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February 28, 2008



What, is Paula Abdul a guest blogger now?


i love this paula abdul stuff. especially because i'm an idol addict (for the first season ever) and can't believe just how off her rocker she is.

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

OMC Crazy Paula AND cute bunnies - could

things get any better!!!!!!!!!!!

This post just might erase the horror that is Meg from my mind!


I agree with Mandy whole-heartedly.
Love Idol,
think Paula's a wacky-patacky,
Simon's sooooo vain,
Randy's just a dog
and Ryan needs to be loved...

Speaking of love,
you can't help but LOVE
Noodle..... such a cutie!!!


1. Paula Abdul is crazy. Nice, but crazy.
2. That is an ADORABLE bunny. I love how its ears are too small!


Paula, you so crazy! I wanna dangle you from my rearview mirror!!


I like Noodle, but noe Abdul. She's a total nut, she does my head in! If she were a pet she would be a freaky robot kitten!


She was WAY more crazy last season, Mandy. You missed out.

Srsly, though, the State Department needs to get her on board as a diplomat. She can put a positive spin on anything.

"Oh, Iran. I really appreciate how enthusiastically you jail those who oppose Ahmadinejad. Maybe next week you should focus a little more on just letting them go, ok? But WAY TO GO! I'm proud of you and you LOOK great!"


they should make a dvd of just paula's idol commentary. that way i could catch up on everything i've missed!

SarahS aka Laura (Suki aka Taco's mom)

omg noodle is too cute!!! Look at its wittle ears! xD


Well Noodle is just a adora-bubble! I think I'm in love!

As for Paula - feh.

Jim in LA-jacent

I love this tie-in between the CEC Cult and AI (well, Paula)!
Someone get the four blonde cuties to post on CWC website -- more votes guaranteed.

Jim in LA-jacent

CEC Cult? WTF is that?
You idiot!
(Don't call me an idiot! I'm only trying to have fun.)

Single Kelly

Soooo cute.
The bunny, not Paula.

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

Sorry but we need to interrupt this post with this latest news update:


All the News for all that's Cute



Well, today seems to mark a milestone for the CWC cult members. Celebration has erupted all over the world to mark this historic day of the cult’s one week anniversary!

Let us now travel back and briefly recap the week’s highlights:

Milord gained tremendous favor with His female and gay bear members by bestowing upon them the blessing of “Hey, Mama”.

This simple yet brilliant statement had such power that the implications still vibrate across the globe! Cult member Kelsey (not her real name) was immaculately impregnated 34 times and still more “miracle conceptions” are still being reported.

We also found out from Joss that “Flagholes” exist and that even Pervy can be flagged!

We saw what happens to sprinkles when they grow up!

We found out that being taped to a fake back-drop of Canada “is” priceless.

We learned from a bunny with disabilities that things are always looking up.

On a much more sinister level cult member consider the existence of Milord’s, Arch Nemesis Evil Twin the Sinister Kittynapper, while still others believe them to be one and the same. This came after the disappearance of Taco, who strangely vanished from her owner’s steps.

Former cult member “Stupid Head” (not his real name, but was used to protect his identity) broke his month long silence and is concerned for the safety of cult members.

Meg proved that Evil does exist and is doing fine and living in Canada.
ere are just some of the unanswered questions that came up this week:

Gavix – U-Tube Super Star, Hamster killer or Fashion Trend Setter?

Is Milord’s Evil Twin “spreading” His Evil? Baby Towels Anyone?

Jail Bait, Sexy, or Tramadol?

Taco – Suki – Laura – Saudi Arabia – USA - what – who – where?

And lastly how much could Milord’s and The Virgin Mother Kelsey’s godlets fetch on eBay?

Oh, this week was a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, we laughed, we cried but most important we stuck together like a glued hamster on a chin! This family cult reminds me of one big old country song!

Thanks Milord we LOVE YOU!

Lor Blitzer – Signing off

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

Oh Sorry back to you Crazy Paul and Cute Bunny!

lor (formerly known as lorjer)

a - paula - sorry


What the hell is that?

Sarah aka KB aka Krysia (confused much?)

OMG Noodle is sooo cute! That's the definition of cute!! I want one!

Kevin O'Mara



I Love love love these news reports. Bunny is cute too. P.S. David singing Imagine.....Best damn AI performance EVER! That was amazing!

c h r i s s y

That's just about the cutest thing I ever did see. :) :)


this bundle of cuteness appears to be a mix of bunny and chincilla...



leave Meg alone!

Very cute, indeed.
but Meg rocks! C'mon, lets see you do it? do you have the GUTS?

Paula Abdul: ironic or sad? is there a difference?

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