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January 23, 2008



um, the mugs were kind of creepy.
I couldn't watch it.
I hope I don't have bad dreams.
And I don't understand the Red drops in the water with the sharp tacks.
blood, My Lord?
I hope they have success and all.


I love Drew + Natalie.

When I saw you in your Married to the Sea shirt, I was really excited to see the connection between two great sources of humor on the 'net.


Sorry Chris, you are number 2 on my comedic bookmarks tab. I went directly from Natalie Dee (and Toothpaste For Dinner&Married To The Sea) and I got so confused! To see Chester on two pages in a row!!!



I sent you a bunch of pics from Lima - Perú.

Good luck on your show!


PD: am i the first person that writes you from Perú?


I went back and watched some of all their posted videos.
They have funny stuff.
Good luck with your Website.
The mugs weird me out though.
Maybe I was kilned in another life.... woof.


why is everyone so down on mugs? mugs are awesome. "without mugs, everything is just cups."

keep on doin' mugs, natalie dee. i'm so glad you guys are online comic friends, chris. you should probs feature charles and chester more on the site. maybe just more pugs in general. pugs are cute because they have nasal problems and snore sometimes.


i love natalie dee!


I love Drew & Natalie's works I visit their pages every morning as part of my "getting ready to work" routine(You're part of the routine now too!). I even have a couple of pics up on my myspace page.

Okay...I'll stop going on. I did introduce someone to your page today...I'm hoping I've recruited another to the fold. ;D

The Atheist



Natalie and Drew are the best, and I'm glad that more and more people are finding out about them.

I love Drew's music in these videos too.

I've asked Drew in the Roller Chester comments to make a Roller Chester shirt, and to also put up some Roller Chester desktop wallpapers on . But Chris, I am only one unimportant person out of thousands of fans, and Drew isn't going to listen to me.

Could you ask him for me?



I'm sorry. I really did try to enjoy your friend's video site, but they just came off as wandering and pointless.


You must have fun dinner parties.


Something funny...I didn't even know about Cute Down with Chris. A few months ago I found Natalie Dee's daily comic and only recently discovered her Cute With Chris link on her website. See! Those little links really do work! Now I'm hooked on all three of you guys (Natalie, Drew, and Chris).


Can Drew & Natalie open for Chris at the *next* CWC: Live? Or, perhaps, their works can be shown between segments of Chris' performance as a segue. Just thinkin'.


I think to gain full understanding of what this site is all about alcohol enhancement is necessary.

I will get drunk tonight, watch this and let you know.....


Woo-hoo! That is pretty nice of you to promote Natalie and Drew's sketch stuff. You know, it's because of them that I started watching Cute with Chris. But now I watch because you and the animals are just too adorable to ignore. Roller Chester is also too adorable to ignore. Those mugs are pretty dang cute too.


I'm sorry, but I'm going to stick with Cute with Chris. Charles is too sassy for me!

Besides, they probably LOVE towels...
(and that is crime)


I like Toothpaste for Dinner (the comic... not the meal choice.) and I LOVE Natalie Dee... but I couldn't get into the vids much. But to each his own. They are MIGHTY talented.

Natalie from Toronto

Love them. I found the link for this website on Natalie Dee's comic blog too.

Eric in Ohio

Oh...ouch. I watched the first two videos on the site and feel totally numb. Does Chris really think this was funny stuff? It doesn't seem to me like something he would enjoy. Makes one appreciate what a rare talent Chris has.


Wow. This is amazing. I read the comics toothpaste for dinner... And I find this amazing... Just never thought Chris would find this humorous. Well, I'm glad he dose.

Also.. Am I the only one who dose not find the mugs disturbing?


Great video, sweet soundtrack! I can totally relate to the mugs, and the hot dogs made me horny.


I actually discovered CWC through Natalie Dee and have been a huge fan of for a long time

you guys should collaborate!


Chester + Wheels = Star... that a play off of Cats + Stuff = Awesome from "Stuff on My Cat"?

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