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January 28, 2008


susan cablish-kristofco

you are looking good! hot stuff...


You look like you're about to heal someone from blindness or go into a lengthy high-energy frenzy about towels. The Evangelical look suits you.

Orange Fescue

Take me, Chris. Take me now.

Shawn Kelly

I like the first look better. How long is your live performance? I hope your *Pens* connection comes through.


From sleezy to dateable! You clean up nice Mr.Leavins!


I'm impressed that you shaved down to the stubble, but not the skin. That's attention to detail! Or possibly a rickety razor. Either way, the look is good.

Go animals.


That is a sweet suit.


extreme makeover chris edition!


ceiling cat sees you...


Duncan went too far.


Still very confused about the white suit.

Although something had to give... I was in Saskatchewan for Christmas some time ago and I didn't see anybody looking quite so bereft as your before pic. So it can't have been the place that did it...

The Echo

I like soap


duncan just said what 80% of the people on here are thinking. a good 50-60% of whom are probably wrong in thinking chris is, um, on their particular team.

crazy cat lady

luv it...

...well you look good no matter what

crazy cat lady

hey hvac i totally agree1
...u so smert


Sexy, sexy Chris!


LOL!!! Awesome transformation Chris. You went from hottness to uber hottness. I'm glad you left the stubble too. Kelvin can kiss your zexy ass. He's a douche betch for doing that with the pens. He can totally suck a hot popcicle. Pens be-yotch!! Even though I'm a teen girl fan, I didn't vote for pink. I like green. lol! Wishing you luck for the show. You'll do great as always! You always have us to back you up!!!


Ya know, I was gonna make some creepy "I love you" type comment, but it looks like everybody's got that covered.


I wish I had a suit like that....all I've got is my choir tux....




Sexy! ;)


kyaaaa~! u're lookin hot chris!
this is the best thing to see after getting out of a statistics class...XD
btw, good luck on your show. it's really sad though because i live in California and i have a higher probability of making it to the LIVE. but why does it have to be the day before my finals?!
i'm sorry for having forsaken u my lord..


Before: "Woman, shut your whore mouth and bring me a beer!"

After: "Welcome to Chris's Vegas Wedding Chapel!"

Both are good.

Good luck with the show, my Lord.


Dashing ;)

YVR Pieter

Sweet! Now don't you feel better for having gotten a trim and shower? Looking good buddy!

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