times with loved ones!
Best wishes from a happy cult member!!!


OMG! That was soooo funny! I need to put my CHRIStmas tree up and see if my cat goes insane,,,,

Luke (from West Virginia)

If there's one thing that Jesus hates more than gays it's cat vomit. I know because I am a cat who likes to vomit.

Luke (from West Virginia)

If there's one thing that Jesus hates more than gays it's cat vomit. I know because I am a cat who likes to vomit.



The most important thing in Christmas is not presents or being together, it's CATS AND CHRISTMASTREES (or even cats UP IN christmastrees).
Cat, check. Christmastree, check. The holidays season is going to be a success!

Our cat usually likes to cut the tree down after it's been decorated. It's easy, just climb up the tree, collapse down to the floor with it and then hide under the sofa when the 2-leggeds are REALLY angry :D

I have one story about cat puke.
My friend has 12yo tomcat named Rölli ['roelly'] who got a nice birthday lunch made from expensive canned cat food and boiled fish. And how he thanked for the gift? With puking all the stuff out in the middle of the livinroom floor. Ewww...

Cats are just so adorable <3

I'm one of the newest fans of your show, I found the clips from UTube 2 days ago, recommended by one of my Canadian friends ;)

Keep the Cute Spirit up!


Although I find this video highly amusing, I must say: IT'S TOO F-ING EARLY FOR XMAS STUF.

I realise you don't celebrate 'Sinterklaas' (december 5th or 6th) but you should have postponed this show till after the holiday anyway.

Now, you probably think 'if I start recognizing one foreign holiday, I have to do them all ... and I don't want to' 0.o But Sinterklaas is all about an old man in a long dress riding a white horse, giving presents to young children, while his black helpers (zwarte pieten) do the heavy lifting. The throwing of food at the children is an important part of their task.

I think you would enjoy it :) You can just google Sinterklaas if you want to broaden your cultural horizon (and also check that I'm not making it all up).


LOL omg so true. Christmas trees, tinsel and glass balls in trees are Cats crack. And sorry but my tree looks worse. I have four hellions that totally distroy the tree if I get one too early. >< /Shudder. NEVER GET FAKE TREES is the moral of the story. :D
I didn't need to see so many shots of the cat puke but Congratz to the cat that got it right on the glass ball btw, nice Shot :D

Happy Holidays, Enjoy Everyone and be happy and safe this crazy holiday season. :D



No cutedown??? *tears*

Still, Merry Christmas!


Btw.. dont lie to yourselfs ppl. It is a cult. We follow who is funniest. :D

<3 ya Chris thanks again for the laughter.


hmm, kotze-katze
( german for puking-cat )

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