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December 28, 2007



Every time a bell rings, Ethan gets his wings. Merry Festivus. I don't know that we really learned for that message. I think I am still barbie curious. I miss the old manicure. There is still much to figure out from Ethan.


And yeah we want to see a video of you, Ethan. You're on CWC's fricken banner ffs xD. I'm wondering if you hava pet? And if so what kind! Don't keep us waiting long.


i don't think you have much about my site and yess i am dutch so i can't write in english. and mij name is not stupid it is short and mij hole name is chris kort enlglish translation chris short. but anyway i don't know any more what i want to sayXD:P. chris I LOVE YOUR SHOW.


idaho carl

What the fuck Ethan?! Quit dicking with us. This message from you was lame. We need to know what is the DEAL with you. Send us VIDEO TAPE! We must know about your freakishness.


Oi Vey, Ethan is so grody. At least he used the proper form of you're/your.


Ethan's response is a little bit our CWC christmas present.
When i take a look at this strange little boy, some equally strange lyrics come to my mind.

he's fresh
fresh - exciting
he's so exciting to me!
he's fresh
fresh - exciting
he's so inviting to me


Are you sure his pits are fresh?


Why don't you sweeten the deal by offering him a tube of Clearasil?


yay! he responded! i wanna see more of this insane young boy, it makes me laugh ever so much


Ethan makes me hot.


At least Ethan can take a joke. I'd be freaking out if I was his age and had my face plastered on the web. Please, Ethan, let us make fun of you some more so we feel better about ourselves!

homagetogorto from BC

In the last picture, which one was Ethan?



davdi devere

do not encourage this man it will push him over the edge

david devere

ps looks like a dog person


Apparently he IS popular. I want to be on the CWC banner!! I am jealous.

Nice chairs, by the way.


he has such enchanting eyes

Jai Reeves

i have cracked a piece to the ethan mystery............look in the ethan pics and you can clearly see the tents in the background. ethan goes to hippie festivals.


Daaaammmn that is one hot piece of internet sensation.


I don't know if anyone watches the Showtime show, "Dexter," but Ethan looks like Michael C. Hall's character in that show. Since we seem to know so little of him I suppose we could just pretend that he's severely mentally disturbed and murders criminals in his free time like Dexter does in the show.


Oh, hey, look. I just left the comment about Ethan looking like a character from "Dexter."

Here's some proof!:


Yee haw - new photoshop material!


Ethan, you better bloody come up with a goods on the 'mystery that is you' or I will personally hunt you down!!! I'm a teen, we do these things in our spare time (when we are not punchdrunk and not vandalising council property)

sanity claus

Further, proof that people under the age of 18 have nothing of value to say.

sanity claus

Further, proof that people under the age of 18 have nothing of value to say.

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