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February 07, 2008



Puppy! I wanna hug him. I love goldens.

(ok, and I'll go back to work. . .now.)

c h r i s s y

Is it bad that I was looking to see what was wrong with him? I'm just used to seeing all sorts of pets with unique...characteristics here. But he's really pretty, looks like a nice doggie! :)


How could you not love a face like that?

Crystal Driedger

Hi Chris! I am awarding you the "you made my day" award for your blog. Everyday you make me laugh so thank you thank you!
(if you feel like passing it on go to my blog for the actual award to pass on)
You've also inspired me to develop a fundraiser for my local animal shelter. I have gathered a group of artists that are painting portraits of the shelter animals in hopes of a) Raising funds for a newer, larger shelter and b)Giving long term animals a better chance of being adopted. Here's hoping...



That 'wet dog' smell

They should bottle it

Hilary Mills Hazel

It makes me want to buy a big bottle of febreze and put plastic on my furniture. Ah, the good ole days...


...Where are his towels???


Ah yes, Eau De Wet Golden Retreiver. Makes want to sneeze!


Hey Guys- its Sam from BC.

No big, but Kugel is a girl =)


He looks sad ='(


My Golden has this same melancholy expression as she gently cups small dehydrated turds in her mouth. She is a great retriever but her breathe is gross! Could this be another POO-Retreiver or am I just cynical?

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