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January 23, 2008


Single Kelly

Clearly, he is WASTED.


It is a shame that the only way you can get videos of yourself watched by a lot of people is to act like and the leave Britney alone boy. What ever happened to good entertainment, you camera whore?

Jonny Hicks from england

Hmmm, Chris, are you gonna mention this kid in your next show? If so then I'm sure it will be funny


i have to go rethink weather or not its a good idea to admit to people that i watch this. it seems to be linking me in with a herd of FREEEEEEEKS!
I wont stop watching, but i think i may become a closet CWC'er.


not funny.


Go Animals!


Go Animals!


Soooo, Chris - do you have security lined up for your live show?! What if Ethan, Ralph, Peg etc all turn up at once?! Just a thought .....


Soooo, Chris - do you have security lined up for your live show?! What if Ethan, Ralph, Peg etc all turn up at once?! Just a thought .....

Another Sarah

How disturbing.........
and weird..............
can't stop shaking my head.....

The Echo this is the future of humanity. I'm kinda scared now....


Umm guys? I thought people who watched cutewithchris would get thisk, but apparently everyone around the internet is stupid.
It's called, a joke. Learn about it okay? Couldn't you guys tell he was trying not to laugh, aka the hand covering.

By the way, I love the sound you make when you 'cry' :D GAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.... And so on. tehe


Wow, an abortion posterchild.


Yeah, I'm going to go with the gang here.
Starts off cute, ends one a entirely different note. One with a disturbing flavour to it.

Not certain as to what definition of "Queer" Mira is using, but as someonee who is, I'm going to say we queers would prefer to say that the young man is a nutter (who will probably have a successful career in Hollywood as Tom Cruise's replacement).


I didn't think you could get more disturbing than the Prime Minister Stephen Harper holding Cheddar the kitten in his arms, then I watched this...


wow. that was hard to watch.

very blair witch.


Very amateur and not the least bit retarded. But he took a creative risk and made an Internet video.

He's one up on Rhonda.


Jeffery is kinda cute but not as cute as My Lord.


Chris, why posting this? It is lame and not even funny.


He has pretty eyes


that was stupid, and like a complete waste of my one minute and 17 seconds. i'll never have that minute back.
still, i know what he's going through. i want my cutedown too.


Give the kid (and the rest of us please) our frickin' cute down. Live show or no live show we still have our needs.


wow ( a bad way. not "wow that was awesome" way. no. not at all.)


oscar material


This looks like the type of guy who would have to kill someone famous in order to impress Chris. Like that guy who tried to shoot Reagan.

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