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January 16, 2008



I like Men with Pets


You have proven that teen girls read your page, crazy cat ladies read your page, gay bears follow your page and straight guys who like to cook their food on open fire read your page.

How about next to prove that young guys that wear makeup and pink shirts, and idolize Carson of "Queer Eye For a Straight Guy "read your page?
Or don't they?


Perhaps there will be a "Men With Pets" calendar.

Brad O'Farrell

All this proves is that bears watch your videos, and we already knew that.


I see a man, but I don't see a pet ??

Show me a big, burly, beer drinking guy sitting by the campfire with a fluffy kitten.


he' is hugging a kitten, what do you mean?


A true man has no problem taking a hold and

stroking his pussy....


Maybe the reason you can't see his pet is that
Trouser snakes usually hide in broad daylight!


Sweeny, you just made me remember something when you said calendar. But I must issue a warning, because it involves shirtless and pantsless people, posing with horses and dogs (but not in a bad way). If that's your thing, you might enjoy:

or men who are into women might try googling: "BEAUTIFUL STAFFIES & THEIR LADIES"

The reason I know about this, is because I watched the Graham Norton christmas special. My name links to a clip of this show on youtube, where they talk about the calendars. The whole show is quite funny in my opinion, so if you're bored give it a go.


Recent evidence seems to suggest that only Canadian men have pets.


I'd like to see a family photo with those two boys and their pets.
Could you get on that Chris? Please?

Oh, and I'm still waiting for the David Hasselhoff-esque picture of you with the wrinkly puppies.


I am disappointed, i expected his pet to be a possum!

Keith Gabryelski

that picture is seriously missing:

1: some 2-stroke engine
2: the quote "hold my beer"
3: blood


"Aaron takes a nap with Mulkee, after eating his family recipe campfire food: Jail House Chili."


As a mental health professional, I am still advocating the more PC - female mentally disordered feline-o-phile instead of "crazy cat lady." Thanks! (ps Jesus is Lord!)


Mmmm. Thank you Chris, for posting something for us straight girls. Men who like cuddling with their cats are HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!


I agree- that picture is totally hot.


yay - chris please post more bears of gay with their pets...i'm sending you one of me soon.

Orange Fescue

Hmmm. I'm beginning to suspect that all Canadian men are cute.


Are these by chance "single men with pets"?


I love men with pets. Kyle and Aaron are hot, and I'm not even a bear!


Chris, do you have a crush on Blake?? <3


So, am i going to have to move to Canada in order to find a wonderfully scruffy outdoorsy man who also likes cats?


goog idea Lena, i would come with you


To the person who said they are beginning to suspect that all Canadian men are cute: That has been a well kept secret for a very long time... I live in Seattle and everyone I know aspires to a BF in Vancouver.

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