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February 02, 2008



I hope they throw away the key to the pricks who caused this hell.

Prisoners HATE rapists, child molesters and people who are cruel to animals.

I say:'Welcome to your new home, Mr. and Mrs. 4 x 6''


Yeah I agree with the guy above me. lol imma doushe


Bravo to Dr. Mel.

Tuck you are very cute.


Ok Ok already, I feel guilty! People are mean! Lucky Dr Mel was there to save the day!


Dr. Mel, you gotta get that dog a vampire costume for Halloween.

Suck it puppy millers.


I love you and your partner Dr. Mel!! Tuck is very lucky!! and cute!! PEOPLE , PLEASE CHECK OUT YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER! THERE ARE MANY TREASURES TO BE FOUND!


As a general rule, I love snorty dogs. Tuck, being a snorty dog, obviously falls into that category. The snappy sweater, and fact that he sleeps with his tongue sticking out just solidify my love for him.


if you adopt from your local animal shelter you should adopt a black dog because they are the least likely to get adopted and the most likely to be euthanized.


I adopted my three black cats (panthers) from the shelter and I love them dearly, but everytime they can see the bottom of the food bowl, they have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson breathing down my neck!


Please be warned.

Puppy miller operators don't JUST LIKE towels.

They ARE towels.

NO NAME FOR YOU (name nazi)

I hope those people get captured by giant dogs and they breed, beat, and neglect them then sell them to some...some...HUMAN STORE!!!
I highly doubt going to hell is worth a few extra bucks.


awwww what a cute pup! Sorry to hear about the pup mills thing :( ugh!


Tuck is a very lucky little fella to've been found by such loving daddies!! Kudos to Dr. Mel!


Case in point as to why you should ALWAYS KNOW YOUR BREEDER!!!!

...if you're going to BUY a dog...never bought one...mine are all adoptees.


Tuck is Cuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


god bless


Oh noes a vampiredog from Stephenkingland!!

(Tuck is really cute...waiii <3)


Way to go Dr. Mel...Tuck is adorable.


It's astonishing that there are still people that are ignorant engouh to think it's okay to buy puppies and kittens from a pet store. Your
post is another positive step towards addressing this lack. Thank you Chris for sharing Dr. Mel's post and Tuck's lovely mug.

I still want my pen though, bitch.




I would like to say,

this is why all our pets (dogs,cats,doves) have been adopted from the pound, SPCA, Humane Society, or rescue foundation

I have heard they are in the process of passing laws in belgium banning puppies and dogs from petstores, forcing ppl to go to the pound or lisenced breeders, this is a step in the right direction


I worked at a vet clinic for four years, and I can definately say I agree with every word in Dr. Mel's letter.

People- please don't support pet stores.

Chris- thanks for posting this.


Ditto. Thanks for posting this. My "pet peeve" is puppy mills. For more info, check out the website of the Humane Society of the United States.


Dr. Mel is absolutely correct. This isn't just happening in the case of Tuck; it is every day in every state. It is just cruelty piled upon cruelty.

Chris, this post, I hope, shouldn't make people feel bad. What I'd love (and perhaps Dr. Mel would to) is to have it open the eyes of some people who just simple didn't know any better.

Yes, I agree, go to your local animal shelter to look for a new friend. We got our two youngest cats, Madeline and Tessie, at our local Humane Society shelter. Two black kittens, adopted on a Friday the 13th. We adore them.

Thanks, Dr. Mel, for sharing Tuck's happy-ending story, and thanks, Chris, for posting it.


Tuck it totally cute. Love the sweater on the pooch!

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