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January 28, 2008



good god, where the freak are the pens? chris you look awesome!


Hey dude, looking nice ^^

Good luck Chris, show them who's their momma ;-)


HAHA...that just made my day.

Courtney in Arkansas




So, yeah. What you see up there, is what will happen if the pens don't show up.


what the ...? Where are the pens, bitch?
Chris you look so good in that suit!!


I guess thats what you get for dealing with CRAZIES!!!

 Ann Gaspari

Hey, do you need money to buy the pens. I found the Kelvin pens and they're at least 35 cents each. You'll need, how many? 100 or more? I'm worried about how you're going to finance this.


Well, the only good out of the situation is that now you have more rage!

Pens are nice, but if you pay for them Chris, they are pity pens. Fans were promised free pens from this Kelvin guy and he should have some follow through. (what kind of example is he setting for all the teens out there?)

Nice suit.




We don't need no stinking peeennnnnssss!!

All we need is Chris.

Now go out there and knock 'em dead.


I would just like to say that I envy all those who are able to attend the show. In addition, Chris, you're awesome for making the show happen in the first place-and let's not forget for hooking up each person in your audience with a free pen.

If you make them available online after the show(I'm assuming with some CWC logo), I'd be more than willing to buy a few sets for my desk at the office :)


well if there's no pens i don't se the point in going to be honest, bah and all i wanted was to top up my stantionery supplies


Lookin' sharp Chris. Looooove the suit.


very bowie. love it.


HAHAHA! You are so cuuuute!

You sound like a goat in the beggining of the vid!

Can I have your baby??


well "Pens mother fucker" sounds good after all...

homagetogorto from BC

It can be so beautiful when people follow through on promises. And so ugly when they don't.

I'm going to go watch Ashley and Toby's episode again. Today's asshole is Kelvin, but winter is a close second. (It's -20C where I am.)


also, you better take that suit off before you get it dirty.


We should set up RHONDA and Kalvin


Dear Kelvin,

All your dreams are dead! How dare you put Our Lord, Chris, in this position.

You are todays asshole. Proud of yourself?

Live in shame Kelvin.


Pens We don't need no stinking Pens! Yah Yah I know I asked for one. But I was under the assumption that Crazy Pen Guy was for real and not some loser trying to make you look bad. Ohhh You should send the teen fan squad out to get him.. They would have his bank account number in like an hour and then you could pay for HIS free pens with HIS OWN money.. Serve his butt right" Tell Him who hes dealing with!"
I wish you all the luck though you don't need any.And Sweetheart.. You Look Good enough to eat.. Yummy!

Love yah



Melissa H.

Ok, Kelvin, from that letter it sounds like you have less than 100 pens. So...why are you offering free pens when it sure sounds like you can't deliver??


Chris, you are hott. I want to ride you like Colty.

Heather G.

Did you say that you were going to become Chris the Crazy Mother F***er? lol... I couldn't hear too well because I'm listening at work.


Pens, we don't need no stinking pens!!
All we want is Chris. You Rock!

bb of the happyness

chris, that suit is AWESOME. almost makes up for the fact that we had no cutedown.
ps. kelvin can kiss pervy's ass.

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