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January 23, 2008



I concur.


Yes, Chris. You have robbed us of our inalienable right to waste our lives pondering cute deformed baby animals. We deemand an answer from you.


Well, congratulations to you then, Doug. You've been embraced with the fantastic experience of getting your dreams killed - which is more important than cuteness :)

... and everybody is a bit bear

helena j

I had my own little cutedown this week. It was your current hair vs your old hair, and your current hair lost. You are a tragedy Chris. Me and all of America knows how gorgeous you can look (see epsiodes from 2007). Why don't you appreciate the beautiful face God gave you and work it. You seem to enjoy looking like shit lately. Please give your current look a message from me...all your dreams are dead.


tsk, tsk you all underestimate him. He also preaches that "All Your Dreams are Dead" as well. He is a far greater genius then we all could have imagined...


I can't agree more Doug, without cutedown we are all a little dead inside.

Luke (from West Virginia)

This has nothing to do with anything. I just thought you should know that, currently, Jesus, a stack of self-important towels, five blood-thirsty panda bears, and that cute guy who posed with the horse from Oregon are all here watching your latest episode with me.


Joey Brill



Hey now, hey.

Doug needs to back off. A LIVE Cute with Chris? Come on, chumps. That is no easy task. I can sacrifice one cutedown for a live show. (That I won't be attending... all my dreams are dead.)

But I will agree that yes, Chris' current hair status needs to change. Chris, you are a gorgeous man. With the old hairstyle that is. I'm surprised Colty hasn't mentioned it. ("Today's asshole is Chris!')



I vote for Doug (gay but not a bear) as much more likeable, er, cuter than Georgette or that lady who poses in her underwear.


I walked down the street yesterday and made up my own CuteDown... Mondays just seem so empty without it... Chris Please!!!


The only thing more important than voting on cuteness, is having a whole LIVE show about cuteness. Why don't these people understand this?
Sometimes you have to ask not what Chris can do for you, but rather What can you do for Chris.


I LOVE this guy!


I like that Doug appears to have sent a cute pet picture with his complaint, I think this should be common practice when sending disgrunteled mail.
the service was appauling here is a cute puppy, i do not like the reformulation of my favourite snack please look at this kitty, your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries look a bunny.


yeah i agree with Michelle above.
if you want a cutedown, walk around the city and find your own deformed animals, kitty with no thoughts, and cute horse(to make colty piss off), than make a mini-show and sent to Chris!


Susie: I love your idea, but it could backfire. If someone sent that baby bunny picture with a complaint I would forget about the problem entirely.

Re: Chris's 'Do
He's a fox, no matter how you slice it. Even has (or had anyway) great legs, from what I've seen. I expect he has a life outside of CWC, and films in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning. We can't all be those four gals from Texas.


I think Dayna's idea is pure genius!

Kat Morgan

Thank you Doug, for saying what we were all feeling. Chris, we understand that you have to write the Live show, but as I am not one of the 'dozens and dozens' of people who will be lucky enough to see it, the only conciliation I can live by is voting on the Cutedown. To have that taken away from me too... it breaks my heart.

The only thing I can do is hold to those words that Colty says and remember... 'murder is bad'.

Little Ben

Since I always hated Chris, his hair, deformity, towels and bunnies, my opinions have not been affected.




Do you concur?
Why didn't I concur?!




Suck it Chris!

I mean, Suck it Doug!

bb of the happyness

*cry* i want a CUTEDOWN. if chris has enough time to make a show and have funny voices saying "thank u for pissing me off" he can do a CUTEDOWN. btw does chris have a job? just wondering, sorry for being random.

doug, you are my new hero.


I suggest an impromptu cutedown.

I vote for Suki!

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