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January 11, 2008



HAHAHA, Angry teens! That was an awesome sharkfest, Please Chris, throw us another so we can feast on human flesh! Yummm...

PS. No matter how cute you are there is always someone tired of fucking you!


My eyes hurts reading all of the comments.


I think every pets in this world, even if it is handicapped animals. I think they are cute
and beautiful. DON'T YOU THINK??

So i totally disagree with Georgette.
I think it's her problem to SAY IT'S A HANDICAPPED ANIMAL.


Agreed Valtrexa.


In his own way Chris actually has a very compassionate message - so please stop being tedious. If he didn't feel for these animals he wouldn't show them. He's not making fun of them he's making fun of YOU. Jeesh.


You know Chris, I wanna get a hold of this b*tch and gauge her eyes out. B*tch, did you even stop to think that maybe Chris is actually saying something much more profound. Did you even bother to stop and think that the reason why Chris even bothers to throw around every once a while is because he's trying to get them adopted through his show. How dare you. I really hope you get blinded from glaucoma, Georgette. You disgust me.


*hugs giant-eyed kitty*
This is the only place on the internet that gives animals with health problems a chance. I have had many pets with issues- a dog with epilepsy, a diabetic dog, a cat with brain damage, and my current kitty who got hit by a car and among other things, broke her tail. Now she can't control the lower half of her tail and it just hangs down limp in an inverted U shape. They were all wonderful friends and I think that they deserve to be proudly shown, not hidden away in a closet as if they do not exist.


This post got a lot of attention.

Hmm. Not all kittens can live up to Georgette's cuteness standards. Sometimes they need to be harped on. You know, we should just ignore all handicapped people & kittehs of the world, because George can't 'stomach' it. Can't we all just be considerate of her need to insult all things different? I mean, think about it, people.


I'm glad that chris has such smart viewers with sensible opinions.
I can't even think of what to say that hasn't already been said.

Lisette in Australia

Georgette doesn't seem to understand that disability doesn't exclude cuteness.
In fact,Chris is doing a good turn in showing that despite our throwaway society,you do NOT have to euthanize a pet if you can give it a decent quality of life with a little extra TLC & thoughtful planning.
Mr Squiggles,the paralysed guinea pig was a great example of this.With a toy car & a piece of velcrove he basically got his little cavie-groove back.
How is showing that ridiculing the animal?
I guess Chris should have used violins or an icky power ballad instead of humour to get his point across.
God help Georgette if her poor animal(if she has one) should ever develop health problems she finds 'distasteful'.
BTW,According to the RSPCA of Australia,3-legged animals are usually the quickest to be snapped up by new owners.I guess all those people who decided they wanted a limbless canine are 'sick '& 'twisted' as well.


I have been stewing about this post all evening and getting angrier and angrier.

My husband and I recently lost our two older cats, one of whom was very sick most of his life. By the time Cecil cat's bladder cancer had taken its toll ... it was a mess. I'm not going to type it out because it makes me cry. This cat was no longer the beauty he once was. But I loved that cat with every inch of my heart, every piece of my soul, no matter how "unattractive" it was to clean up feces and urine (yes, kids, we've established that cats poop), to find bloody vomit and stool, to feed him medicine twice a day, whatever. He was a beautiful being and I'd do it all again if I hadf the chance.

Not all pets are PERFECT. Not all humans are either. Does that make them any less loveable or beautiful inside? If you cover Kiri's eye and look at the rest of her face--not just her DEFORMATY, Gerogette--she looks like a lovely, kind, loving, smiling kitty. What a beautiful little smile she has. How dare you, Georgette. Maybe later, you and I can go to the mall and make fun the down's syndrome kids and old people, just for fun.

Georgette, get the fuck off the site. If you don't understand what Chris is trying to do--if you don't have the vision and intelligence and SOUL to understand what's happening--just get off the site. Chris seems to have more caring about animals (even the imperfect, even those he finds and raises and sleeps on the floor with and feeds with droppers) in one whisker on his chinny-chin-chin that you do in your body.

You have made me angrier than anyone has in a long time. How dare you imply that Chris Leavens has any intention in showing these "imperfect" creatures for the thrill and attention, rather than trying to open the minds and hearts of others. How dare you.

Lady, your dreams may still be alive, but your soul is DEAD.




the animals chris is making fun of, are (is)? YOU.
the kitty big eye and legless hamster dont have the deeper cognitive kills to have their feelings hurt by web pages.(and cant read, so they wouldn't know even if they did)
but thank you for publicly announcing your emotional deformity so we can poke fun!
poke poke
suck it Tanya.


