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December 13, 2007



XD..that;s soo sweet...Gus is everything for him...


What a coincidence. I like beer, dogs... and men.


how do u know what the opening scenes of a gay porno look like *wink* joking...i love u chris!!


Haha I want a drinking buddy like that


i can imagine you saying oregon and it is kinda making me angry ; ]



A man with exquisite taste! They do exist!

Halfdan Byrnesveen, glorious kingdom of Norway.

Looks like the dog has had some beer too...


I like milk and cats!


I like how you can see into both their right nostrils really well. It makes them better friends I bet.


Poor dog, lol.


They sort of look alike...

Arloe from Regina

Is it really OR-RIH-GEN? As a Canadian, my natural instinct is to pronounce it OH-RIH-GONE; I had no idea I was pronouncing it "wrong". It reminds me of when I used to work in a survey call center and when we would call Maryland people would get all upset because we were pronouncing it MARY-LAND, so we had to have actual pronounciation guides for our staff instructing them to pronounce it MARE-IH-LUND instead. Heaven forfend that things should be pronounced the way they're spelled.

Yew Americans tawk fuuhnny, hyuk. ;)


Everybody who's not from Oregon--and everybody who's normal and not stupid--pronounces it OR-uh-gone.

The original pronunciation of Ohio was OY-o. Who's stupid enough to try to "correct" all the normal people about that?

I like straight bearz.


They look like theyr going to have their way with the poor dog...and the dog looks slutty...look at the wierd i know..but its wat it looks like


Aw, people. Let's encourage the straight males who want to come out of the CWC closet! You go, straight guy! Stand up for the beer-and-dogs demographic! And any girl would think it was cute that their guy liked CWC. :-)


Jody and his dog are adorable. Attractiveness points for cute poses with the lab.

And not only do I live in Ore-gun, but I live in Aloha in Ore-gun. And it is pronounced A-low-uh.

And I'll correct you if you say it wrong. Because I'm stupid and not normal. And because I enjoy pointing and laughing at people.


I love that the pronunciation of "Oregon" has been such an issue that the University of Oregon sold T-shirts that depicted a phonetic spelling across the chest to educate non-natives. I'm in the "Organ" camp myself, but my point for today is that Jody has a really nice booger in the last shot.


Are they in a tent?


These guys and the dog remind me of my favorite joke: "Two rednecks are watching a football game one day, while drinking beer. One of the guy's dog is sitting in front of the TV...licking his balls. The one redneck says (in a thick, Southern accent): 'Boyyy, I wush I culd do thaat.' The other redneck looks at the dog, pauses for a moment, then says:'Thaat dawg wuld biiiite yewwww!'" I heard this joke, while watching a gay porno once. ;)


lol...he's so close to his dog


I am intimidated by the highly powerfull sexyness of this picture...


The dog looks slightly drunk as well...

homagetogorto from BC

Beer ain't just for squirrels no more!


Love what they've done with the place.


My bear-dar is going ding-a-ling. So is my ding-a-ling.

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