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March 20, 2008


donna g

it's so strange when you just sit down and talk, you always come off as extremely intelligent and slightly depressed. i wondr what you are like in real life.


I love Princess the Party cat! Sorry baby kitten, all your dreams...are dead. (And I'm guessing all Twinkie's dreams died a long time ago).


No matter how many emails you reply and how many not, we still like you Chris! <3


kandice is such an immature person!
I sent you so many pictures of my self-made cutewithchris fanshirt and propagate your show EVERYWHERE by wearing it and I never even made an appearance on your show, but I STILL LOVE YOU!
So she should shut the hell up and go whine somewhere else. I feel sorry for her pets, I really do.
And I agree with donna g.
Don't stress yourself out. In Mail by Apple there is this function where you can mark those mails by the same person... maybe you should use it on those who send you 42 of them at once... and press "delete".
Lots of strength and fandom worship!!
You can do it, my Lord!


Wow, Chris, you make running over her dog's head sound bad when you put it like that.

(Surriously, tho. Keeping up with this website seems to be literally aging you, Chris! I wish we could all run over there and give you a back rub or something! Thank you for all you do .. for free ... it's appreciated, and WE LOVE YOU!)

I vote Menushka!! (sp?) Tho, I hope that name doesn't mean there's another kitty inside her waiting to pop out!! Ick.


Yeah Kandice!! I know all these crazy cat ladies, You won't last long if you start your own website.... Be careful!! They will destroy you, and then send pandas to eat your face!! they're not called CRAZY cat ladies for nothing!

If you wanna know these great crazy cat ladies click my name!


die kandice!


I like the style of the bonus videos as well. Chris is our leader, he can do no wrong! Nice shirt too. Kandice: watch out for Colty. Look at what she did to Asshole the other cute plastic horse. Murder is (usually) bad.


I really like this show, chris responded to one of my emails a while back and I got excited because I realised that he was actually human and it was nice that he took the time to send me mail even though he is swamped.

Cheers Chris, I might email you soon assuming your email load dies down a bit!


Watch out Kandice (with K).here down in Italy we have some powerful things called "mafia" and they're not panda bears...but they'll eat your face as well!
Do you really wana start your own page? Fine, do it...but remember:

"#*-!?# Kandice" !


Hey, Chris, here's a thought. If you're still trying to get guys to send in shirtless pictures of themselves, perhaps you can set a good example by doing a show shirtless.

Liz C-S

Gotta vote for Manushka.... and .... um... I also vote with Rossella. Lead by example, Chris. Do a shirtless show.


Between her HORRID cropping skills (three words Kayndiiiiice: creativememories dot com!) and her horrible driving skills that almost resulted in puppy-murder, Kahndoice needs to step away from her Ronco Scanner 2000 and get her finger OFF the "send" button of her email account.

Chris, you need a secretary to help you with your emails. I'd volunteer. After all, I used to be a writer/editor for a living. I'd filter the emails and comments so you only saw the unique ones that would be good for the show. For example, Shawna's comment above offers very helpful advice for the show. I'd make sure you'd see that one.

I could also use my emergency vet background to help research helpful pet care tips you could throw into your posts to help your viewers. For example, did you know it's bad to run over your dog's head with a vehicle? It's been proven through multiple double-blind studies.

Email me if you want my expert help.


To Kandince: Riiiiiight. No one can destroy Chris's awesomeness. :P


You seem tired, Chris. I hope you're not worn out. Know that you only have this much work, this much email, and this much boiling teenage emotion aimed at you because WE LOVE YOU!


Kandice, Yeah, just try us middle aged cat ladies.. We have nothing better to do than destroy you.


I think you should skip the shirtless guys. It's so disturbing on too many levels. And there are no pets! It just doesn't make sense anymore.


Some of us are crazy dog ladies too.


Damn you Drunkbunny !!! I was going to offer my time and assistance to our Lord and Mastermind, Chris.

So I suppose you're just going to have to decide, who is more useful to you:

Drunkbunny, the former, writer/editor, who has a background in emergency veterinary sciences


KJ, the American expatriate, and recent transplant to Vancouver, BC - who by law can't work for over 6 months and can dedicate unhealthy hours to your cult by screening emails. And er ... I have a background in moderating web communities, so you know, I have experience of being trustworthy.


Why do the horses never win? Oh well...

c h r i s s y

I was really pulling for Gypsy on that last one. Thanks for the vid, Chris. Entertaining as always. :)


No more mutilated animals, please. I prefer shirtless men holding stuffed "head-crabs".

There should be a test to see who can own animals. Kandice with a K, you are made of fail.


cute is chris


I haven't sent you a picture of my animals because I am waiting for them to do something AMAZING. Like juggle, sky dive, become a chef. Until then, you won't have to worry about getting emails from me. *sigh* Dammit cat, why won't you learn to cook?!?


Why wasn't bonny in the cutedown? So cute! I guess I'll have to vote for princess the party cat.

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