I have to say that it is pretty twisted when people write to Chris to tell him that he is being mean to animals with disabilities, how exactly is he being mean, let’s take a look. He posted a picture of an animal that is obviously loved to death by their owner who could care less that their best friend and companion as a trivial disability and what’s to share this pets awesomeness with the world. Yes I said trivial disability, as in no eyes, missing limbs…..because unlike the viewers who apparently have no compassion and empathy for anyone or anything who they don’t deem as “perfect,” to these loving owners their pet is unique and see them, and I’m willing to bet everyone else, for who they are and not what they look like. People who judge others on physical and other meaningless criteria are shallow, soulless, and vain and I pray they don’t ever have anyone in their life that cannot withstand the “perfection” they seem to require everyone to live up to, so not to “offend” them. How would you feel if you got into a horrid accident and were disfigured and others told you, “Please don’t come around, your imperfection disgusts us.” I would hope you would feel pretty bad and offended at the callousness of others. The biggest mistake people make is to think that animals are dumb and don’t have feelings, like their human counter parts they cannot help the way they look or the accidents or disease that afflict them and are just as deserving of love and empathy from others, just as people deserve. All Chris does is point out that there are “ugly” people in the world who think it is ok to make crass comments about the unworthiness of less than “perfect” pets. There are MILLIONS of animals in shelters across this country who are eventually put to death because of their soulless owners who will not take care of them because they, /gasp, might require extra care and attention (I pray these same people don’t have kids…I shudder when I think of the consequences). Equally there are those out there who refuse to adopt a special needs or older pet because they are not “cute and fluffy and baby like.” What you fail to understand is that Chris, like many others before him, use Satire, Irony and Comedy to poke fun at people who are incapable of empathy and compassion toward the most deserving and in need souls. Life is not an episode of America’s Next Top Model where only the beautiful deserve to be love and rewarded.

I personally think it is awesome Chris posts pictures of disabled animals, and he lets us all have a laugh doing it. Every time he posts a picture of a Kiri or the dog with both is eyes amputated….all it makes me want to do is hug them even more when people write stupid letters about how their cuteness offends them……

P.S. Please do not adopt and animal if you are unwilling to put up with less than perfection. Animals poop outside their litter boxes, chew up your favorite shoes, have accidents and lose their eyes……unless you are willing to give nothing but unconditional love, don’t adopt…..ever.


The truth being....
It's the,
"What the f*cks wrong with you, have compassion for animals, even when they're not so cute, with chris"
We shall try.
But it's hard.
It's human nature to just, look away..


reading all the comments gives me new hope...honestly georgette the only problem that cat has is people like you! and the fact that there are ,despite those who would rather these animals didn't exsist, owners like kiri's is so know that despite everything they are soo loved.
too bad kiri doesn't inspire you the cuteness she so obviosly has...why don't you go buy your self a robot cat!
ad..georgette..beware aff the laser beam!!
kiri you're ADORABLE!! and i love the way chris is running the show..hurray for imperfections!!


Suck it, Georgette. Disfigured animals are cute too. God, what if all animals were perfect. Wouldn't the world be a lovely and wonderful place if everyone was cute and vacant and all "we have no thoughts."

at least Kiri is unique. and in my opinion I think she's incredibly cute.

I hope your first child has a weird feature, that's really the only way you're going to ever appreciate that even differences should be celebrated.

Arloe from Regina

Yeah really. As someone who has owned handicapped animals and loved them just as much as my other "cuter" animals;




That's a rather close-minded statement to say. First, if you've been with the show for a while, you would realize that his show is filled with irony.

But that isn't the point. It is wrong to dismiss those animals which have handicaps because they do not conform to the norm of what is to be considered "beautiful." I wouldn't waste my time to give a speech that you've heard a million times, but it atrocious to dismiss an animal because of something that is entirely out of his control.

I like and admire the fact that Chris features animals that don't conform to "cute." What's even better? All of these "ugly" animals have homes in which the owners love them regardless.

It's called unconditional love.

My dog Max, rest in peace, was depressed. And in his last year of life, he was operated on and his wound would ooze. Did we hate him? Never. We did everything we could to prolong his life and when that failed we did what was best for him. It was the most painful decision I ever made.

You have to be more open-minded.


Love: perhaps we can overcome our differences?


I am so uber angry at that letter. I have had pets that would be considered "iregular" in the past due to the initial appearance. They were lovely though. I mean....they have beauty, initially I would watch the whoa nelley approach of people when they first say the lack of literal symmetry, due to lack of limb, or wobble, or limp. Though after 15 minutes they won everyone over. Something so full of love win everyone over.
I like the way Mr. Leavins makes it 10 seconds funny......though really it is just an eyeball.....and then you look at for a few seconds.....then you appreciate it.
When I was a child we had a gay dog....downside he wouldn't breed.....upside he never had to be fixed. Downside he hated ugly shoes......upside.....he hated ugly shoes and ate them. (Sorry were fugly). They eye is good.

Lorin just shows that deformed animals can be cute.. on the inside =]


Kiri is too cute~ Suck it Georgette!!!! :@


some people just dont understand parody


Too bad Georgette won't ever read these comments. She's the type that is all too prevalent around blogs and youtube - they make it their life's mission to judge everyone and everything beneath them, and since they have such a charitable heart, they live to bestow us lesser beings with the sparkling grace of their infallible opinion. But they never stick around to be (inevitably) proven wrong.

The blogosphere calls these people trolls. I call what they do a "shit and run".

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