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February 28, 2008



snowdogs again? where's my mittens? hot chocolate! turn up the heat, put another log on the fire. brrrrrrrrr


Thank heavens I don't own Chelsea.
Any animal that can look at me like
that would get 'treats' ALL the time.

Chelsea would need wheelchair support within 2-3 years
(for transportation due to extreme
obesity) if he lived with me.

Too cute for his own good!

c h r i s s y

What kind of doggie is this? Aside from the super cute variety. :)

Kim and Victoria

We adopted Chelsea when she was around 2 years old. We were told she is a Husky/Corgi cross. She has the husky coat and the corgi short legs.


I guess that's what us sick people come here for. That is about the cutest dog face I have seen in ages.

Sarah aka KB aka Krysia (confused much?)

Cute, a short huskie! Not so good for sled-pulling I imagine? I want snow! I've seen all of about 2 flakes this winter...


A husky-Corgi cross? Blimey how'd that happen?


I remember seeing a Shepherd/Corgi cross at the SPCA once. Shepherd body and head corgi legs. He was very sad because people kept laughing him. He was adopted by a blind person....

She NEEDS a cookie.


Try a little harder, Chelsea, and you might be the next blender pet...


"Ladies is pimps too, go on brush your shoulders off..."

c h r i s s y

I thought her ears looked rather corgi-esque. She's adorable. :)


that is so cute :)


This is such a cute dog! Too bad it didnt get the multiple colored eyes that some huskies have.


Yay for adopting!!! There are hundreds of thousands of cute animals still out there, friends...go get 'em! (Before they're euthanized.)


So cute!!!

Rachel B

OMG - so cute!

terry-from b.c.

awwwwwwwwww!this is what i came for and i am pleased.

terry-from b.c.

awwwwwwwwww!this is what i came for and i am pleased.


Husky/corgi cross is probably a good one - the sweetness of a husky, but the short corgi legs keep her from being able to run away (or at least she runs so slow you can catch her!)

Gorgeous dog.


How cute!!!!!

SarahS aka Laura (Suki aka Taco's mom)

aWww! What a beautiful dog!

NO NAME FOR YOU! (name nazi)

Awwww! It's eyes made my tummy do flips!!!


Awwwwww!!!!! She's adorable! Her super cuteness will tie me over for a while ^^


Chelsea cuter !!

hugo from france

anon anonon.

BEAUUUITUFL. My favorite picture I've seen on here yet! Bless you and this show.

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