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February 29, 2008



yeah, philadelphia is a lot more like the first picture than the second. i wish i was in california right now. or anywhere else, really.


Well one day it'll be like 75-80 degrees and the next the high will be like in the 30's.


Winter in Canada is the WORST! Just a few weeks ago it dropped down to that 'good old' negative 30 to 40 Celsius and crap.

It's pretty swell now, I can actually walk outside in just a hoodie and feel pretty fine. Mind that goddamn ice. My piece of crap shoes always manage to slip around-- it's crap!

Canadians should just hibernate or something. Waiting in anticipation for Spring.


it's nice here in phoenix. its teh sumer thats the problem. NOTE: how come the Canadian guy who posted ahead of me called his bunnyhug a HOODIE. thats not very Canadian of him.


It's pretty nice in Vancouver. You just lived in the wrong part of Canada :)


I'm sorry gretaaaa. It must be because I'm semi immmigrant.

Tricia from Tucson

AMEN LORD!!! I am originally from Montana and I thank the Maker every day that I get this glorious sunshine damn near 365 days a year. Life is good. Peace.


i love the NY winters, and i finally got a car that can handle the snow, so bring it on! (it's snowing now, although i don't think it will stick around much). i love walking in the cold when i am all bundled up, and get the cold blast of air on my face. I LOVE the change of seasons!

Kim A

I live in the Southern US and today it was nice, sunny and mid 50's. Should be amazingly perfect tomorrow - of course I'll be stuck inside finishing a website.


Overall for this winter Maine has had 95 inches of snow....the most on record...EVER..and it's not stopping...*cry* it's not stopping!

Tomara Gee

North Carolina can not make up its mind. One day it's 65, and the next day it's 35. It's amazing. Although I will say that it is better than Ohio's, where I use to live, gray cold winters. Just want to say I love you, Chris. Wish I could go to California and meet you sometime.

Zoe :]

Dear Chris,
Its quite nice here in NC as well. highs in the 70's & 60's this weekend. :] We tan on our roofs.
without bunnyhugs.
and we belive that it is never too cold for flip flops!



I think were headed for record snowfall in Montreal this year. But its not crazy cold outside most days, so I guess its ok. I don't know what I'd do if there was no snow....

tania pereira

im in toronto, and this really is one of the worst winters ever. i hate u. but i was in brazil last month..i should have stayed there. stupid stupid me..
anyway, its be like minus 20 Celsius.. and windy..did i mention its been snowing all month.. grr


Washington is actually warming up. The cold months hear are mostly December and January.

But I live in Maple Valley, so its not that close to Canada where I can be cold. ^^

Thank you Jesus The Lord!


I love winter in Canada.

I've been down south for the past 4 winters, still 4 hrs north of Toronto, and I've had a hard time adjusting to the small amount of snow and rain. Rain in winter? that's not right.

Sure walking in -40 sucks, sure falling down on the icy sidewalk a wk after it poured sucks, but I still love winter. I love that I can add clothes be fine, unlike in summer where you're just screwed.

It's currently -10C, -19C with the wind chill and lightly snowing. How anyone can not love snow is beyond me.

The only real downfall to winter is trying to travel. I was stuck in Timmins for a day on my way home at xmas because the highway was closed. You adapt.


oh, i still have a good 2 months to go before i can take the snow tires off... i not only live in canada, but very northern canada...

and gretaaa, i think bunnyhug is just a Saskatchewan thing, not necessarily a canadian thing... here in British Columbia, they don't know what bunnyhug is either, but the scenery is pretty skookum.


Ok. Here's the differing opinion.

I grew up in Florida. Yes, the Sunshine State. But then I lived in central Alaska for eight years. It was great! Yeah, yeah, -40 hurts a bit, and there were times I was afraid for my life (or at least my limbs). I guess I found the cold air invigorating.

Now, I live in Hungary (climate exactly like Pennsylvania), with a full four seasons. Bring 'em all on!


well sorry jesus, but its fucking wisconsin.. so cold. actually, it was pretty warm today, a whole 35 degrees


Ohio weather in a nutshell

Day 1- Snow -10 degrees
Day 2- Sunny 35 degrees
Day 3- tunderstorms 40 degrees
Day 4- Snow -5 degrees
Day 5- Windy -15 degrees
Day 6- freezing rain 15 degrees
Day 7- Sunny 38 degrees

Thats was last week in Ohio. Oh I love it.


I'm in Sacramento, California, and it was about 80 today!

Chris, that picture of you makes me have butterflies in my tummy. You are so adorable! I heart CWC!


I'm in Sacramento, California, and it was about 80 today!

Chris, that picture of you makes me have butterflies in my tummy. You are so adorable! I heart CWC!


fucking maine! with its beautiful summers and its merciless winters!

please send help to the northeast! please! another snow storm tonight! more snow storms every week! growing dimmer! more depressing with each blanket! send help!


the weather has been great here in New Orleans this months. I've worn shorts even!


Arizona is awesome this time of year!! Sunny and 70-80s, can't complain.

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