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December 13, 2007



Time for a Chris recites Ike Turner special?


I like how people are suggesting to try to get featured on google's front page.

Google's front page does not have any news or anything.


Kittens or a dead wife-beater? Hmm.... I think I'll choose kittens.

I'm quite irked that iTunes is "Remembering Ike Turner" and they call him "controversial" and that he had a "fallout" with Tina Turner. He was a wife-beater--I don't see any controversy there: wife-beating is bad, and this was not a fall-out; he beat her; she left. And she's still alive. Go her.

Row Lin

Chris -

I am so moved to see the courage with which you face this tragedy. Being knocked off Yahoo would destroy the spirit of a lesser man.


Eat the Cake Chris!


This letter leaves me in the midst of a moral conundrum. I'm appalled by the tastelessness of the post, but I'd be a liar to say it didn't entertain me. You got me again, chris... well played...


u tell him chris! im glad that abusive f**ker is dead!


Chris, Andy Warhol once said "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." You had your twenty minutes of yahoo fame - 5 minutes more than the average. 'Cause you are special. Everyone's special! Ike will watch from hell.


All Ike's dreams may truly be dead. Did he take yours to the grave with him, Chris? From your overreaction, one would think that he did.

Still, you are a very funny man and I hold on to the irony of it all.


chris, you're funny and all, but could you atleast have some respect? i mean, he kinda died.

Kelly from Pa.

Cutie Chris is not just for teenie boppers ya know. Women married w/ children love baby animals & handsome funny men too!! My Yahoo home page is where I discovered & fell for the kitten comic a few weeks ago. Ike sucks. Chris ROCKS!

Kelly from Pa.

Hey Chris L.
How did my above message I posted get under someone named Bonnie's name? I'm the kelly from pa. mom. ???

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