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December 31, 2007



noo don't in my life...argh done >.<


Nooo.... the cute animals were calling my name and I've been playing over an hour now... My god! its 3am!


Plan: post first, play later ...
Great classic, those whatchamacallits are like .. super cute.
Okay that's enough, I can't wait anymore, play now.


Haha!! Level 11 beat that!! I linked to Farm Hustle from this site a few weeks back and my life disappeared in a blur of cute animal icons...


Teehee, level 10.
I know it's not 11, but it's better than 9 :P


Thanks for another classic ep.
Happy New Year, Chris!


Thanks a lot. This is cutting into my "drinking large quantities of alcohol" time.


Wow, that sweater almost ruined my life, my lord. :) Happy New Year!


AAACK! Not wasting so much of my life on the internet was going to be one of my New Year Resolutions, but this game threatens to break that before I've even made it!
Must... Not... Press... "Play Again"...

(I only had ONE BOX LEFT in Level 2! TWICE!!)

Michael Stockton

I hate you so much. i crapped my pants because I was unwilling to leave the game to go to the bathroom. thanks chris.

Michael Stockton


I can't even pass level 2 -.- i really don;t get the game >_> they didn't the rules good >_>. Gah i played it all day yesterday and even dreamt about it >_<. Anyways HAPPY NEW YEAR CHRIS FROM SARAH AND SUKI! Can't wait till next Monaday!


Gah! I can't get past level 3! Thanks for adding this one to my list of addictions, Chris. Yay, you're coming back on monday! I hope your vacation was great. :o)


7th of January?

wow okay :)

Chuck Ski

I'm with Wendy. Bad sweater. Were you missing Saskatchewan?

Chuck Ski

Make that Kelly. I'm with Kelly.
Bad Sweater. Cabbage rolls anyone?


Oh man this really is taking over my life. I just sat around for several hours today playing this, punctuated by the occasional "SHIT!"

I don't think my profs will accept "Farm Hustle" as an excuse for not having my "Philosophy of Teaching" done when I go back to school next week.


I got to level 11, so I can safely give up on the game without letting it ruin my life.

Gabriel (Brazil)

Right now i'm on work... Don't have much to dp, but i don't want that anyone opens the door and see me playing a pinky stuff with lot of cute little animal icons... Could ruin my carreer




never had such a good excuse for not working - farm hustle rules, but I don't get over level 3 - darn!

Kelly Yale

I never thought I would say such a thing, but I regret ever clicking on this post. Stupid thing is always on my computer, calling to me to match the kitties and gumdrops. I just need to beat it. I need to make it mine. I need to bend it over and show it who is boss.

Does that sound weird and obsessed at all? :)


level 5 - lost 4 hrs of my life...anyone more? Chris, somehow I don't believe you reached level 9.


made it to level ten. and then had one box left on 11 and lost. (and almost burst into tears)

all my dreams are dead!

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