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January 24, 2008



.. What is happening with your hairstyle, Chris ?

Maybe too much teen letters makes you becoming... A TEEN...... O_O

.. Huhu. Poutine is good.


Dear Chris. I am Maigo. A 22 y.o. medical student from Estonia.

if you are going live, Chris, already... you should make it a tour, like all the great people once did: Shania, Bryan and the other Chris. because Europe also needs you. if you are not coming to Europe, you are discriminating us, especially the Czech people. and that is a shame.

you are the best, though - and most famous Canadian there ever lived.


and no cute down???

when i read Annie´s post | January 22, 2008 at 12:57 PM I thought that I am no good anymore. Next time you should do a double-cutedown.


You make it very difficult for me to conceal that I'm watching your vidoes at work when you make me snort with laughter. I'm insanely jealous that I won't be at the live show. Will someone record it so the rest of us can re-create the experience for ourselves?


i wud so go to ur show if i cud but i'm grounded...sorry. If ur wondering why I'm grounded its because i recieved a 91 on my report card...that's a B+ too. But it's like watev anyways i love ur show and u should do a Cute With Chris tour around the U.S.


Why would anyone care about the hair?
Just do the show so we can enjoy it already. Thank you for being yourself (or somebody doesn't matter).

emilyyyyyy 16

Dear Chris,

Your hair looks kind of dumb.


this made me laugh so hard. i would have loved to see the live show. i am sure it went well. i would love to see the live show on itunes podcast...


I hhope that you are going to put a video of your live show on youtube. i know that you dont read your coments but you are my idol. (\__/)
(O.o )
(>< )


y did that do that
.(O.o ).
.(>< ).

danny bennet

dude you own, i recomend your site to all my friends!!!!!1



Jordan Flipsyde

Step back and brighter!

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