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February 09, 2008



I hope this means you're doing the show again. Hopefully in New York.


I want Chris to do a world tour. NOW!!!

Sara Balcombe

Hey chris.. i think it's great that you posted this video...

You're completely right about this new media and how it can create chances for people who want to get into your industry.. and alot of people dont realize it because its available to everyone. Things like Youtube can be used by anyone.. even 13 year old girls. .but there are alot of people out there like you who take it seriously and i think they should be applauded.. you do good work and what you made happen with your live show as awesome. Congrats. I'm not in the theatre industry i'm actually a graphic design student in Edmonton Alberta but i understand how "being taken seriously" is such a huge mindset to get around. Alot of designers think that designing for no name bands.. or even just for yourself is pointless and they dont feel like its serious until they're working for big name clients or corporations or whatever... But everything can be serious.. its all just about getting out there and finding your audience and thats what you did. Hell i make videos on youtube of my rabbit Lou (who you've met of course).. they're just silly little videos of him hopping around that i put to music... but hell.. i got 2 jobs out of that.. people and now i've got a little side thing going where i design peoples wedding videos.. . Its not exactly my field but its a branch of it and i enjoy doing it. it's fun... Anyway its late and i'm tired and i'm just babbling but i just wanted to write and tell you to keep going.. you're doing fantastic work and you're really inspiring to alot of people in the arts (any field) who need to learn how to get out there and take advantage of whats around them. SUCK IT RHONDA!... until she (and peoplelike her) learn to be more like you.. they'll never make it. Congrats again!

Much plutonic love.. from Sara (and lou of course) CHEERS

Sarah aka KB

Tour!! I'll even pay for a ticket! I'll start swimming the Atlantic now...


Having been on the board of several choral / opera / theater groups, I can vouch for how much it costs just to run the whole thing. Even though I perform at a professional level with my groups, just selling enough tickets for the privilege to perform our music can be tough. I thought by now, at my level, I'd be making some money at this music and performance stuff. Nope. I just have the joy of endless rehearsals, fundraising, logistics, the company of my fellow musicians, and begging my family and friends to come see me perform. And, yet, in the end, it's very satisfying.

And, as for Chris, he has reached a large number of people through his internet show. His fan-base is large enough to support selling out a show in 85 minutes. I do believe he could charge for tickets and sell quite a bit of CWC-related merchandise. If he posts that he will be performing in any way, his fans have reached a point where they will go out of their way to see him.

I consider Chris a success story! I expect to continue to see him grow in popularity and have more opportunities in the near future.


yesss. ..... my Translated video ! :D


That was an awesome video! It can almost serve as a history of CWC as well as the background to the live show. Very cool that we get to see some of your process in getting to where you are now. But just remember people, you can have all the technology in the world, but you also have to have that something special (like Chris obviously does) to really reach people.

Thank you, Chris, for both continuing to put on this awesome weekly show (and to fill your website with great fodder for the cult) and for giving us a view into what it took to put it all together and get to where you are now.


I'd take free tickets from Chris! :)

little ben

I shudder to think how grey and miserable life would be without access to the rainbow sparkle of CWC.


That was kinda beautifull...I want to hear more about how all this started. And I want to hear that you're about to start touring. You know your cult demands it....


Mary D

Totally impressive, as always. I love the show and admire how you are using the internet to reach and communicate with your audience. Also, Meg is right - we do want a tour. I live in Maryland and am willing to help.....


THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! So awesome, Chris!!!

Dave H

Brilliant Chris. Exactly the sort of background information that will be needed when your biography is written 30 years from now!

Although it was drawn up for archiving I can't help but feel it would be enhanced with just one little "all your dreams are dead"...


I agree with all of the previous posts. Thanks for sharing your story with us, and for continuing to make us, your minions, smile at your work...and of course, pictures of little kitties.


Great experiment. Your delivery matched the buildup and the performance videos hit the internet quickly.

Those buttons look like boob markers. Lose the shirt.


I really hope this isn't the beginning of you ending the show. My mondays need you chris!

Heather G.

Aww, Chris. I'm happy that things have gone so well for you! :)


every time I work at the fringe festival most of the artists with smaller performances that get stuck with crummy time slots are reduced to giving free tickets away to the volunteers. And for some odd reason, the shows that generate a lot of interest get stuck in venues that are too small, so we have to turn customers away, while the smaller shows are shafted with huge venues they can never fill.

Still, a bunch of fringe volunteers make up a pretty awesome audience.


I've never seen you so serious, Chris! You mentioned that doing this type of work you would never earn your money, I was just do you make money to sustain your work, which I enjoy greatly?


You are fabulous, Chris. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. You have definitely added something to our culture that has inspired and touched all of us. Seriously - not an hour goes by in my office where one of us mentions your show.
Best wishes.


It's a shame that you are not profiting greatly from the work you do at CWC. I always wondered why I never saw advertisements on your blog, or why you don't have a merchandise store. I know I'd buy your merchandise, and if there was a link I could click on or whatever, I'd do it so that you could make some money. (If there is money to be made by clicking on advertisements after viewing your Revver videos, let us know and we'd start doing it).

It does pretty much take dynamite to get me to drive to downtown Denver to see the improv I so desperately love, so I think you're right in that your videos allow you to reach people that you wouldn't normally reach in a live show format. But now that I know how awesome you are, I would come down for the live show if you ever toured here.


Wow. This vdeo answered a lot of questions. I think it's inspriing that you've channeled your frustration and anger into an exciting and aceessable art form that helps people and animals have a good laugh.

Only quibble would be the constant camera adjustments. But


Yes Theatre Centre says " Follow Chris on-line as he takes his internet show to various spaces across the States culminating in a live Toronto show" I want more info too.

Heather G, and any other CWC uber-fan~ For discussion on how you came to CWC and all other Chris related discussion check out Culty:

Chris is our life people. And our numbers are growing. Get in on the ground floor so you too can say "I knew Chris when"


Awesome Chris, we all <3 you.

I really wish I could have seen the show, but I'm glad it went as well as it did.


If I could read Korean, I'd say they're probably screwing you. Just look at some of those characters; do they look like appropriate symbols and do not look like dirty things? o.e

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