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January 19, 2008



Curses! It's those teenage girls! They're behind the damn pink pens.

Hey ... I'm first! Wootage!


Don't underestimate the gay bear's love of pink pens.


We bears prefer black. WOOF!


pink is the best!!!!!111! lolll

But seriously. I liek pink.


don't you mean black and other neutral shades?



Good job izi :)


way to go, Izi!

That took both dedication, and a hell of a lot of free time to waste. I applaud you for that.

Now. . . for those of us who can't come to the show, but love pink, pens and CWC, can we possibly order one of said pens? I promise to proudly feature it should there ever be another episode of Cute with Canadians.


Didn't Kevin (or whatever his name is) say it had to be done on THAT day? Will the pens make it?! That is the big question of the day.


sigh, i really wish you'd do an european tour :<

...could you send the CWC pens abroad? X) i'd pay for my shipping of course


Of course. Pink is the kewwwwwtest! (Other colors, all your dreams are dead.)


This just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait for the 30th!


Woe me, and all the others who can't make it to the show or get special pink pens! I'm not sure I'm as dedicated as Artemisio with the willingness to pay shipping for one pen, a cute with chris bunnyhug on the other hand... come on - merchandise!


Pink just fits the whole theme. Especially if "cutewithchris" was written in a bubbly font. It just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like kittens and puppies!


I vote Rhonda doesn't get a pen.

Suck it, Rhonda!


Which if these cute, sleek pen colors is cutest?
. . . of course it would be pink! Everyone loves pink!

Molester van!


I also think that rhonda should not get a pen. or she should have to pay like 20 $ for it.


Gay bears like pink pens... (Or was it "big pens"

I think this gay pen...I mean pink pen thing fits CWC just fine.

Remember to wear pink shirt and white trousers, Chris. Be in the color, dude!


Yay pink! Too bad I can't make it to the show, seeing that I live up in WA...


I'm from France, I can't be at the show, and I WANT A PINK PEN!!!!
And a CWC bunnyhug too!!!!
Yeah!Power to Chris!and Pervy!!!!
Suck it Rhonda!!!

Lisette in Australia

You're ALL wrong.It should be purple.Purple is the colour of royalty.What could be more befitting of Mylord?


Hmm, mokona. What could be more befitting? The color of the KittyZone, of course. Duh.

Oh, and, uh, will any of us in webland get to see a recap of the live show (or maybe those of us in budapest)?


well this just sucks. Stupid girls are a digrace to the rest of us... -sighs- I won't be getting one anyway. Which also sucks but oh well ^.^


Chris, the people have spoken: time to start merchandising! CWC bunnyhugs & pens-- possibly even those little shirts for chihuahuas? There's probably a dedicated fan out there who would run the shop for you, too. ;)


It's the hatetheRhonda show!


Pink is the preferred color of teenage girls and gay bears, m'lord. Pink is "cuuuute." Don't blame me. I voted for dog poo crayon green. Of course, I would have picked orange had it been available.

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