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December 06, 2007


Single Kelly

Well, there is a similarity. But if it came down to who I'd rather screw, it'd be Chris, if only for his fame.

lisa gee

some resemblance, but then there are 3.2 billion brown-haired white guys on the planet.

Shannon from SAN DIEGO



Yeah Toby, you look just like him....IN YOUR DREAMS!

No resemblance. Toby doesn't even have Chris' sexy rugged man scruffy beard thing going on. Not to mention I can guarantee Toby doesn't have any talking horses hanging around.

Dick Cheney

Toby looks more like Chris than I do, at least.


Two eyes - check.
Two ears - check.
One nose - check.
One mouth - check.

Yup, they're twins, alright!

Or are my criteria too lenient?


If some people saw a resemblance, it was during the night, avery foggy night.They were wearing sunglasses, two of them were drunk and the third one was blind.
Except these facts, of course you look like Chris.


this guy more closely resembles kevin mcdonald from montreal.


IT IS LIKE TWO BROTHERS FROM A DIFFERENT MOTHER! Ok, no it is not. It must be the Canadian traits. Does every white guy in Canada look like Chris?


Whoa! dude! You look nothing like Chris!! Colty maybe...

Well there is a little similarity I guess.
I want to see him chug a bottle of wine and talk to a plastic horse first, that will help me decide.

Also, its true, every guy in Canada does look like this. Canada is different.

Nat in Toronto


Are you people blind? Of course Toby doesn´t look like Chris, he isn´t even cute but We are gonna post Ethan on and see what people really think of him!


I don't see a striking resemblance, but both Toby and Chris are pretty cute!




Sorry, Toby. You don't look much like Chris at all. You do, however, look a helluva lot like Kevin McDonald from Kids in the Hall (also Canadian).

I was totally thinking of Kevin McDonald too! I was going to comment that Toby reminded me of a different Canadian comedian but I couldn't remember his name or where he was from, so I thought that would sound crazy...


Hey Toby...All your dreams are dead.


kind of.. but not really. It's all good.


I could see how, maybe, Toby could be Chris and Kevin McDonald's time traveling offspring, with the understanding that Toby got Kevin's features and Chris' coloring.


If every guy in Canada looks like Chris I am moving right..NOW! :D


...I actually DO see a resemblance.

Is anyone else disturbed by the giant picture of Chris in the background, or does every other Chris cult member have a giant picture of him in their rooms?


He looks more like T-Bag from Prison Break, lol.


If Chris ever turned into a creepy pedophile who wants to kill me and eat my soul, he would be named Toby.


I think Toby should move to LA too

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