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January 10, 2008



aaawww i think its cute

The Echo

So adorable, this little guy warms my heart :o)


ha. I know this is weird, but my birthday is January 2nd :D


He's so cuuuuuuute!


Aaaaw! Or rather, Baaaaa!


Did they eat the sister?


aww! how cute!


A new baby lammikins.
I am loving it!
So adorable.
Warm fuzzies in my heart.


wow. human babies never look that cute right after they are born. they look like weird little aliens. that is the cutest lil lamb ive ever seen!

Juliana F.

cute baby lamb! congratulations!


When I first saw his name I thought he was named after the glue company.That would have been mean! but he's not. I feel better.


Sheep! In Finland? And cute?!?
Everyday it seems you learn something.


Sheep! In Finland? And cute?!?
Everyday it seems you learn something.


"Shhhhhhhh, be vewwwy, vewwwy quiet; I'm hunting wabbits, heheheheheheh"


Awhh so sweet. i want to see Elmer with a CAINSAWWW.

I check this site more than my own facebook page. But
Cute with Chris is not a drug and i am not addicted. im not. at all. even a little bit. IM NOT!


this sure does look a lot better than MY baby pictures... I'm almost sure I was in the original casting for Close Encounters of the Third Kind


OMG SO CUTE~~~!!!!!!!!


If sis had lived, what would her name have been?
I'm glad this guy made it. thanks for posting.


Yeah, dry your hands on a little lamb, that works. What a great idea. Where can I get mine?

Little Ben

Lamb is delicious with mint jelly.


there's not much on this planet cuter than a wobbly-kneed newborn animal!


Oh what a cutie. I met a sheep over the holidays little did I know he was royalty. You can tell his royal blood just by looking at him. he has a regal chin. check out the URL. Its a link to his photo.

His name is Sir lamb Bone Bam-Bone


Who remembers Sherri Lewis's Lambchops? I do, I even had a stuffed lamb (who I also named Lambchops)... that was a toy, not a meal. Anyhoo .... cute warm fuzzies. I also confess that I too am addicted to CWC ... I have to have a hit at least 6 times a day. Ugggg

Heather G.

Aww.. I have a friend in Finland named Janne. I just e-mailed him to ask if this was his entry or is Janne just a popular name over there.

The e-mail is hilarious. Elmeri is a handsome little lamb.


Janne is popular name in here, there is tens of thousands of men named Janne in Finland :)

These sheeps are actually my friend's. I like to take pictures of them and create albums of different seasonal events like lambing, wool shearing and the sheeps' first day out in the field after long winter.

I asked permission from my friend to send a photo to CWC to show some country life to you all :)

To be true, Elmeri's twin sister Emiko actually died all of a sudden without any warning under age 24hrs. This kind of unexplainable newborn lamb deaths happen sometimes, and the reasons are unknown. Poor little Emiko, hope she's in better place now.

More cute lamb pics might appear in future if Chris decides to upload them :)

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