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January 23, 2008



my vote goes to doug for the cute down, nothing cuter than a concerned grown man upset over not having some cuteness in the world


go animals


Chris, you selected some few people to have you and the rest of us doesn't even get a cutedown?
You better shouldn't have posted a show AT ALL before you rob us of our cutedown!
Todays asshole is Chris.
I hate towels.


i agree with doug. it is the bedrock of the show. and thise of us not able to attend cute with chris LIVE feel...well, less important now.

still love you chris. shannon(bear of gay)


Come on Doug, hes doing a live show for hes fans!!! im sure that if he had the time he would have done a cute down. and hopfully there will be one next show!!


Omg you guys are so right.... another week without a cutedown and im probably gonna go jump of a bridge or something....

god we all are so addicted....


Hehe. He's cute. For this week's cutedown I vote for Doug. Yeah. That's right. I'm making my own candidates.


:( He sounds so crushed...


I don't see the problem, three cats were shown and many a viewer has posted which one they thought was the cutest, even though they weren't asked. This is called 'taking initiative'. Another great example of afore mentioned initiative taking was Izi, who thought: 'oh my, Kelvin the krazy penguy wanted an answer three days ago' and then proceeded to tally the pen-color-votes without being asked.

That being said; Doug your email is v. sweet and it made me laugh :)

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go feed my triops.


Hey....about the whole hair thing? Yeah, yesterday a few of my friends and I were discussing it over lunch. I don't get the slicking it back. It's not cute.

I can live without a cutedown or two though. Did anyone else realise that chris posted none of his own thoughts with it? he usually says something about letters that he posts. This seems rather important to me.



Robin Perry

I belive the first and most important lesson of Cute with Chris is, "all your dreams are dead" Once fully embraced then it all fits into place, remember his mantra... always... Molester Van


Hmm, I guess that explains why I couldn't find a cutedown to vote on. All my dreams are dead. :(


Go SUKI go!!!!!!

And whatever/he/they said.

BTW - I like Chris looking like he just came out of Camp WannaWannabe and they didn't have showers or even mud puddles for him to play with. And of course, no towels.
If Chris wants to look like Jesus' ghost, then let our Lord do as he wishessssss - regardless that his mother thinks she's failed miserably.


I vote for a cutedown between Chris, Doug and Ethan! I of course vote Chris with or without his old hair he is still the cutest.

lisa gee

whoever says Chris' hair is bad, or that Chris is slacking off is gonna have to go through ME! i am his WIFE. he doesnt know it yet, but i am. so SUCK IT RHONDA. i mean Tanya.


Suck it, all of you.

Grow up and leave Chris alone. As if the rest of us have NEVER let someone down due to personal matters of importance.

Doug, the Cutedown will return. Until then, go wrap your head in a towel.

Ricardo [Costa Rica]

I loved your expression... Gay but not bear! Welcome to the club mate!


WOW lots of people sticking up for chris's hair. I dont think there's anything wrong with stating an opinion to not like a certain hair style - there's no rule saying he'll have to listen to us, and chris is a strong guy. You've gotta be to make a show and last this long. If a few teenage girls ranting about his hairstyle really gets to him, that's his problem. However...I have faith that he really doesn't give a crap about our opinions of how messed up his hair is.

but who knows? everytime someone tells him to get it cut he does. so who knows.


don't be a towel jockey, chris! we need a cutedown! all of your loyal drones, er, fans require this cute nourishment to complete their lives. you owe us a cutedown, chris!


Give Chris a break. He is working his butt off to bring cuteness to the stage. Something that has been severly neglected in recent years. So quit whining like a bunch of baby girls and find ways to bring cuteness into the lives of those around you.


Doug (gay not a bear)..i bet you are cute!!!! :) (gay not a bear but a panda bear) well so says


All I can say, after searching my heart for something sarchastic or pithy and reading the comments above, is that I love being a part of this group of fans. Sending love to all! mwah <3 (hmm I love you, stranger??)


Everyone! Please give milord a break! Have you any idea how much time and effort it takes to write, direct, rehearse, and produce a live show with 18 days' notice?! So, we're missing a cutedown this week...obviously milord is not in his right mind when he blurts out that "there are more important things than voting on cuteness", but let's cut him some slack until he has fully recovered from the show on the 30th. (That would include bathing, shaving and getting a haircut, milord!)
Dan (a bear not gay)


In absence of a cute down I have been having them on my own. Comparing my own pets to each other, and randomly insulting them. Driving down the street, trying to decided between the cuteness of various objects. It's quite scary.

But I will sacrifice for Chris and his live show.

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