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January 31, 2008



I'm jealous I want one too! Do a tour Chris! I'll pay for a ticket no matter what price you'd charge!


Share the love!


Oh I'm jealous either! I want one of those pens! And I want to see your show!!!


if you went on a tour i swear i might just be the happiest crazy-cat-lady-to-be (just waitin for senior citizenship) in the world.

and i'd write papers in school with my CWC pen and people will be like whered u get that? and ill be like oh im so happy you asked...


Are you starting a cult? I'm not sending you money. But I bet your stalkers will.


That's nice. Even though I didn't get to go to the show, I agree with everything he says. -nod- But I really want a pen. Did I mention that before? Yes...I thought so... :)


OMG! Can i have one of those pans?


love, Monika


Please, someone tell me - DID RHONDA SHOW UP???

The suspense is killing me.


Are we sure Rhonda even exists outside Chris' fevered brain?


did rhonnda even make it????


CNN update:

US monetary system has now changed.

Gold trading has been replaced with....
(drum roll, please)

CWC pens!
The U.S economy is skyrocketing with worldwide markets involved in a vicious shoving match to buy ALL 'CWC' pens.

Canadian loonie starting to drop....
Prime Minister Harper will give a 2pm briefing on CTV on how to solve this crisis.
Sell our oil for CWC pens!!!!!
(Is there enough oil in Alberta? Maybe in some MP's hair)
Tune in, folks.... this could get messy.

 Jordan Patton

I want one of the pens how do i get one

Chelsea Decay

19 Year old Jayson looks pretty good.

Chris is already forming a cult, it would be so easy to take it all the way.


I want a pen, bitch.


Seriously, Chris:

You could easily recoup the expenses of your show and then some by cobbling together a halfway decent DVD of your 'Cute With Chris Live' show last night and selling it together with a CWC pen in a combo.

Even a mere pittance of a price would do and you'd earn a few well-deserved bucks.

Ali Cat

was rhonda there?!??

and, omgosh, i wish i coulda been there! i love you chris!

i want a pen sooooo bad too! >_<
you should like get more and sell em or somthing. your would make so much money chris! do it!

ily, Ali Cat


Well now I just feel special. :)


Jayson is a cutie pie :) <3


19 is only TECHNICALLY a teenager. I mean... he's one but... NOT REALLY!

SarahS (suki's mom!)

I heard Rhonda did NOT show up. Lol.

Some Lady

Jayson's a fox... grr.

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