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March 28, 2008


Rachel from WV

Ummm... If Bruno was born in 84 and died in 07 that would make him 23. Bruno was a large dog and large dogs definately do not live for 23 YEARS!! and also why would you send in a picture of your dead dog to an internet show?


N0T anywhere near as funny as cwc. that was a HORRIBLE show. make it funny, charles=teen abortion!!!!!


Awesome video!
Thank God you have a sense of humor.


Posted by: Clayton (A Girl) | March 28, 2008 at 10:16 AM

Charles has molester eyes. Just saying.


Charles should call me, I dig molester eyes.


Well, I must admit that I wasn't expecting this, either -- and therefore must applaud Charles for his effort to respond to the slander of his name. Now I'm curious to see how Chris will respond -- I'm sure he's got a good enough sense of humor to appreciate this (obviously, since he posted it on here).
Whether it's all true or not, the thought of an innocent doggie passing on makes me sad.


creepy. not cute. it's not cute with charles.

Ester and it will not be changed

This video gives me a Weird feeling. Something is going on, it just feels like it is fake.
Would it be that it is part of Chris show?
Well, in this world everything seems possible...

Sarah in Singapore

funny for the first few seconds. But then it just felt like a stalker. Watch out Chris!
Oh, & if the thing about Bruno is true, sorry creepy Charles.

Sarah in Singapore

funny for the first few seconds. But then it just felt like a stalker. Watch out Chris!
Oh, & if the thing about Bruno is true, sorry creepy Charles.


did he just mooch off of your material? wow. wow. i guess his job was to take care of bruno and when he died he had a lot of free time on his hands. too bad he didn't have much creativity in his head.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I especially like the Chris Crocker impersonator. I still think Bruno looks like a bear-dog, rest his soul.


I finally put my finger on it...

Charles' eyes and manner reminds me of Andy Kaufman (yeah, I'm Anyone agree? (Now, he's no comic genius, but think of Andy while the video plays)


wow... just... wow.

Aden Guy

Video isn't working, anyone have an alternate source?


charles= dumb ass



that video was a sweet tribute to you chris!



I can understand not being original, for the purpose of doing a parody of the normal show, but seriously, try not to make the parody suck. And showering is a good thing.


I think he was trying to be funny. There's only one Chris, tho.


Ahhhh, Charles. Charles, Charles, Charles, Charles, Charles. Charles. CHARLIE. Heh. You're a sad one, aren't you?


Charles is a SNARK!!!




They say imitation is the greatest form of flatery. I would like to know who 'they' are but 'they' are mum on the situation.

I think that was a great video, and was a descent attempt at hijacking the cute with chris concept.


uh, charels is a weirdo even more then chris.
i like this show to see hot chicks funny coments from pervy and the weird things chris does but the animals are kinda cool its neet to see who wins.


well that was retarded....


Charles may not equal teen abortion...

Charles equals lack of humor...

Let's feast on his flesh...

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