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February 06, 2008


Jenny G

Dear Chris
While i do appreciate your unique sense of humour; showing us a blank piece of asphalt is far from funny.
Please see to it that it never happens again.


Molto bello Federico =]


A typical Italian road - cracked tarmac and kitty-cats! Makes driving fun!

SarahS (suki's mom!)

"cat" What a creative name ;p.


Oh I didn't read well, I thought Federico was the cat's name haha. I don't know if Federico is bello but his cat "cat"(¿...?) is.


Hi guys,
I'm Stefano, from Italy. It's a wonderful surprise to see how many Italians are viewing the show, and we are even published in Chris' website. So, I made (along with Elena) a group to talk about Chris and his shows, and with the final aim to let him come to Italy to perform a live show just for us.
Subscribe soon, you won't regret! It's also a way to know each other, we are the Cute with Chris Community :)

Non-Italians are welcome too ;)

Go Animals.


Join the group!!! ^___^

So, this kitty's name is Lilly but Federico has forgotten to say that.. XD

But I love this cat!!

SarahS (suki's mom!)

Lilly is beautiful =^-^=


I'm gonna write something in Polish and see if you will understand it...

Polskie koty śmietnikowe są dużo mniej szalone :)


Kate,the comment you dont understand just wants to pay a compliment to the blender cat.

Stefano,Elena your idea is good in a way,but your aim is totally insane!dont get me wrong,Chris on tour would be really great but maybe a bit utopian...:)
Anyway,i'm not telling you that all your dreams are dead at the very beginnig of your project!And maybe i'll join the club too


Yeah, Sandy! We know that is a utopian but, principally, we intend to meet other people that want to talk about CWC. ^_^


Ok sandy, we know our **final** aim is very high, but the truth is thai it is a very long time oriented project, and the middle time project is to talk about Chris and his show. If Chris will start performing shows frequently in America we will more likely go there... I mean, "if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed".

Join the Group!!!

Go Animals.




I accually am obsessed with italy. so... woo?

Meh I'm not in a witty mood today...


OMG so pretty. It's really cool to see that you have so many friends from Italy. You should take advantage of that and just decide to stay at their houses for a few months.


Gee, Manda, taking advantage of friends to have a place to stay for a few months.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I live in Italy, but when you come to Florence, well . . . I'm busy that night.

c h r i s s y

That's such a pretty cat!!


I like Utopia
I hear it's nice there.
If I went to Italy
Should I take a left
to get to
I wonder if they
have postcards in


Hey, I went to visit
Stefano in Italy and used this address:

You know what? They all speak Italian!!!!
Who knew?
(I asked them where Utopia was but no one understood me... sigh)


Hey quotagirl, we're Italians, we speak - get ready for the scoop - italian :P
Mmm... I wonder if I should set up an international section of CWC Italia.
Talking about Utopia, if you come to Rome I'll show you where it is, since there are no indications to reach it.
And no, photos are not allowed on Utopia (NO PICTURES) so no postcards.

Go Animals.


Mon erreur.
Je pensais que peut etre il y aurait une langue commune pour toute les adoreurs de notre patron fascinant sur ton 'site', main non, j'etais trompe.
Oh well, then I think
I'll stick to
CWC for now.
And rats about the
postcards!!! From what I hear
about Italy and Utopia, they
would have sold DOZENS of
postcards if pictures were


Secondo me francese è la sbagliata lingua per CWC Italia Quotagirl! Mais, peut-etre pour CWC France et Quebec... how about we stick to English on here though? Is there money in Utopia?


'Thumbs up' sign on speaking English on CWC from now on Stephano!
(But I was super curious about what that Polish sentence was.....hmmm)

And as for money in Utopia, I haven't a clue coz I haven't been there yet, and no one in Italy understood me when I took a left.... sigh
P.S. When no one was looking, I whipped out my little pocket digital Kodak and took a few pictures.
I'm going to sell them on the Black Market. Or maybe the CWC store when it opens.

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