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January 09, 2008



Wow.Shes good.That was exactly your expression. Raher ravenlike. Far from the gorgousness you usually emit.

Heather G.

You kinda look like that guy that takes a picture of himself every day for 6 years or whatever in this. It also looks like she tried to give you a double-chin, which you do not have.

Everyone's a critic though. Overall it's kinda cute.


What a talent! wow :o

Btw, Chris looks bit like klingon with blond fake skin in this.

_\/ (long life and prosperity!)


This made my day Angie.


The facial expression she gave you is pretty accurate.


Good job, but the forehead is not nearing as flattering as yours is.


Angie is certainly a gifted artist, but I don't think You look angry, as does this sketch. Also, perhaps a shave would do, but your personal hygiene does not appear to be an issue.


wow. way to go angie.

i gotta say that chris looks a little too...
neanderthal (?) in this, though.

and colty looks a little too...


Angie has attempted to captured the raw, disheveled side of Chris' sexiness. This a worthy endeavor but she took a bit too much artistic liberty. Alas, the double chin took it too far.


But the double chin DOES exist! Nothing wrong with that, aging is wonderful!

Valtrexa sans Nicotina

So is the receding hairline, look closely. Still Über Cute!
I would suck his socks off in a heartbeat :)
PS. Ever since I quit smoking I am an absolut BITCH!


hahahaha awesome


How old is Chris anyway?
Anyone know?


If you check back with the the episode, at 37 seconds, she does capture all that is Chris in that shot. The double chin is in the midst of darker shadows, and his frontal lobe is just as prominent. I'm sure that if all that is the magnificence of Chris was packed into my head, it would surely explode (despite how bad it is to do so). And yes Colty is a bit muscular, but I'd like to see what she'd sound like on steroids.

Either way, way to go Angie!

kelly from Pa.

You look like Jesus- My Lord. Hot!!


I thought the art was beautifully done, but didn’t really resemble Chris too accurately (and that his eyebrow was on the verge of eating his eyeball) until I read Diana's post about 37 seconds.

If you stop it there the picture is frighteningly similar!

Keep rocking Chris! Ridiculously awesome and funny, no matter how squinty your eye looks at that one point in time. Lol


omg, so good!!!! dead on perfection.

yay Angie!


I think it captures the spirit of the moment. Man, I like the scruffy look, but in the Formal Cat Portrait Our Lord is really....clean.




I can see that "Rhonda" isn't the only one watching your show who has talent. This is a great protrait. One for over the mantle.

Hey Chris - we need more of your pop song interpretations.


a mirror of truth ?

shave man


There seems to be a little hint of Leonardo da Vinci's style here! Great work--time to move on to frescos. :)

Angie N.

Hey cool, you posted it!, yeah im sorry that i intruded on your usual sexiness and turned you into an albino klingon, but that facial expression in that single frame almost had me falling off my couch laughing!! :D
I promise I wont do any more caricatures, and will only exploit you in all your vain he-ma-sex glory! pinky promise!


Ang,I myself had the exact same reaction to this face.So hilarious.Your art is real great.


Chris, I think this charicature is offensive. Is she suggesting that you need a facelift, some Botox, a haircut AND a shave? You look Trojan... and slightly angry. Perhaps a little Stallone too.

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