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January 11, 2008



Dear Georgette,

What a horrible, shallow person you are! And stupid, too!
The point of Chris featuring disabled pets is not to cross your very low ick-threshold, but to spotlight how much their humans care for them (and accept them, despite their physical problems). If your head weren't stuck so firmly up your ass you might understand it.
That the eyeless dog and big-eyed kitten and others are obviously so well-looked after and loved is a wonderful, hopeful message that makes me think there's hope for the world after all. And then assholes like you have to go and try to spoil it.
Please go far away and never return.

Anita Marie

If this was my cat I'd think it's pretty wonderful.

Well it's not my cat and I STILL think it's wonderful....

And as the Aunt of a hanicapped child may I say to those of you who are grossed out by imperfections...bite it.

Yes indeed- bite hard


Who hyphenates "thank you"? Do you also write "to-night"? Are you from the 1890s, Georgette? I kind of like your unorthodox linguistic morphology, Georgette, but the tetchy punctuation puts me off.

Can someone get that poor kitty some medical marijuana? Anything to relieve the pressure--That looks painful.


Screw you Georgette! Kiri is awesome and at least she has a family who loves her! Plus,she's going to win this weeks cutedown. So blah on you!


I want a cat like Kiri so she can keep the people like Georgette out of my life.

sara Balcombe

Georgette needs to get a life. Chris doesnt go hunting for disabled animals... people send in pictures of their pets because they think they're adorable and love them despite their problems.

I hate to see how you treat disabled humans if you can't even accept a cat who has one eye bigger than the other. Clearly you are a very small minded person and i hope you learn to change your attitudes for the benefit of those forced to put up with you on a day to day basis.

I think that this sweet kitty is adorable.


Because we all know Chris REALLY started this show to make fun of animals, not them find homes. Chris is just a jerk with no sense of humor and no sensitivity to animals.

And handicapped animals could never be cute even if they TRIED.




This is getting old. Can someone get me a double egg salad in a white toast?


Chris , you have the best fans. So funny.

I have three cats and one who is a little "touched" (he likes to eat styrofoam and chew on broken glass or anything he finds on the floor). I love them all the same. Kiri is the cutest and please keep posting animals that are not quite perfect.

The guinea pig with the polly pocket wheel chair was the cutest and made me smile.

Angie N.

I <3 Kiri! hmmm isn't Marijuana the leading contributer to relief of Glaucoma? i will donate all my "cat nip" to Kiri's cause!


Yo, U kNoE u WaNt SuM oF dAt GoOd ShIt!


That cat is CUTE. You are just upset because you are ugly and even with a nasty eye, she gets all the man kitties.


Georgette - that cat is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Your taste in cuteness might need some refurbishing.


P.S.: Georgette - if you can't stand Kiri, go for some Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa und Po.

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Litsen you idiot (not you Chris). I think his show brings the bad things to our attention. It shows that everything can be cute if you see it in a different way. It shows how everyone is'nt as lucky as we are. And it's halarious at the same time. I would love to see you try and do something like that. He's not really making fun of them. He is bringing things to our attention. We need to show pitty every once and a while!


i'll keep it short and sweet: georgette is a psychotic bitch.


All animals are cute. They're cuter when they are alive, though.

Some people find satire such a tough concept.


I suppose Georgette expects humans that don't meet her aesthetic standards to stay indoors so that she is not disturbed.

"If you're not beautiful and perfect, you're not worth anything!" - Georgette the shallow bitch

Screw you Georgette!

Equality for people and animals with handicaps! You have just as much right to have your picture taken as anyone else.


I don't think that Chris is making fun of handicap animals. in my opinion, what he is doing is to show the world that not all animals are cute and perfect. same as humans, no one is perfect and there are people and animals who are handicap or suffer disseases that affects their appereance and sadly, in this world there are people who prefer to live in a fantasy world, expecting that everything in this world should be beautiful on the outside.
the beauty that really matters is the one that comes from inside. so fuck up georgette :P

Chris, keep going like that, show the people the real world!


I understand you Chris, These unique animals are cute to me too, and so are the 'perfect' ones that Georgette only wants to see; I love them all. I haven't see one ugly animal on your show or featured on your web site.
Suck it Georgette!


Well, some think that Chris is making fun of the kitty, but I think that he is just trying to show that not ALL cats live up to what some might call "cute"(or, y'know, he could just be making fun of the kitty). I personally think this cat is cute, and Im glad there's someone who has sheltered it and loves it- what are you complaining about Georgette?


I pity the fool who thinks cute is synonymous with "perfection" - whatever the heckaroo that is.

I stand in support of finding teh cute in all ;D


screw this debate, we all know georgette is just upset because all her dreams are dead.

who else thinks chris looks wildly seductive in the new banner?


Okay, that cat is cute. I don't care what anyone says, he's cute.
I've not seen one thing on cwc (other than the result of the dog who ate the green crayons...) that has made me go "OMG DISGUSTING EWWW THAT HAS NO RIGHT TO BE ON THIS SHOWWW!"

My cat Sam is missing a fang. My other cat Rag can't groom herself properly anymore and her fur gets matted sometimes. Okay Georgette, my cats are abnormal, thus they have no right to ever be called cute again!

Also, to Chris. I thank you for posting pictures of cats and dogs and gerbils and other animals that are disabled or have deformities. It shows viewers that not all animals are perfect brainless models or fake robots and instead are real creatures with real problems that need and deserve love just as much (if not more) as the mindless zombies that "have no thouggghts"


I thought that cat was adorable. The large eye just made her quirky. Beautiful cat, really. I'm sure her family is very proud to have such a lovely cat in the house.

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